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  1. Found this, what other tools would one also need? https://www.micromark.com/Ship-Modelers-Tool-Set James
  2. Anytime @Martian I have quite a lot of books on the first blitz and Zeppelin raids. A totally forgotten aspect of the First World War in many ways, just like the Gotha, AEG, & Friedrichshafen raids.
  3. @Martian totally forgot about this one. ZEPPELINS AT WAR! 1914-1915 by R L Rimell https://www.windsockdatafilespecials.co.uk/zeppelins-at-war-1914-1915-973-p.asp I have other books on the Zeppelin raids and the first blitz. James
  4. @Martian try this website - iancastlezeppelin.co.uk Also - Zeppelin Onslaught - The Forgotten Blitz 1914-1915 by Ian Castle Hope this helps, James
  5. Amazing work on the Zeppelin @Martian. Been following this build and what you have done only a Martian could do, no earthling could do it justice like you have. Been contemplating starting mine...
  6. Hi James, yeah that I do know that the AMMO by Mig kit is a re-boxing of the Kinetic kit. I really like the fact that the AMMO boxing has Norwegian markings. I did not know that Daco Publications did one of the F-104G. I have the Daco one on the F-14 so I will have to get the one on the F-104G. James
  7. Thank you Rob. I will definitely have to get this book. James
  8. Thank you @general melchett. I have never built a resin kit before, but with few parts making assembly straightforward, I may give it a try. Any recommendations for someone's first resin kit of this kind? Thanks my friend, James
  9. The Kenneth Arnold UFO and the Area 51, both sound killer. I don't mind movie/TV based - some of those can be really cool, but am mainly a bit more interested on supposed eye-witness account. How are the Fantastic Plastic kits, being they are resin?
  10. Thanks. I'll try searching for it.
  11. Thanks @Martian. You are right, a flying object that can't be identified. I like the fact there is no right or wrong way to build one. @bentwaters81tfw I will check Pegasus. Both of y'all have been most helpful.
  12. Did you use the intergalactic communication device to contact @Martian? I believe that's the only way to contact Martians.....
  13. You are right my friend. @Martian is the right Martian to ask. Martian is also the Zeppelin master as well.
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