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  1. Hi! Thanks a lot for your kind words! Ciao IWik
  2. Hi y'all! Another extraordinnary kit from Bandai, in chase of the MF in an asteroid field! A real meteorite serves as the base. Treated like a miniature with highlights and shadows brush painted. A pin wash with dark oil and the some small details painted with an almost white light grey serve to accentuate the contrasts. Hope you'll like it! Ciao Iwik
  3. Hi y'all! As I was reading the awesome autobiography by Guy SAJER of his experience on the eastern front during WWII, I wanted to paint a german miniature. I have plenty in store (who hasn't? ) and I took my linkings to this Panzer Art miniature. However, I did change the head for a more juvenile looking one, and for this Alpine Miniatures heads are perfect. I also changed the original ammo box (way too thin) for a photoetched one. I also added a white camo painted helmet to further give the impression that winter, if not there, was close past or coming. Painted with acrylics
  4. Hi y'all! It had been a while since I wanted to represent a non fighting military personnel. It's now done. I used the beautiful tankist figure from Evolution Miniatures (great cast and perfect fit, I really like this brand). Acry only. Hope you'll like my modest tribute. Ciao Iwik
  5. Hi! Really looks like the "real" thing! Love it. Ciao Iwik
  6. Hi! Thank you all for the nice comments! IanC you probably looked at the close-up pic where the weathering does show up. But this was taken before any weathering done with oils and other. It is much more subtle in the end. 72modeler: so I heard! But nothing really bad happened. As of all twin boomers, you have to be extra careful to align everything correctly, but it went on like a charm. So did the fit of the canopies. No issues there either. However, the kit does require a bit of putty, but nothing to be really upset about. On the other hand, I did commit some blunder as I bui
  7. Hi y'all! Here's Skippy! Famously known P61A. A great little kit with very nice panel lines. Cockpit from aires (cut in half to allow better painting). Hand painted propeller hubs and front wheel (taht was fun...) Opened canopy. Aires wheels. Replaced side antennaes since the original molded ones are a centimeter too up front! Painted with acrylics. Weathered with oils and acrylics. A few pics of the built:
  8. Absolutely. There were a few though. I have gathered a couple of more pics since last time. Mostly armed with water cooled .30.
  9. Hi y'all! In spite of my extensive research amidst my books and on the net, I've only been able to find 2 pics of armed Jeeps (carrying a .30 cal) in the PTO. Anyone here with a collection of those? Ciao Iwik
  10. Hi! Excellent work. Probably the best Hetzer I've seen. Would have liked more close up pics, but well... Great work on the figures as well. I love this kind of small dios. Gives a minimalist story, and who needs more? Ciao IWIk
  11. Hi y'all! Here is my latest. A Black Dog miniature with a replacement head from a Wing Cockpit one. I added a oh so british mustache! The aircraft is Eduard's 1/32 Spitfire MkVIII. Hope you like it! Ciao Iwik
  12. Hi! Maybe I should have indeed. Plenty of 57thFG and 79th (and here 324thFG) FG in North Africa retained the tail flash. I don't know if these were P40s intended for the RAF or if it was an additional mean for ID (although plenty of US P40 in NA didn't the tail flash eiter...). However, on march 13th 1943 P40F from 314FS/324FG battled with some Bf109. In the melee Major F Wortley was shot down behind ennemy lines and successfully belly-landed. He managed to walk back to his unit. There is a photo of the downed aircraft (taken by allied troops once the front line shifted) p45 in
  13. Hi y'all! I have a few doubt about that P61A named "moonhappy", with the woman lying on top of a big crescent moon.] According to this site http://www.skylighters.org/special/night_fighters/p61info.html with its serial "425527" it shouldn't have a dorsal turret. But so does not "Jap Batty" (25528) for exemple, which of course it does. Could that site be wrong? Now I'm wandering if that serial has not been wrongfully attributed to the wrong "Moonhappy". Crews Habermann and Mooney have shut down a plane with a P61 also named Moon Happy but with a different nose art. On t
  14. Steve, I've been given a build 1/32 B-24 of which I will only use the nose for a mini scene with two wingcockpit figures. Ciao IWik
  15. Hi y'all! Decided to put this here. Spitfire MkVIII Eduard 1/32 and a DEFmodels miniature of a German pilot gloating over his latest victory. Hope you like it! Ciao Iwik
  16. Hi y'all! Thanks for the kind words! No dnl42, no WIP. But here are the few changes/improvements I've made on this kit: -rescribed the panel lines -thinned the propellers -differentiated the turrets (one Consolidated and one Emerson) -erased the lateral gunner positions -added break lines on the main gears -replaced the guns with copper wires -replaced the front landing gear doors -cut a good part of the ventral turret -added both pitot tubes and their supports -added armored plates on both sides of the cockpit -added (lotsa
  17. Hi y'all! After many small improvements on this little kit, here it is done at last! It's been a while since I've done a (whole) model kit, so here it is: Hope you like it! Ciao Iwik
  18. Hi y'all! Thanks for your kind words of encouragement! Here he is done at last! So fed up with it and all the problems I've encountered during the whole process. Just to make it short, the cast was so terrible that I had to replace the face with a copy from a Young Miniature bust... And that was just the beginning... Quite happy with the result though. I'm glad I didn't quit on it. But....never again. On to something else! Ciao
  19. Hi! That would have been such a lack of taste... Ciao Iwik
  20. Hi y'all! Let's use this opportunity to stay home to finish ...unfinished projects. The miniature (by Reedoak) has been painted and sitting on my desk waiting for a catastrophy to happen for at least 2 years... I've cut a Tamiya 1/48 F4U Corsair, repainted the exterior and there you are. Direct from the PTO... Hope you like it! Ciao IWik
  21. Hi y'all! I'm trying to collect all the kits I built during my childhood. When I have two sets of the same kit, I build it. I've tried to improve the kit with some scratchbuild canvas and bags, and took care to give the kit the weathering a 1/35th one would deserve. Had a lot of fun. Hope you'll enjoy it too and that it will bring memories to some of you! And with the oh so famous base! Ciao Iwik
  22. Hi y'all! Here's another little thing from a Batman boardgame. Wanted to scratchbuild a "hypnothizing" umbrella but gave up after two tries. Had a lot of fun with the miiature though. Hope you like it! Ciao IWik
  23. Hi y'all! I'm done with that Andrea figure. I had to add some matter in the lower back of the figure as it was curiously lacking some volume there. Otherwise nothing wrong with this miniature. I also added a small bracelet of magi sculpt to hide the joint between the right hand holding the cornu and the arm.. :mrgreen: Hope you like it! Ciao Iwik
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