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  1. Is that a one piece fuselage? I apologize for my ignorance, but why is the national insignia decal blurred out?
  2. I want a Philippine defender. Lucky for me, those were pulled from the Swedish order. But in this scale, I don't think i have to worry about representing the instruments in Swedish.
  3. Haven't molds been sold and employees gone to different companies? I mean, otherwise this could be great news
  4. Dora Wings, I'll follow you to the ends of the Earth
  5. I'm pretty happy either way. I have an old Sierra Scale B that I can use to do some kitbashing with if need be.
  6. The box art alone is stunning, inspiring. This is what modern modeling needs. We have great subjects and quality, yet some boxes are so drab.
  7. That looks hard to replicate on the corrugated(?) skin. I wonder how one world fix it
  8. That's neat! I love the wealth of choices going around. Merely musing, I wonder if we might see other WWII gliders in quarter scale, like the Waco or Horsa.
  9. My dream would be a 48 Mitsubishi G3M to go along with thier 48 G4M.
  10. Something doesn't look quite right, but I'm not sure. Skin detail is really nice though
  11. I was about to buy the Air Classics kit on ebay, glad I did not.
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