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  1. Lovely stuff. Those Y-Wings look great, I really like the paint chipping. Makes me want to get a bunch of the 1/144 models.
  2. Masterful - it looks superb. Looking forward to seeing the next stages.
  3. I believe you! I do all my modelling in the kitchen which means 5-10 mins of set-up and pack-up every time I want to do something, which really precludes me from just stealing 10 mins here and there to get on with things. Enjoy the man cave it looks ace.
  4. That looks amazing (and huge) - nice bench space you have set up.
  5. Off to a good start and I'm keen to see how these look as they come together in the smaller scale. I've built most of them in 1/72 so keen to see what the differences are.
  6. I'm with Hunter - I love the orange. Looking forward to seeing this come together.
  7. Thanks for your kind words gents. @AndyRM101 @Hunter Rose @Dermo245 I think I'm almost there and I am reasonably happy with it but it feels like its lacking *something* and I'm not sure what that something is... I've learned everything I know by either following peoples wip (and copying shamelessly) or asking questions; so here are a few questions: 1. In places the hand painted filter looks 'rough' - would I have been better to mask and spray the filter on? 2. It doesn't have that 'crisp'/'pop' look (if that makes sense) that I see on other peoples models - what is it I'm missing? I can see my paintwork isn't as 'clean' - I have the occasional bit of dust or imperfection under the paint but is there anything else? 3. Can you see anything that I could do/try to do that might improve it before I call it done on this model? Thanks folks.
  8. Made some good progress over the weekend. The weathering is pretty much done, just need to finish the base and add the canopy and guns. Masking was a bit shonky - hopefully the canopy will cover the worst of this. Pretty pleased with how the filter looks on some of the panel - just need to experiment a bit more to get a nice smooth coverage. Must, must remember to blow the dust off before taking pictures... Little decal do add a bit of extra visual interest. Thanks for looking.
  9. Thanks Andy - I'll try cutting it 60/40 and see how I go. I really like how yours has come out very smart - is that part of an AT-AT by chance?
  10. It's tiny! Congrats looks great - how did you get the paint to look chipped at this scale?
  11. First rate stuff - love the paint and the mods. The chipping looks very realistic and really brings it to life.
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