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  1. Looks cracking to me, your issues don't bode well for me though, as I have their T2/T4 and T10/12 in my stash of Harriers.
  2. Hi Andy, I have a full record of all aircrashes in Northumberland on a data stick, I will have a look and see if I can dig up any more info about this incident for you. It might take a few days as I'm in the middle of a 6 day run of shifts.
  3. I have been doing quite a bit of local history research and you're right about those ranges, they were close to Druridge Bay area, we still get the odd bit of unexploded ordinance washing up on the beach every now and then.
  4. Just found this thread and I have to say, cracking build and personal history. As an aside I live only about 30 minutes drive from the former RAF Millfield, where your uncle did his conversion to type at 56 OTU. Much of it has been demolished, but there is still a local flying/gliding club using the site, and you can some lovely views of it from the nearby foothills of the Cheviots.
  5. Looking good so far, I watched Vulcanicity's double build of this and the Heyford, so you've got the right guy helping you with info etc... . I remember building this in the early 80's as a teenager.
  6. Looks like quite an improvement on the old Airfix Banshee I built as a kid.
  7. I love Harriers, and these look absolutely cracking. Am jealous of that final line up
  8. Both looking good, always thought the Airfix was a nice build, just a little aged now. I'm waiting with baited breath for the Special Hobby NF30.
  9. I have this kit as well, so will be very interested in how this build goes.
  10. Thanks John, I've got quite a stash, mix of aircraft and vehicles. I'm going to have to learn how to take decent photos. My aircraft are skewed towards those that flew from RAF Acklington, plus Harriers (I was an LTMO and we played with the Harrier squadrons regularly, I loved them) and my vehicle collection is mainly aimed at the Corps and its predecessors Bob
  11. Yeah, I was at 19 Mech with Tony OToole and he told me something similar. I am transferring over from the wargaming community, as I'm finding I enjoy building and painting stuff rather than gaming.
  12. Just found, and caught up with this build. What a cracking job you're doing on this kit. As a former scale I love builds of Signals vehicles, we're often overlooked by model manufacturers as we don't have the gucci gear, like tankies etc...
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