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Su-35S Begemot decal sheet in 48th

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Here is something new. The Russian Begemot company has released a comprehensive decal sheet for the latest generation of Flanker family the Su-35S. The decal is for the 48th scale kits. Well OK we still have to wait for the plastic kits but as far as it is know they are on the way. Begemot has provided a full history of the Su-35S all the way from the first examples to the latest flying schemes. The biggest problem is how to make our choice, which aircraft would we want to build.






The decal has 3 sheets, each 16 by 22.5 cm. The instruction sheet is 8 pages of A3 size sheets with one additional small sheet of side views.






Printing is excellent just as we used to from the company. To ensure perfect register the “board numbers” are given as a separate base colour (the frame colour) and the different version of the numbers red, blue or some black examples. Not only the main numbers but the smaller tail numbers are also given in several sizes. Of course the Russian AF legends and the registration numbers which go with it are also catered for in different styles. Stencilling is provided for an aircraft which takes a full sheet but then again another sheet is crammed full of markings for the very wide range of weapons.






I did not count them all but there are almost 400 individual decal styles inside this latest package from Begemot and since to some individual stencils, numbers, stars several or even a dozen decals apply this means that in all there are somewhere around 2 or 3 thousand markings are packed on to the sheets. It will be  a lot of work to put them all on the kits!






The decal is as up-to-date as possible. It has a small addendum sheet with details of the Su-35’s which took part in the Sirian conflict. Mission markings are included.






The premier of the decal sheet will be this weekend at the Moson 2017 show. This is the first time it will be available for the modellers.


Have fun with it!


I would like to thank Kotey for the decal and wish him a perfect show at Moson. I am sure he will be more than glad to meet with modellers and exchange views on present past and future project.


Best regards


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Decals look great, what would be perfect would be if Begemot started doing some nice coloured plans instead of the black and white! 

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So, with a little delay from real life we can intriduce you new decal from Begemot - 48-039 Su-35S, 1-48 scale. 



Actually we shown it at Moshon model contest in Hungary few days ago, but as KittyHawk model not released yet - anyway we will be first. 
In decal include all known at now days Su-35Ss, starting prototypes, include named aircrafts and Su-35Ss from RuAF group in Syria with combat mission markings. Decal consist full stencil set for one aircaft and all external armament.


PS:  Especial thankt to our good friend Gabor Szekeres for support in Hungary, and my congratulations to Stanislav from Cold War Studio - you are officially first buyer of this decal sheet in the world.

Edited by kotey

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5 hours ago, James S. said:

Those look sweet. Has anyone done or is planning on doing a 1/48 Su-35?

Kitty Hawks kit is due for release at the end of this month.



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