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  1. I built this for the 70's Cold War Nato vs Warsaw Pact group build over here. It's the Trumpeter 1/35 kit and it's actually pretty good. There are some concerns that the missiles themselves are a bit skinny, but I can't really see it myself. Fit is generally pretty nice, there is some photo etch in the kit but I did find their track link diagram is one link short. Thankfully there are extras included. I was quite happy to see this kit on the market as I'd always wanted to build one.
  2. Czech SA-6 Gainful Missile Air Defense System. Trumpeter 1/35
  3. Missiles glued on, everything touched up, calling this one done. I've kept the missiles clean as well, in pictures it looks like they were pretty well cared for.
  4. Excellent job on a real sweetheart of a kit. Mine has different lenght fuselage halves.
  5. 9) Tamiya's Me 262's are unbeatable.
  6. After much swearing, breaking 2 road wheels off and slopping paint all over my fingers, I got the tracks on. The more weathering, using MiG pigment mixed with matt medium to make it all stick. I also added in some static turf, as to look like it's just been running through some field in Eastern Europe. This will be the last update until completed pictures as I only have to attach the missiles, do a little touch up and sit it on the shelf.
  7. Ok, I've just had enough of that broken, bug ridden piece of... that is Photobucket, so I've transferred to Imgur. So I've been doing some more work, mostly on the tracks and wheels. The instructions are one link short, lucky they give you some extras. I'll paint up the tracks then add them on with the drive wheels and then more weathering.
  8. Someone clearly needs it, 1 bid at 99p...bargain??
  9. Nothing has changed in 40 years Steve. People use to treat Moorabbin like their personal play ground of spare parts ripe for the picking over whenever they required something. One rather noteable person, who I shall not name even though he is no longer sunny side up, treated the place like his own to rape and pillage cracked the sads when he got told "no" one day, took his engine...err bat and ball and left. Not a moment too soon I might add.
  10. Here's hoping they did some real work on it. The reviews of the initial release is why I did not buy one.
  11. Sometimes if I like the box art I'll take a scan of it, but most of the time it's straight to the recycling.
  12. There's only a couple of decals, so with those on, it's time for some weathering.
  13. This is the extended track of the music to the Rogue One trailer. Absolutely epic....
  14. Some weathering on the launcher. Pigment washes and some dry brushing worked nicely. I will keep the missiles fairly clean.