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  1. Yeh I've got Captured Me 109's, I don't think he's right in his evaluation of the colour, hence me asking for second opinions.
  2. One decal sheet thinks it's black....not sure about that either.
  3. Looks like the upper wings were repainted too, you can see a darker colour on the inboard leading edge. The probably yellow bands with british markings on the wings. The last pic seems to confirm it was a dark colour and it looks suspiciously like the blue on the markings.
  4. A book I have suggests overall dark earth but I'm not so sure. I'm leaning towards it being dark blue based on the colour of the British roundel, what do you think?
  5. ...asks a man of his wife one day. She replies "I'd divorce you and take half for myself". Great, says the husband "Here's 5 dollars, now get lost".
  6. Dilbert swallows the red pill

    My second favourite Dilbert cartoon.
  7. Italeri Kfir 1/72

    Looks good mate. It can be very easy to make panel lines too deep with a special scriber too, as always, practice on some scrap first.
  8. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    What goes in hard and pink, but comes out soft and mushy? Bubblegum...of course.
  9. hehe Seymour Johnston.....nice model too. I like it.
  10. This is the Hasegawa kit, released in the early 90's and bought by me about 20 years ago. Despite it's age, it's still a great little kit and the French markings included make it a bit different. I think my intermediate blue came out a bit dark, perhaps a drop or two of white in that next time I build something with a USN type camouflage, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with this. The SBD makes build number 9 for 2017.
  11. Bf me109 fuselage center line

    Last time I entered a model comp with a 109 where I'd replicated the top and bottom panel joints I was savaged in the judging for failing to fill my seams lol.
  12. Phantom F4K

    Interesting, I just got this model. I may join in too.
  13. What music are you playing? Pt III

    My new Christmas song.
  14. Road rage

    After I was road raged by some idiot in a situation that almost came to a fist fight, I now carry a steel crook hook in my car. Police in Australia can actually charge you if you carry around something like a baseball bat, but there is no law against having a solid steel anti theft device in your car. I also carry the key for it, just in case a police officer inquires.
  15. Are you serious, Hasegawa?

    When people stop buying them the price will come down. Hasegawa kits got to silly prices out here in Austraila a few years ago, upwards of 100 dollars for a 1/72 twin, but they sat on shelves and the price had no choice but to come down.