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  1. Rambo III, it's great and gets extra points for using genuine AK's and not chinese made knock offs. Most of the war movies that are bad are actually bad; Pearl Harbor, The Battle of the Bulge, etc are all horrible and I cringe watching them, especially Battle of the Bulge, with crappy acting and NO SNOW!!!
  2. Oh, if you need to pay the post then yeh, might as well buy what I want from the LHS.
  3. Stupid question I know, however I can't seem to find a definitive answer on it. I realise you need to pay to become a member of the Airfix club then send in your tokens etc etc, but I dunno if I can do that all the way down here in Australia.
  4. Hmm, my 1/350 Battleship Prince of Wales is sitting ontop of my bookcase looking at me...
  5. I'm watching this show called Paranormal Witness, it's basically a story of a family that gets haunted by some ghost or spirit or something. Anyway, why are all these spirits evil or mean? They are throwing chairs around the place, pushing people over, destroying doors, just once I'd like to see one of these shows have a nice ghost. You get home from a long days work and your house ghost mate has run you a nice hot bath and maybe made you a sandwich. Rather than trying to choke you, your house ghost gives you a nice massage or puts on a load of washing while your at work. Just think how good that would be. Anyways, I wish they would stop filling up Syfy with this fake rubbish.
  6. The group that got me into electronic dance, trance and house music, the classic, Alice Deejay. I still have a soft spot for these two tracks.
  7. Sorry about the thread resurrection, but I was curious if there had been any further information or photos found of these Beau's in the years past.
  8. Some classic euro dance. Dee Dee and Forever. Great track when it's pumping on the dance floor.
  9. NEW

    I didn't wish you not to, I just don't think it's very likely. Why attack a modelling forum, well why not, it's open to the internet. Another site I'm a member of has had multiple attacks inflicted on it recently, but the owners and moderators haven't even hinted at a personal connection to the attack. I guess there is a lot more going on here than is being said openly on the forum......
  10. NEW

    Well you didn't catch them the first time, what makes you think you can catch them this time? Also, if I am reading between the lines here, why do some of you believe this is personal? In all likelihood, it's simply a random attack from somewhere that even if you pin point a culprit, there will be little you can do to them.
  11. Superb finish, I like it a lot.
  12. I had a couple of models that were limited editions that I realised I was just holding because of that fact. So I sold them off and bought injection molded replacements. I'm not a collector, so someone else might as well enjoy them.
  13. I was doing some random reading and it was mentioned the R 530 was a difficult weapon to use due to it's limited launch parameters and short range, which then got me googling if the weapon was used in combat at all and I could find nothing. So hence my question; did anyone actually fire one in anger?
  14. That's a good one. My kit is in 1/72 so I could probably make the camera ports.
  15. I got decals for this one in 1/48, but even so it's got the wrong style canopy.