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  1. Worth all the time you put into it. Love the finished display it's on.
  2. First time I've seen this kit out of the box. Seems like an ok kit. Want to see it close up now. The Duke has a neat record, at least while in the Navy. His political afterlife not at all.
  3. Where's the picture in your avatar from? I know I saw it somewhere.
  4. Ya, don't throw it out, just take a break from it. To many airplane builders I noticed throw planes out. They are good money on evilbay.
  5. suck your eyeballs out (remember when milkshakes were real ice cream and thick? I call kfc, Kentucky Ducky)
  6. This is what's from Jbot's homepage. I was chatting with Jim and he's had a lot of problems recently that I won't disclose here, customers, personal life. I always had great service and know others who had to. Any other updates will be put on his homepage. I was given permission from Jim to copy the website's note here. Just thought I'd pass this on since a few builders have relied on Jim's decals and he's been a great help and person. Canada isn't always a rosy place. "June 1, 2018 Dear Customers: The shopping cart is disabled. I won't be returning. I retired after
  7. This is a bit out of date and may have been mentioned. I just looked on Jbot's site and he's done in 2018. Says he had a stroke and closed up.
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