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  1. freedomfighter

    Mystery conversion kit

    71chally, thank you for switching the light on! Have to have a look round for the rest of the kit now. Thanks to all of you for helping identify these parts. So if any of the readers of this thread have the wing halves and fuselage halves, I can help you out! Thanks again freedomfighter
  2. freedomfighter

    Mystery conversion kit

    Certainly can. Its almost certainly 1/72, as I can't remember building in anything else. The fin height is 32mm and the length of the bottom of the fin is 42mm, and the bottom of the fin is concave, the curve tightening slightly towards the rear of the rudder. The main undercarriage legs have a lug on either side, so 2 main wheels per side. The main wheel doors are grooved on the inside, presumably to take the round main undercarriage legs. And the nosewheel leg, the upper part of it is 3mm square section - and that's not sprue, as there is a pin at the top of the leg to fit into a front fuselage. Hope that helps.
  3. freedomfighter

    Mystery conversion kit

    Hard a careful look at Tigers online, the fin is a close match, but the u/c doors are not. Checked the Demon too. Carrier based perhaps - there is what seems to be a hook to the left of what I take to be the closed nosewheel door.
  4. freedomfighter

    Mystery conversion kit

    Thanks for looking guys. Your suggestions have started to stir the memory, but where its taking me I'm not quite sure yet!
  5. freedomfighter

    Mystery conversion kit

    Hi Rummaging through my conversions box, and finally found this. https://imgur.com/a/S4Znt I feel I should know what it is, the shapes are reminiscent of.................................... mm. Anyone with sharper eye/memory co-ordination than I ahve recognise it?
  6. if still interested a C-Scale RV-1D will go up on Ebay this coming Sunday the 17th.

  7. freedomfighter

    Mirage III/5 questions

    If you can get hold of a Revell Mirage III kit (French & Swiss decals), it comes with loads of ordnance - tanks (inner wings), 10 x bombs (centreline (2) and inner wing (4 each side on aerodynamic carriers), sidewinders for the outer wing. PM me if you want one.
  8. freedomfighter

    Black Buck Vulcan

    Harrier ( a division of Chota Sahib) did indeed make a set of white metal shrikes for the Vulcan. There are four in the set, two pylons, two of the offset dual carriers and four rails. Also the two pylons are a different depth, the port pylon being shallower than the starboard.
  9. freedomfighter

    Heller's Mirage IVA

    Thanks very much for the advice gentlemen. Had a rummage in the Aeroclub box and produced a small packet of EJ010, which on investigation were for the Mirage III. So they'll do. Just need a front windscreen, or a full canopy now.
  10. freedomfighter

    Heller's Mirage IVA

    Has any aftermarket manufacturer made canopies or bang seats for this kit?