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  1. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    4.4 magnitude earth quake hits South Wales. Oxfam have already announced plans for an orgy.
  2. Elon Musk For President Of The World!

    Musk was not one of the original founders of paypal. Paypal was launched a year or two before it was bought by Musk's company. Did he build upon it, sure, but as I said, he's not innovative nor original.
  3. Elon Musk For President Of The World!

    What progress? His ideas are not particular innovative, nor original. Some are so badly thought out they plain don't work or would only add to the problems he is suggesting they would solve. Putting forward pie in the sky solutions available one day in the future only delays the implementation of real solutions available right now.
  4. Elon Musk For President Of The World!

    I don't understand the fuss around this bloke, it's like people are drinking the Elon Musk koolaid. His companies don't actually make any money. He pumps up TSLA's share price with lie after lie that borders on illegal market manipulation and when the 400 dollar a share price goes pop, people are going to lose their shirts on this bloke.
  5. Thanks guys. I used MiG pigments industrial grey or something like that with a little brown and rust. I painted on a little bit of matt medium then dabbed on the pigment until it had built up into what you see. I tried to replicate what I saw on other soviet subs that were out of the water, the barnacles and crap attached to the hull is a grey-brown kinda colour and I probably could have gone a lot harder. Some subs are completely covered under the water line!
  6. This isn't a bad kit, although I believe the conning tower is a bit inaccurate. It makes up into a reasonably sized model that looks pretty good. I decided on a North Korean submarine after seeing some picture of Kimmy boy riding on one. I liked the green top colour, I have no idea what the anti-fowling paint colour was, but a wine red colour seemed plausible enough. I had a bit of fun with weathering, I figured these things would be pretty battered, they are over 50 years old afterall.
  7. More and more the water is rising. A knock on the door from the fire department offers him a ride out of the area, he responds "no thank you, my god will save me". The water keeps rising and it's flooded the first floor of his house, just then a boat comes by his house and the bloke in it offers him a lift. 'No thank you, my god will save me' replies Dave. The water goes higher and higher, Dave is now on his roof when a helicopter hovers over his house and drops a rescuer. The bloke pleads with Dave to come with him, but Dave just says "no thank you, my God will save me". 10 minutes later Dave is washed off the roof to his demise. Approaching the pearly gates, he sees God. "My lord, I prayed to you, but you did not save me, why not?". God just sighs and says "Dave, I sent you a fire truck, a boat and a helicopter, why the hell are you here!?" "
  8. Ah that's ok, it got a bit darker with gloss and matt coats, it's Humbrol 118 which is the recommended colour. You didn't pick the RLM 83 for the dark green though lol....I ran out of USAF dark green.
  9. The Trumpeter kit isn't too bad. Fit is pretty good, detail adequate and the decals settle own nicely. One negative about the kit is the weapons. You get 3 drop tanks, more than a few Mk 83's, two MER's and two AGM-12's. It's is a little bit limiting as early in Rolling Thunder, thuds normally carried 6 Mk 117 bombs on an MER on the center line mount, but you get no centerline weapons mount either. For aircraft venturing into the more dangerous RP's, a QRC-160 jamming pod and AIM-9B were carried for self defense, neither of these are included. Thus I used Hasegawa weapons sets and scratch built a center line mount for the MER. This aircraft, 61-0132 was flown by 1st LT David Waldrop III on his double MiG killing mission over the Yen Vien Rail Marshaling Yards on August 23rd 1967. He claimed and was initially credited with gunning down two MiG 17's, although later on his second kill was disallowed. Waldrop would complete 100 missions over North Vietnam.
  10. Love it, great work.
  11. What music are you playing? Pt III

    Airwave is classic trance from the 90s.
  12. Does building a model infringe copyright?

    There's also another issue in play; suing someone for copyright is incredibly expensive. In most cases, the money you might hope to gain would be far less than what you'd spend going after someone. You also need to be able to prove a monetary loss to sue for money. You can't just say, sue someone for a million dollars because they published a picture of yours in their book. In short; don't worry about it.
  13. WiFi keeps dropping out - Internet Hub is working OK

    Could be a faulty network adapter as the symptoms sound like what happened with my laptop, the thing eventually failed. I bought an external adapter that plugs into a USB slot and that solves the problem. You're not using a HP machine are you? HP are generally good, although their network adapters failing after a few years is a known problem.
  14. Murphy gets hit by a car...

    His friend Paddy calls for an ambulance and the operator asks where he is "he's in front of 15 Eucalyptus Road"....ok how do you spell that says the operator. The line goes quiet for a few minutes and the operator fears the worst until Paddy comes back and says "sorry about that, I just dragged him around to Oak street".
  15. All gunze colours, I can't remember the exact numbers but they were; RLM 76 blue, Panzer yellow and IAF Kfir brown.