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  1. Thanks for the comments. The SH-2G build itself was so so. Plenty of test fitting and sanding as nothing goes together that well. Lots of filling required. The clear parts were the worst and need some work to fit. It had abnormally thick sprues for some reason. Worth it though as it is a unique kit. The short lived Aussie version will be cool to see.
  2. Hello from New Zealand. I am not sure why I thought building these two Kittyhawk kits at the same time was a good idea, but here they are. The kits seemed to need plenty of extra work, but I am happy enough with the result overall. They just took ages. I have fond memories of flying around Waiouru and East Timor in the Iroquois years ago. I particularly enjoyed the low level flights while sitting on the edge, legs dangling out with what seemed to be only a flimsy canvas belt holding you in. Fun times! I definitely miss seeing (and hearing) the old majestic Iroquois buzzing around NZ. Excuse the basic phone photos. Thanks for looking. Josh
  3. Ha ha, I really do. I have seen them on base and at air shows over the years. You would be hard pressed to find a dirty one. It’s probably the key to their 52 years of service. I have washed most days over my 37 years and nothing has fallen off or broken, so fingers crossed for the run to 52 Nice pic Alan. It will definitely be sad to see them go in the coming years.
  4. Thanks. Do the K2 for sure. Lots of aerials but it super fun breaking them off a accidentally, then glueing them back on. It’s all good fun though. I only noticed the darker grey on top in an aerial shot on the Defence force website. Maybe my eyes playing tricks or the lighting, but I went with it. https://www.defence.govt.nz/what-we-do/delivering-defence-capability/defence-capability-projects/p-3k-orion-mission-systems-upgrade/
  5. Thanks Gaz. I thought it had to be done after seeing the Orion last at the Ohakea Air tattoo. Had to have one in the cabinet. I am trying to finish a C-130 before they get replace too.
  6. Thanks man. Yes, the ladder comes with the kit. I would also highly recommend the Quickboost propeller set if you can get your hands on it. You can have the blades feathered if you want.
  7. Hi Colin. Thanks for the comments. I had a look at the Seasprite and it looks amazing. Hopefully mine turns out as good as yours. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Hey Rob. I had no issues at all with the flaps and they went in easily. I only had issues with the rear cabin interior, but left it out as I figured you won't actually see any of it.
  9. Thanks for the comments. I don't have the vampire set but I will definitely have a look.
  10. Thanks for the kind words guys. Yes, decals are Oldmodelsdecals from NZ. I used the inkjet decals first but had a complete fail due to inexperience, so used the digital printed set on round 2. The flaps etc is the old CMK set, but I see Black dog resin doing some great Orion aftermarket sets. I’m currently working on an RNZAF Seasprite and Iroquois so I will why some images up when done. Thanks again. Josh.
  11. Hi there. I have been a Britmodeller voyeur for years, so I thought I would finally post some pics of my latest completion. This build is my attempt at a Royal New Zealand Airforce P3-K2 Orion, built from a Hasegawa P-3C kit. There are a few things I am not happy with (forgetting nose weight!) but I had loads of fun making it. The more I tried to tinker with it, the more things broke. So I gave up and here it is. From what I understand the K2 is the latest upgrade, however the Orion is soon to be replaced by the P-8 Poseidon. Thanks for looking. Josh from NZ.
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