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  1. A lovely build Sir ! And thank you for the additional information on them with the Spanish Air Force, most interesting. I to have this kit, but, have decided to wait until the Caracal Decals sheet is released. I am hoping you can build the Do-27/CASA C-127 to the same standard for us to enjoy ? Best regards Colin
  2. Me to, that's what prompted me into doing a Finish one, just imagine a Spanish Republican version with those big red band adorning it. Colin.
  3. Hi Ken, Thanks for the info, yes, I am thinking of a 'what if' maybe even a Finnish machine Regards Colin.
  4. I am looking forward to seeing this one as well, kit no:DW72001 - Thank you again Eugen. And thanks to Mr Holden for offering information on this subject.
  5. Hi Eugen, The package looks great and I am looking forward to buying this one and the others - My congratulations to you and good luck with this kit. Mine is on order at Hannant's. Regards Colin.
  6. I am pleased to see this one is coming along nicely and hoping it won't be to far away for us hungry modellers. Have also purchased the AKAN colors set from Soviet Union WW2 which I am hoping will be suitable for this wonderful and strange flying machine ?
  7. I have just received my Special Hobby kit from Hannant's today, initial impressions is the moldings on the frames looks nice, I will look in detail at it tomorrow. Had forgotten that Huma had produced one as well. Regards Colin.
  8. A lovely build David and I am hoping you can build up for us some more Pegasus kits, I have a couple in the stash as well, my congratulations. Regards Colin.
  9. I really like this and have some in the stash and will encourage be to build those, well done sir Regards Colin.
  10. Hi Jean, I forgot to reply to your comment on the FROG kit, I hadn't realized they even released one, I must confess at not being an modeller, I am rather a kit builder but, still enjoy myself constructing them, I also only use traditional tools and a paint brush and a quite happy with my results and I look /ask for advice on here and find the responses to any questions posted by me are answered in a helpful and friendly manner. I also marvel at the wonderfully built models being posted on here. Your advice is much appreciated, Regards Colin.
  11. Hello Jean and Colin, I much appreciate your advice, thank you ! I have tried this method and need to practice it more and yes I will be careful as not burn the stretched sprue. I do have access to a soldering iron and wonder if the same principal in using a hot pin would work and again I suspect I need to be careful as not to burn the cotton, I will try it tomorrow and see what happens. Best regards Colin.
  12. Thank you Sir ! And if I can get another of this kit it will be finished in yet more different markings. Best regards Colin.
  13. Hi Joachim, Thank you very much for your comments and link, the video was very interesting and I think that is the answer. Also I will have to buy some EZLine when my funds permit. My next build is already under way. Best regards Colin.
  14. Thank you ! Probably as much as the Luftwaffe wanted to get rid of them ?
  15. Here is my finished 1/72 Italeri Messerschmitt ME-210 A1 finished in Hungarian Air Force colors, using the Print Scale Decals sheet number 72-298 The Italeri kit was lovely to build as was the Print Scale decal sheet to use. I hope you all like it. I tried to fix the aerial with black cotton and glue didn't quite work and may well unpick it and have another go, I find that you cannot pull tight the cotton, any ideas please. Thank you Colin.
  16. Hi VP, Can you post anything on the Pakistan option please ? I like building Broplan kits and if any of you have not done so before then have a go, they are worth the extra effort. Regards Colin
  17. I am going for one of these as well, it will make an unusual addition to my modelling cabinet. Just a bit confused as to the mention of resin, I assume this is for the master and not the actual kit ?
  18. Hi All, Thank you for the information it's much appreciated ! I am going with CarLos suggestion which I appreciate very much, I actually have a container with a similar silicon gel in, it's meant to protect my hearing aid, so, now it will be shared with a couple of small bottles of super glue and super glue gel. Thank you !
  19. Hi All, PLEASE can any of you help me with 'a problem' that's driving me to distraction, I buy a certain brand of super glue and super glue gel and after a couple of uses the product inside the small plastic bottle seems to dry up and I can't use the product again, yes I do clean the nozzle and brush provided and make sure I have done the caps up, any advice appreciated. Thank you, Colin.
  20. Thank you ! Dora Wings, I will now have to buy 2 of your Percival Vega Gull in military service as the decal sheet for kit no 72004 has both Argentine and Belgian decal options, I am very pleased about that. Regards Colin.
  21. I am very happy about this one, have advanced ordered (At Hannant's) the French and Dutch boxing.
  22. Hi J-W, Thank you Sir OK - As I was complementing MikroMir on their excellent choice of kits, I thought I might ask them to consider my request here and I know they listen to us modellers. Should I have started a new thread ? For the 1/72 Fairey Foxes ? Regards Colin.
  23. Oh My ! Looks like it's actually happening
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