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  1. Obligatory Box and sprue shots etc.Made a start on this nicely detailed little kit.Starting with the cockpit, I primed with badgers white primer and the based colour was tamiya German grey. This was dry brushed with vallejo barley grey. details were picked out with different colours. This was gloss coated and then given a dark dirt wash and cleanup.
  2. Hi,I have completed Airfix's 1/72 RAF Mustang IV as a quick 4 day build. Started on Thursday and finished today.Very easy and nice kit to build. Kit Manufacture: Airfix. Scale: 1/72. Type: RAF Mustang IV (North American P51-D).. Extras used: OOB. Paints and colours used: Primer was white Stynylrez. Paints used were Tamiya XF-4, XF-69, XF-81, XF-82, XF-83, XF-84, XF-85 and X-35. Weathering: Flory Dark dirt clay wash and some soot pigments on the engine exhausts.
  3. 1/48 Fine Molds Mitsubishi KA-14 From The Wind Rises. Background: The Mitsubishi A5M, formal Japanese Navy designation Mitsubishi Navy Type 96 Carrier-based Fighter (九六式艦上戦闘機), experimental Navy designation Mitsubishi Navy Experimental 9-Shi Carrier Fighter, company designation Mitsubishi Ka-14, was a Japanese carrier-based fighter aircraft. It was the world's first monoplane shipboard fighter to enter service and the direct predecessor of the famous Mitsubishi A6M 'Zero'. The Allied reporting name was Claude. The Wind Rises (Japanese: 風立ちぬ Hepburn: Kaze Tachinu?) is a 2013 Japanese animated historical drama film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki and animated by Studio Ghibli. It was released by Toho on July 20, 2013 in Japan, and by Touchstone Pictures in North America on February 21, 2014. The Wind Rises is a fictionalized biopic of Jiro Horikoshi (1903–1982), designer of the Mitsubishi A5M fighter aircraft and its successor, the Mitsubishi A6M Zero, used by the Empire of Japan during World War II. The film is adapted from Miyazaki's manga of the same name, which was in turn loosely based on the 1937 short story The Wind Has Risen by Tatsuo Hori. It was the final film directed by Miyazaki before his retirement in September 2013. The Wind Rises was the highest-grossing Japanese film in Japan in 2013 and received widespread critical acclaim. It won and was nominated for several awards, including nominations for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year. Source: Kit Manufacture: Fine Molds. Scale: 1/48. Type: Mitsubishi KA-14. Extras used: OOB. Paints and colours used: Primer was grey Stynylrez. Paints used were Tamiya X-13, XF-2, XF-58, XF-49, XF-69, XF-17, XF-7, XF-85 and AK Xtreme metal dark aluminium. Weathering: Dark dirt clay wash and some rust pigments on the engine exhausts. Build Thread:
  4. UPDATE TWOMade a lot of progress.Everything ready for primer.Now with grey badger primer applied.Then some pre-shading.Then onto the base colours of which Tamiya XF-14 (JA Grey), XF-7 (Red) and Xf-85 (rubber black). The metallic's were AK's 480 dark aluminium.Decals applied and engine assembled.The model was then washed with dark dirt clay wash and cleaned up.Then sealed with Tamiya X-35 semi-gloss clear.I spent a couple of hours creating a simple base with grass and some decking made from coffee stirrers all in a small picture frame.
  5. UPDATE ONEGot started on this build now and it looks to be straight forward.The cockpit is painted but finer details to be picked out.The instructions give the colour as C126 Gunze which is Mitsubishi cockpit green.This is darker than the usual green like XF-71.I used the instruction recommendation to mix 50:50 Tamiya XF-58 and XF-49.Other parts had XF-69 Nato Black and X-13 meatllic blue.
  6. Nice info Supertom. I gave up on google photos a few weeks ago for the same reasons you found. Picasa was so easy to use.
  7. Thanks, I wasn't gonna let Matilda beat me.
  8. 1/35 Tamiya Matilda MK II. Background: The Infantry Tank Mark II, best known as the Matilda, was a British infantry tank of the Second World War. The design began as the A12 specification in 1936, as a gun-armed counterpart to the first British infantry tank, the machine gun armed, two-man A11 Infantry Tank Mark I. The Mark I was also known as Matilda, and the larger A12 was initially known as the Matilda II, Matilda senior or Waltzing Matilda. The Mark I was abandoned in 1940, and from then on the A12 was almost always known simply as "the Matilda". With its heavy armour, the Matilda II was an excellent infantry support tank but with somewhat limited speed and armament. It was the only British tank to serve from the start of the war to its end, although it is particularly associated with the North Africa Campaign. It was replaced in front-line service by the lighter and less costly Infantry Tank Mk III Valentine beginning in late 1941. Source: Kit Manufacture: Tamiya. Scale: 1/35. Type: AFV. Extras used: OOB + base. Paints and colours used: Primer was Grey Stynylrez. Paints used were Tamiya XF-2, XF-59, XF-3, XF-21, XF-19, XF-4, XF-24 and XF-84. Weathering: Vallejo 70.822 for chipping, AK streaking grime and rain-marks and Flory sand pigments. Build thread:
  9. 1/24 Wave Tachikoma from Ghost In the Shell SAC 2nd GIG. Background: A Tachikoma (タチコマ?) is a fictional artificial intelligence, walker/roller in the Ghost in the Shell universe; appearing in the manga, created by Masamune Shirow, and the Stand Alone Complex sub-universe. Nine of them are assigned to Section 9's use originally. They are spider-like, multi-legged combat vehicles, equipped with artificial intelligence. The spider design appears in other places in Shirow's work, like the Appleseed manga. Shirow is noted to keep numerous spiders as pets. Production I.G was unable to use the Fuchikoma design in the 2002 Stand Alone Complex anime TV series due to copyright conflicts. However, Masamune Shirow was able to design a legally safe equivalent to the spider-tanks for the new show, which he named the "Tachikoma". There are distinct differences in the design, most significantly in the 'eyes' and the vertically oriented abdomen. Still, the tanks are easily recognizable as descendants of the original Fuchikoma. Their AI 'personalities' and roles in the new series are indistinguishable from their predecessors in the manga. Source: Kit Manufacture: WAVE. Scale: 1/24. Type: Anime Mecha. Extras used: OOB + base. Paints and colours used: Primer was White Stynylrez. Paints used were MIG's new metal acrylic warhead metallic blue A.MIG-196, Tamiya X-2 gloss white, alclad aqua gloss. Weathering: Grime clay wash and various AK weathering products.
  10. UPDATE THREE Progress has been on the slow side. Both the Tachikoma and the figure have been completed. I also went for a smaller base than originally planned. The base was made from a small picture frame and some foam-board. This was primed and the painted with various tamiya greys. This was then weathered with grime clay wash, and various AK weathering products.
  11. Oh, I think the biscuit base would be more realistic.....
  12. Nice work Dazz. I have some Tau army stuff plus the new Tau codex. I cannot decide what colours to use though.....
  13. Heaving used the same products on other newer kits, I'm guessing the age of the plastic in this old kit didn't help the situation. That said, I know some people have had issues using enamel based products on the new Bandai star wars kits when they weather them. The Matilda has been glued back together, just need to check the strength of the bonds later. As long as the tank holds together at the end, all will be good.
  14. UPDATE FIVE Well, had a bit of a setback when I went to start on the pigment weathering. It seems the old tamiya plastic has reacted to some product I have used. I suspect it to be the enamel based filter I used. Some repairs needed and leave it overnight and check integrity tomorrow.