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  1. Hi, This is my first build of 2016. One of the models is OOB while the other benefited from various photoetched from Eduard or resin parts. Hope you like Joel
  2. Hi, Here is my Magister of RS. It's a nice kit, pretty easy except glass parts. Any comments are welcome. And with a american friend Joel
  3. Hi everybody, The goal was to finish in early November and for 30 min and the bonding of the antenna is good. Here is the Stirling Italeri in its version of para / glider tug. I just have to find him a place in the house now because it does not fit in my showcase Hope you like Joel
  4. Hi, This is my first attempt in the armored model, for a first-I took a simple model and a single tone camouflage. Being more accustomed to the model airplanes is the discovery with a lot of trial for now. All comments are welcome [/url] http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=401515IMG8129.jpg][/url] Joel
  5. Hi, A model chosen by my wife who likes colorful airplanes. By
  6. Hi, This is my last finished models, the J-29 Tunnan by Tarangus. It's a short-run models but not very bad too build, like a Sword or an MPM. By
  7. Hi, Just finished this easy kit from Tamiya. It's OOB, i just add Eduard Harness. Painted in XF-76. The WIP (in french ) can be found here: http://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=87746 Any comments welcome. Joel
  8. Hi ken, This is included in the Eduard Photoetched for this kit. Not very easy to set up but it offers a real plus to the canopy. Thank's for the comment. Joel
  9. Hi, Here is the assembly of Su-27UB Trumpeter, easy to mock up but some rough assemblies come a can spoil the fun. Paintings with Akhan shades. By
  10. Hello, Just finished this very good kit of Airfix. It's easy to build, just the canopy that could be replaced if you want to leave it open. Hope you like. Joel
  11. Hi, This is my latest build model. This is the very good kit of hasegawa, I've just added a resin cockpit of cmk. Painted whith Gunze and Tamiya. See you for the next Joel
  12. Good morning and happy new year So here's my first model of the year, it is the t11 vampire from Airfix, easy to build with decals from Xtradecals I loved NAVY registering on the fuselage but the next will be in the FAA colors. See you for the next Joel
  13. Hi, I use a wash of oil paint paynes gray initially then with a few touches of yellow and green deep oil paint too.
  14. Hi, Here are some pictures of my latest finished model, This is the beautiful model by Eduard, very easy to build. The WIP is here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234971076-f6f-5n-hellcat-72-eduard/ All comments are welcome Joel
  15. Hi, Here is the beginning of the patina of my Hellcat. I used gray oil paintings for General juice. Traces of exhausts are made with a mixture of brown / black and very diluted beige. All repeated several times until the right result. By
  16. Hi, Here is the following of my FAA nigth Hellcat. Ready to paint at first I started with a dark blue of H55 gunze paint passage then followed by some small touches of medium blue H56 and brown XF10 Tam. Not easy to make these visible shades pictures By Joel
  17. Hi, Verily this model fits well and quickly. Stay tuned for painting
  18. Hi, This time I start. I'll try to make a WIP of my last build, I hope that it will go well with my English ... So there two weeks I visit the superb FAA Museum at Yeovilton and so I had vied to build a plane of naval aviation. My choice fell on a box of the F6F-5N Eduard at 72° with British marking. The box The cockpit and fuselage sides who first received a coat of interior green H58 gunze buffered with dark gray Tam, juice of smoke and matt varnish to finish. The rest being provided by Eduard photoetched. You just have to extend to the radar, nothing nasty a piece of plastic
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