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  1. ...and suddenly from behind a knife is stuck in his ribs and a bloke with a thich Irish accent says "be ye Protestant or Catholic?".....knowing the wrong answer could get him killed, the bloke thinks quickly and says "neither, I'm Jewish"....."ay, I'm luckiest Palestinian in all of Ireland" says the bandit.
  2. Was thinking of doing the same with my Airfix Meteor actually. The colours I used were RLM 78 from Gunze for the blue H418, Humbrol 94 dark yellow and Gunze Olive Green H405. For the markings I used Humbrol 2 Emerald green, white and black.
  3. I started this kit several years ago and unfortunately it found it's way to the shelf of doom. However, I dusted it of for just such a group build over on LSP as this is an aircraft far too nice looking to let sit half built...and it was an expensive model!! The kit has excellent detail straight out of the box, fit is ok, probably one of PCM's better, but it still requires a little elbow grease to get everything fitted nicely. The decal sheet is really nice, although I didn't use any of them, rather I used my compass cutter and some red stars from the spares box for the Syrian insignia. Overall I'm happy this is now done and sitting in the cabinet.
  4. Best and Worst Model Kits You've Ever Made

    Some of the best; Tamiya 1/48 Swordfish, il-2 Sturmovik, Spitfire MK I and V, Hasegawa 1/32 Ki-84 and Ki 61. Some of the worst; Smer 1/48 SM-79, Unicraft 1/72 Jet Senden, Ventura 1/72 Seafire XV, Revell 1/72 Spitfire mk I
  5. Kinda strange to think we got a 1/32 B-17 and Lancaster before new 1/48 ones. I'm sure someone will get around to it eventually.
  6. I was watching Battle of Britain the other day and this question popped into my head. Personally, I can think of only 1, Theo Osterkamp who scored 32 kills in WW1 and 6 in WW2, but there must be at least a couple more, surely?
  7. ...bloke pulled a gun on me and said "your money or your life". I said "I have 4 kids and I'm married, I have no money and I'm already dead inside"....we laughed, we cried and then hugged, it was a beautiful moment.
  8. Was hoping for 1/48, but it seems they only have the -4A and B in that scale. Was wanting the -2 like the 1/72 conversion.
  9. Have googled but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know of kit or conversion? I spose I could hack the nose off a Buchon but I'm not sure that would work without a lot of work. Preferably in 1/48 too.
  10. What have you purchased 9

    I got these today. Bagged are a 1/48 A-6 and 1/72 D4Y3 Judy.
  11. Best Su-25 in 1/72nd Scale?

    I just bought an Italeri one and it has nice recessed panel lines and looks decent in the box. I can often be found pretty cheap too.
  12. Ultimate laziness?

    There was a thread on reddit a little while back about the laziest thing you've ever done. Someone posted that they only ever heat things in their microwave for 1:11 or 2:22 etc so they don't have to press any extra buttons but the one that was funniest was the guy who watched static on his tv for 3 hours because he was waiting for someone to get home to fetch the remote from across the room because he didn't want to get up.
  13. Something a bit different and it looks great.
  14. Hoarders TV show.....

    It's not money I seek, it's stuff I desire.