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  1. Following a quick hit with Humbrol Yellow spray can, I am calling this one finished. No decals on the plane itself, just a couple added on the trailer. It was a challenge, but don't think it has come out too badly (as long as you don't look too closely) Will take some better photos for the gallery sometime in the next week.
  2. Decided to build the trolley. Needed a lot of work, most of the steps /handrails required repair/replacement. Also decide the wheels couldn't be saved, managed to find some resin wheels on the big H website which should do the job.
  3. Been busy on a certain auction site. Postman delivered this this morning. Quick question, is aftermarket allowed? I have a resin cockpit (meant for the Airfix / Heller kit) that I would like to try to use,
  4. Another Mig-21R. This will be Eduard's 1/48 Weekend Edition. No etch, but kit does include 'superfabric' seatbelts. Also using BarracudaCast replacement radome, Eduard masks. Like Dave_R I will also be doing the Cuban AF scheme. It was the scheme that drove me to this kit, More and more I am finding that it is the scheme that attracts my attention and is the my major driver in building a kit as opposed to the actual aircraft itself..
  5. Nice choice. Planning to do this kit as well.
  6. Agree they do produce some unusual subjects, but do require work. Probably the most work I have had to do on an injection molded kit. This one is fighting me all the way, but slowly beating it into shape. Needs lots of test fitting, sanding & filling. Still trying to decide if I want to build the trolley. From the look it will require even more fettling than the plane. Also had plans for the Mach 2 Ryan X-13 Vertijet but that has already gone back to the stash for another time.
  7. Looking good. Like the panel variations. Never thought of that when doing mine.
  8. Short SC.1. XG900. SBAC (Society of British Aerospace Companies) Show, Farnborough, 1961. 1/72 Planet Models
  9. Made a start. Hard to tell the parts from the flash in places. Transparencies will be be having a bath in future at some point, hopefully will be able to improve them. Also hard to describe, the plastic has a weird feel to it, feels grainy. Cockpit details are sparse. Fuselage halves have been joined, test fitting suggest it will need a lot of fettling to get the annular wing to fit. Looks like i need to break out the Dremel to help.
  10. Calling this one finished. I enjoyed this build. Do love build slightly odd looking aircraft. Just starting Mach 2s 1/72 SNECMA Coléoptère as part of this groupbuild, with Mach 2s Ryan X-13 Vertijet waiting in the wings. Will fit well into my small collection of experimental aircraft
  11. Only just caught up with build. That is one small submarine. There is a mock up of this at the RN Submarine Museum in Gosport. A couple of photos below. Hope they are of some help.
  12. With my Shorts SC.1 on final approach, thought I would start the thread for my next build. Mach 2s 1/72 SNECMA Coléoptère. Developed by the French company SNECMA in the 1950s. It was a single-person aircraft with an annular wing designed to take-off and land vertically, Amazingly this flew nine times before being destroyed on its ninth flight. The pilot Auguste Morel survived. The obligatory box top shot. The detailed instructions. Just from initial looks, i know its not going to be a quick build. Looks like it will require lots of sanding & filling. Also the cleat parts are anying but.
  13. Nice choice, MPM 1/72 X-15 if I am not mistaken. Just finished building one, although not as part of this GB. A quick enjoyable build, straight forward but getting all the parts of the vertical tails to line up nicely took a bit of care. Also found the decals a little on the fragile side.. Have fun.
  14. Hadn't thought of displaying it that way. It will be the tradition way, standing on its wheels. Construction continues. Bucked up courage to tackle the vacuform canopy. Masked it first before cutting it out, find it easier to mask this way. I'm happy with the way it came it. Currently in the paint shop. Painted using a rattle can, Humbrol Silver.
  15. Not sure I would last long as the boss. My five. Fairey Flycatcher Supermarine S6 Pitts Special S2 Thruster TST de Havilland Dragon Rapide