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  1. Nice start. Will be watching with interest.
  2. Made a start whilst hge paint is drying on my Carrier Ahoy build. The cockpit is basic, just consisting of a seat, floor, joystick and instrument panel. Just to busy it up a bit added some framing, not accurate just aim to give the impression. Just some tape seat belts to add. Fuselage halves joined.
  3. CV-3. USS Saratoga

    Haven't posted for a while, but progress has continued slow and steady. Started work on the hull. I am find some of the small parts time consuming to remove from the spruce and clean up. Seem to spend a lot of time on my hands and kees negotiating with the carpet monster. Modelling the lifts in the up position. Some scrap use to close the opening before fixing the lifts. Not a great photo but the secondary armament completed. In the paint shop. The boot line needs a bit of work, need to remask and paint. Funnel showing the distinctive black identification stripe. Just a bit of touching up to do.
  4. Sharkmouth GB - 24 on the list

    I would be interested in this. Have the Special Hobby Firefly Foreign Service boxing in the stash. Just need some after market folded wings.
  5. Threadbear, you right that should have been 1931, will edit the original post. thanks. Pat, I believe that the Inpact kit is the same as the Pyro & Life-Like boxings. mackemo1, they do look nice kits, also have the Flycatcher, Fury and Gladiator is the stash.
  6. My entry for this groupbuild with be Inpact's 1/48 Bristol Bulldog. Will need to replace some of the struts due to missing parts. Also the decals look past it so will be replacing them with some Model Alliance decals to produce a 23 Squadron Bulldog K1676 as flown by Plt.Off Douglas Bader, RAF Kenley December 1941 1931.
  7. CV-3. USS Saratoga

    I will look out for your Lexington, Made a start on the island & funnell. I'm glad I decided against the etch when I saw how small some of the parts are. The original plan was to build the full hull, but was looking at my display cabinet the other day, and it occured to me that my vast collection (four) of 1/700 ships are all waterline, so will be building this waterline now.
  8. BM 10th Anniversary Gallery

    M10 Tank Destroyer. Late Production. US 804th Tank Destroyer Battalion. Italy.1944. 1/35 AFV Club with stowage from Verlonden Products. WIP can be found here.
  9. M3/ M4 medium tank gallery

    M32 Recovery Vehicle 1/35 Italeri WIP can be found here. Not a state of the art kit but thoroughly enjoyed it. Only drawback it that it wont fit into my display case.
  10. Spent the weekend paint the stowage and am now calling this finished. 4th completion of the year, for an aircraft guy 3 of them have been armour. I am really enjoying the change.
  11. M-32 Recovery Vehicle

    Can't go wrong with green. Thanks for your kind comments. I have added the rubber band tracks, just don't look to closely they have pulled the running wheels out of alignment. Should have cemented them in place on a flat surface before applying the tracks. Spent Saturday applying the finishing touches. Apologies for the poor photo, will take some better ones for the gallery next weekend.
  12. Mark's 1/48 Inpact Fairey Flycatcher

    Great choice. The Flycatcher is one of my favourite aircraft. Will be watching with interest as I plan to build the Inpact Bristol Bulldog for the RAF Centenary GB.
  13. USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71

    Nice choice. Will be watching with interest as I have one of Trumpeter’s CVNs on my wish list, just to can’t make my mind up on which one.
  14. Your first aircraft model ?

    1/72 Airfix Meteor III, mid 70’s built with my dad. Will be reliving my childhood and building one for the upcoming Airfix, The Golden Years Group Build.
  15. CV-3. USS Saratoga

    These group builds keep coming. My entry for this group build, harks back to the colourful interwar years of naval aviation and the yellow winged aircraft of the US Navy, Trumpeter's 1/700 USS Saratoga. Not shown is the airwing, moulded in clear plastic, could get a decent photo. Airwing comprises Grumman F3Fs, Curtiss BFC-2s, Vought SBU-1s and Great Lakes TG-2s. Plan is to build full hull and out of the box.