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  1. No. Just from someone's creative mind. Bless be he! I've got 2 similar droids but I chose to buy them in 32mm instead. Maybe later this year... Ciao IWik
  2. Hi y'all! Here's the latest! A figure with great personality I think. Parts with a lead figure don't fit as well as with resin ones but has the benefit of coming in several parts to ease the painting process. Something you can't always have with the new 3d printed figures... I've tried not to give too much texture to the tunic, in order to contrast with the much worn shield. Painted with acrylics only. Hope you'll like it! Ciao IWik
  3. Hi y'all! A little trip into the futur. It's a 3d printed miniature from Papsikel, printed for me by the french company les forges de brennos. The advantage of 3d printed figures is the great details one can have. The drawback is that they don't come in separate pieces which does not make it easy to paint some corners of the figure. However, I took a lot of pleasure to paint this fellow and set him in a little setting that, I believe, tells a story. ADAB means All Droids Are sweethearts... :mrgreen: Hope you'll like it! Ciao Iwik [/quote]
  4. Hi! No, resin. What made you think it was metal? Ciao IWik
  5. Hi y'all! Here's my latest. A 54mm Hoplomachus from Mercury MOdels. Very nice casting and perfect fit. Hope you'll like it. Ciao IWik PS Crap... Jus t realized I forgot to paint and glue the knife tucked in his belt...
  6. Hi Andy! Couldn't you have solidify the longer arm and fix it slightly to the stone on the ground and dispense with the metalic support, or is the kit too heavy for that? I did it with mine, but, ok, it was 1/72... Ciao IWik
  7. Hi! One of the best MF I've seen... Outstanding! Ciao Iwik
  8. Hi Bertie! Will you marry me? Jeez, these are way too kind words for me to read! Thanks a lot! I did try to dirty the helmet a bit as you have guessed! The thing is, I had just bought a bunch of Vallejo Metal Color paints and wanted to try them out. They are great indeed and offer an uncomparable shine. Too much actually... You are right. If I were to make it again I would use different hues or maybe the same ones but on a white base and not a shiny black one. As for the holes for the eyes, they are actually black. I don't mean they are all perfectly black, but the shiny spots you can see on the pics are actually some light reflections from the shiny black base. I should have put a few drops of matt varnish but it doesn't really show without spotlights on. As for the worn look, I did want to give the impression that the equipment he's wearing has been used many times over by different gladiators. So I guess I did it right if you have that impression. I'm really pleased you like this piece and that it gave you any pleasure. I will continue to try to do my best! Thanks again!!! Ciao IWik
  9. Hi y'all! After the Aquilifer bust, I decided to stay in the same time period with this SBS Gladiator bust at the same 1/20 scale. Painted with acrylics only. Hope you'll like it! Ciao IWik
  10. Thanks all. BERTIE I only used acrylics. Vallejo and a couple of citadel. Ciao Iwil
  11. Very few. Pegaso's are OOP... You can find some at FERminiatures (a great viking in my stash ) Ciao IWik and thanks!
  12. Hi y'all! Here's my latest! A OOP 1/20 bust from Pegaso. All painted with acrylics. Liked it so much that I started another same scale bust (a gladiator). See you soon (kind of...). Hope you like it. Ciao Iwik
  13. Hi y'all! That's awfully nice of you! The B-25 is not built yet. In a few months. I'll post pics of the result here. I'll soon be working on a RAF pilot in the same scale (and same brand). Hope you'll like it as well! Thanks Iwik
  14. Hi y'all! Hope to show this little fellow next to a B-25H in the next few months! Painted with acrylics only. Hope you'll like it! Ciao Iwik
  15. Hi y'all! Small pause amidst a bigger project, this little plastic Yoda from the tabletop game Star Wars Legion is a little gem of details and precision in the assembly (5 parts!). A real treat to paint. You will like it I hope, yeessss. Ciao Iwik
  16. Hi! It's artificial grass for train models I believe. Bought a looooonnng time ago. Spread some with glue on the base before sprinkling some grass on top of it. Hit the bottom of the base with a small hammer before the glue sets in; it makes the grass stand up. Ciao IWik
  17. Hi! I only paint with acrylics. Sorry for the late answer... Ciao Iwik
  18. Hi y'all! Thanks for your kind comments! Philip: the ICM kit is waiting on top of my stash... Heloman1: SH will be releasing one pretty soon i think... Ciao IWik
  19. Well, that was quickly settled! Thanks Black Knight for the find! Troy, I'm going for the not so good Hobbycraft kit. Lots of things to change (wheels, exhausts for ex) or modified, not counting all the panels on the wings to conform them to -D standards. But so far I'm having fun. Thanks all! Ciao IWik
  20. Hi y'all! I'm building a Hurricane MkIID and have the decals for that aircraft "our John": It is shown on the instructions without a tropical filter. However, I'd love to add one, and on this picture it is really not clear to see if there's one or not. I can see a bulge above the left wing canon that makes me believe it is the tropical filter showing. What do you think? Cheers Iwik
  21. No thank you!!! Or it will be a kitty without any weapons and landing gears in the up position. Waaaayyyy too boring to do. Thanks all for the kind comments! Ciao IWik
  22. Hi manuel. Pretty easy actually, but time consuming. It's just a matter of spraying different layers of slightly different grays, applying masking fluid with a sponge between each layers. Make sure you don't remove all the masking fluid between each steps. Thus the last masking fluid parts to be removed will show the very first layer of paint you've applied. Add a few marbling effects with very light grey and very dark one between layers (and masking fluid! Again). Finalize with a pin wash with black oil paint. And voilĂ ! (basically... ) ciao Iwik
  23. ...in 1/144 scale. Hi y'all! Felt like building a jet. Quickly though, it's only a jet. Something small, and fast. Took me longer than I thought though... But here it is. Hope you'll like it. Ciao Iwik
  24. Hi y'all! After adding some tiny bits such as different handles, here it is finished at last! Hope you'll like it. Thanks for watching and see you soon! Ciao Iwik
  25. Hi y'all! Almost done here... Those darn pilot's heads are too big for the canopy to fit... Had to use the kit's... After I've applied the decals, I let a black oil wash run along the panel lines, except on the tail where I used gray. The tail took a much darker look than when first applied. Oh well... Before putting together all the sub assemblies and spraying a matt varnish, I've applied another pin wash of dark brown oil paint along the panel lines around and on the engine acces panels. Then I've sprayed the exhausts stains on top f the tail. Another few bits here and there and I'll be done! Ciao Iwik
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