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  1. You can generally tell what the camo is by the colour of the roundels, Barley grey camo in low viz roundels where the later MSG scheme had the standard dark coloured roundels. The exception to this was, like the GR4 fleet some F3’s had a mix of the two camo’s on one airframe, although I seem to recall this was not limited to the odd panel here and there like the GR4’s mostly were. I’m pretty sure at least one airframe had MSG fuselage and BG & LAG main wings
  2. Dont believe they have ever issued such a set. Nothing on Eduard website and nothing showing on Scalemates for related products of the kit.
  3. Muzz

    F-4EJ Kai Questions

    Nice site, that'll come in handy for me as well as I've started mine too. I'd agree the instructions are slightly lacking in some content regarding painting, seem to want to concentrate more on what parts are called on the real aircraft and the differences between the EJ and other Phantom marks.
  4. Sorry yes, the new Tornado GR4 kit, I think they double up as GBU-12 but they provide the casing adaptor to dress them up as Paveway IV’s. Or L’Arsenal do them in resin......... http://www.larsenal.com/1-32-paveway-iv-smart-bomb-x-2-c2x24709913
  5. You get some in the new Italeri kit, maybe not the most accurate but close.
  6. Joined my wing and fuselage last night with very little issue, cockpit went inside the fuselage half’s again with no issue. Are you sure your placing the cockpit in the correct position? Front seat should cause any issue, there are little slots on each side below the curve of the dash, the fuselage sides slot in to these.
  7. I'm delighted with mine too and enjoying building it!
  8. I think what your seeing there is more weathered examples of the 2 tone scheme, could the first image of 3816 potentially be where the fuselage has been cleaned to get rid of gun gas residue?! This is just a guess for the reason.
  9. It’s definitely a two grey scheme, FS36375 for the all over colour and FS36270 for the darker grey. I used Mr Hobby H306 and H308 for the colours on my build and the Model Maker decal set..... https://www.scalemates.com/kits/modelmaker-d72108-su-22-in-polish-service-part-3-gray-scheme--1175839 Although the link shows 1/72 there available in 1/48 as mine were.
  10. Totally agree with this. I've not bought many Airfix kits over last few years but seen plenty other people who have had issues with short shots etc. Other certain companies make similar errors and end up with undesirable nicknames and endless rants. These companies 'were' and are releasing kits that are right up my street not more Spitfires etc. Rose tinted spectacles springs to mind!
  11. Ordered the Kits World 3d cockpit decals but still need to buy the kit, hopefully get it tomorrow from my LHS. Need to find my 3822 for a suitable aircraft I flew from 12 AEF at Turnhouse.
  12. It's a new KP injection moulded fuselage, cockpit etc which has original wings, undercarriage. A box of two half's! If you look back on the thread there's photos of the new parts. The box art of the International kit has certainly got my attention, I take it that's Egyptian markings.
  13. Depending how accurate you want to be the Kits World ‘Active Screens’ release is close to a GR1, biggest difference for this being the pilots moving map screen is square shaped for a GR4 and round for a GR1. Theres another couple of small square displays top right and left on the GR4 that aren’t on the Gr1 but these will probably be largely hidden under the cockpit dash/coaming.
  14. There's a new current special scheme for the Maryland ANG which is pretty cool also....... http://warbirdsnews.com/warbird-articles/free-state-guard-centennial.html/amp
  15. Yeh I was aware the Reds were continuing with theirs. But the Review originally said in March that the withdrawal of the T1 in the training role would be prior to 2025, which it certainly will be now!
  16. Apparently Hawk T1 out of service brought forward to 31 March 2022!
  17. Although I've built 3 Revell Tornados this is the second successfull build as it's been sitting waiting to be completed. It's Eduards Desert Babe kit which I was lucky to have ordered early on the first run. Wasn't sure what weapons fit to go with and ended up going for 4 x 1000lb bombs from Reskit. Also added AIM-9's from AMK's weapons kit and a Master Pitot probe. Finished with MRP Desert Pink.
  18. A great feat by this crew of two ditching a cargo aircraft in the sea at night and living to tell the tale....... https://news.sky.com/story/boeing-737-cargo-plane-makes-emergency-landing-in-ocean-off-hawaii-12347337
  19. I'm not really a fan of the scheme, from pics I've seen the black appears to be a matt finish which just doesn't look right to me. Would have been much nicer in a gloss black finish, not sure if this couldn't be done due operational reasons with the jet. Quite sure Xtradecal will be along with this and other 2021 display schemes.
  20. I'm not going believe a company would announce their closure in such an amateur manner. I will await further info to be convinced.
  21. Had to check my boxing to remind myself of the decal options and yes the new boxart scheme is not there. So chances are there will be new decals but there is no mention of it in their announcement
  22. The aircraft apparently changed or loaned Squadrons so relevant sqn insignia was applied over the old markings on a temporary basis. Thanks for all the kind comments folks.
  23. I've got a few kits in the nearly finished category and this one is the one I started most recently. Finished first probably because it was such an enjoyable build. Built out the box with Hataka Orange line paints.
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