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  1. Not sure I would last long as the boss. My five. Fairey Flycatcher Supermarine S6 Pitts Special S2 Thruster TST de Havilland Dragon Rapide
  2. Black Knight. I am building the Planet Models SC1 in this group build and have a couple of spare canopies (XG905). Drop me a PM if you are interested I will post them out. jb
  3. Thanks for the comments. Not many parts to this one so progress is quick. Resin dust in not good for you, especially if inhaled, can cause lung problems. Not an expert only my third resin kit. I wear a face mask when cutting and sanding. I always wet sand, using wet'n'dry paper, and disposed of it before the sanding slurry has a chance to dry out. Also only use hand tools when working with resin to try to reduce the creation of fine dust,.again using water to try to keep the produced dust down, and when finish wipe down the work area with a wet cloth. Hope that helps.
  4. Not just first Airfix kit, but first kit. Airfix Meteor, forty something years ago, Built with my dad (profile picture). What makes it memorable was that we painted it and put it on the mantlepiece to dry, one wing was overhanging, came down in the morning to find the plastic had softened due to the rising heat from the fire and the wing dropped. Happy Memories. Thanks dad.
  5. Thanks Tony. I agree it does look a bit Flash Gordon. Not sure you will learn alot about resin modelling, I am a beginner when it comes to resin. Made a start on installing the internal and closing up the fuselage. Quite a bit of wet sanding required to get everything to fit, I use a gel superglue, I find it gives me a bit of wiggle time to get things lined up, downside it seems to increase the chance of leaving fingerprints! Needed quite a bit of filler around the intakes and along the bottom of the fuselage. Wings added. Still some tidying up required on the joints before moving on to the vacuform canopy.
  6. Steve, thanks for the photos. Helped with the cockpit. Made a start, an hour spent with the razor saw removing the resin pour stubs. Didn't appreciate how small this plane is until i started. Cockpit complete, seat enhanced with some spare etch belts
  7. Great photos, brings back memories. Being Pompey born and bred, always enjoyed Navy Days, watching the air displays over the harbour.
  8. This will be my first group build of the year. I have been looking forward as I enjoy building the weird & wonderful. My first entry will by Planet Models 1/72 Short SC1. This is a resin kit with some etch, white metal and vacuform canopies (4 supplied) Plan is too finish her as XG900 the first prototype. This airframe is displayed at the science museum, although in a way that make decent photography difficult.
  9. Nice choice. Will be following this one with interest. Was thinking of entering Horizon Models Mercury Spacecraft, but going to keep them for the Blitz Build GB.
  10. Been thinking long and hard about this GB, 75% stash probably qualifies. Finally decided, I am going with Italeri's 1/24 Transit.
  11. HMS Furious
  12. I will watch this one with interest as I have also entertained the idea of building a Hucks Starter. I was thinking of using a 1/35 RPM kit as a base. When I was looking around I found this, The US patent. Hope the photo below will help, taken at the Shuttleworth Collection.
  13. Thanks. That's good news. Got the Ships Camel on back-order, tempted by a Snipe as well.
  14. I would like to register my interest in this one. Only one kit in the stash qualifies, so will be building the weekend edition of Eduard's Mig-21R in Cuban colours.
  15. A couple of great builds there. Just love the Tyrrell. Tyrrell was the team I routed for, my interest in F1 started to wain with their demise.