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  1. I had a couple of models that were limited editions that I realised I was just holding because of that fact. So I sold them off and bought injection molded replacements. I'm not a collector, so someone else might as well enjoy them.
  2. I was doing some random reading and it was mentioned the R 530 was a difficult weapon to use due to it's limited launch parameters and short range, which then got me googling if the weapon was used in combat at all and I could find nothing. So hence my question; did anyone actually fire one in anger?
  3. That's a good one. My kit is in 1/72 so I could probably make the camera ports.
  4. I got decals for this one in 1/48, but even so it's got the wrong style canopy.
  5. I know the one, it was overall blue. I don't have a latched canopy or extra interior.
  6. Well as the title suggests, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a colour scheme for one of these Mustangs that isn't; British green and grey, US aluminium, olive drab or a combination of with invasion stripes.
  7. Black under surfaces, I'm not sure why.
  8. It doesn't put me off their kits, for the price they are excellent, but there is room for some improvement. Unfortunately Hasegawa seemed to go the way of deep panel lines, especially on their new mold 1/72 Heinkel 111. Hasegawa of the early 90's had some wonderful surface detail, they need to go back to that.
  9. With or without a wash, they stand out. The wash actually hides a little, just how deep they are while giving the model surface some life. I really like how fine Hasegawa's panel lines are in 1/72, I'm not sure why Airfix couldn't achieve this as they look wonderful under a light wash.
  10. Many thanks, Sir, for liking the post - P-51D Shark of Zambales

  11. Not a bad model from Airfix, I picked this up from one of the sales at Aldi here in Australia. I still think Airfix have some work to do with the depth of their panel lines, but I admit I've been buying quite a few of these new Airfix kits. Decals came from Blackbird Models in the UK.
  12. I just dump it all in one of those pull out plastic boxes. If I need something I just go digging.
  13. Anyone more thunder gods out there?
  14. A Finnish Hawk 75 would count Bob, just so long as it was in post war markings and they were used until mid 1950's I think. Still keen to get this up for the vote next year.
  15. That came up nice.