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  1. I think MRP 91 and 92 are the colours your looking for if it’s the standard Mig-29 green/grey camo.
  2. Yes but bought from him before, always has a few decent bargains, this kit was too good to pass up. Just finishing a Mig-21 and Su-22 UM and then I'll be starting, a couple of weeks probably.
  3. I've recently bought this kit too Andy, also for a great price, same vendor I'd imagine. I've bought the CWS studio corrected nose for it but cant decide how to go about it. Are you building straight OOB?
  4. Muzz

    Tornado question

    There is a set on the horizon apparently.......... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235063049-gulf-war-tornado-weapon-loads/&tab=comments#comment-3489154
  5. I hope the image with the side profiles is distorted and shortened in some way, or not representative of what the kits going to look like as the front fuselage and intakes look horrific. *Edit. Just noticed the front of the nose is hinged down in the open position for some bizarre reason so not as horrific as first thought, intakes still look a bit too short and fat though.
  6. Nice to see some different schemes but I dont suppose there will be the relevant stencil data for each!
  7. Think the rear part of it is fuel and the front part is baggage pod.
  8. Did they not start flying again a couple of days ago, or at least the grounding was lifted on Monday?
  9. Stunning build in what is without doubt my favourite Fulcrum markings!
  10. Very nice work. Is this the Hobby Boss kit or Kitty Hawk, can’t see it mentioned anywhere?
  11. This link has some good info and photos further down the page.......... https://www.key.aero/forum/modern-military-aviation/118479-su-34-black-out-curtains
  12. Nice, I’ll being looking out for a set when there released (pardon the pun!). Muzz
  13. Thanks for all the comments and likes. Nearly finished, all the building is basically complete just need to add bits to the fuselage. Prop assembly. Main undercarriage.
  14. Ah thanks very much for the info.
  15. You wont regret buying it, ask them for another decal sheet for me while you’re there! I’m thinking I’ll be buying another if/when they release an RAF boxing! Thanks for the kind comments.
  16. Getting the decals on now, not without some issues, large stars and bars under the wing came off the backing almost as soon as it hit the water, part of it folded over on itself and stuck fast, similar problem with the ace of spades card on the side of the fuselage, it went on then refused to move, when it finally moved it folded up and was ruined. Will need to get in touch with Eduard and see if they'll send out replacements. Rest of the decals have went on fine and settled well with Daco setting solution.
  17. Well pretty impressed with the kit, lots of lovely detail. Initial study of it reveals what appear to be out of register decals (Stars & Bars insignia for the Bounty Hunters scheme), cant work out if there supposed to be that way as rest of the decals seem fine! My kit also has some strange rough plastic on the upper fuselage immediately behind where the canopy would be, will need to be sanded. Colour call outs for the different schemes are a pain for me, trying to compare similar shades of grey to work out what colour refers to what. Was also very surprised at how small the box is after all the calls about "it's a big kit so p&p is costing more". Box is literally the size of a standard shoebox.
  18. In case the bright colours were getting too much for everyone........
  19. Finally another update, yellow paint on (Mr Hobby Color H329) and a Xtreme Metals Pale Burnt Metal around the exhaust area.
  20. The parcel tracker kicked back in to life yesterday about the same time I posted on the thread about it, spooky! Looks like I'll have the kit in my hands tomorrow!
  21. Great pics and video, some inspiration for an upcoming build! What’s the centre store on on the aircraft at 2.21? Looks like a finless stand off missile of some description?
  22. I'm still hoping that's the case, hope they like it!
  23. Ah yes sorry Mithril Silver. I have three pots of Citadel colours from a few years ago, great paints for brush painting, didnt realise they'd changed them.
  24. My weapons set arrived on Tuesday, got a text from RM saying it had passed customs on Sunday night. No sign of the actual kit though, starting to get concerned that it gone walkabout!
  25. No issues, great fit all round. I needed a wee bit Mr Surfacer for some of the main fuselage joins but that may have been my own doing. Thinned with Mr Muscle window cleaner, which certainly thinned it but could have done with a drop of retarder in it too as it was drying on the tip of the needle. Gave it a second coat thinned with Hataka acrylic thinners which worked a lot better but left a tacky surface, think its finally dried 2 days on. I thought my previous issues with Hataka was just down to the paint but it appears the thinners caused other manufacturers paints to act in a similar manner.
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