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  1. Film, Fictional and Speculative GB: 17 & Counting

    Have a number of kits in the stash that could fit in here, so please included me too please. Top of the pile would be a Polar Lights United Planets Cruiser C-57D from Forbidden Planet.
  2. Thought I had registered my interest in this one, but seem on reading back the thread I hadn't. So here goes, I'm in with Trumpeter's 1/700 CV-3 USS Saratoga.
  3. The Royal Air Force Centenary GB

    Been looking at the stash, thinking of going with something from the interwar years. Favourite at the moment is Inpacts 1/48 Bristol Bulldog.
  4. F-104 Cockpit

    Start made on the first of the panels. Fixed to the cockpit tub. Like the way this is beginning to look.
  5. Matchbox Gallery

    Saab J-29F Tunnan 1/72 Matchbox PK-33. Double build, one OOB and one (Austrian) with Pavla's resin cockpit set. F-3 Wing. 2nd Division Swedish Air Force. Mammen (Linkoping) 1960. 2nd Jagdbomber Staffel. Austrian Air Force, 1963. And both together.
  6. Photobucket beware!

    Can only see the "Please Update your Account to Enable 3rd Party Hosting" message. jb
  7. Show us your modelling space

    I've enjoyed reading this thread, there are some great setups. Mines on a slightly smaller scale, I model in the spare bedroom so my work space needs to be able to be dismantled and packed away when required! Basically consists of an IKEA table top mounted of trestle legs, which allows me to adjust the height to helps alleviate my back problems and allows it to be packed up and stacked in a corner when guests arrive.
  8. F-104 Cockpit

    Made a small start on this one today. Started work on the seat. One minor set back, knocked the box onto the floor, then heard that dreaded sound of plastic cracking as I knelt down to pick the bits up. The clear helmet visor is now in two pieces!
  9. PK-33 "The Flying Barrrel". Saab J-29F

    First model completed, this is the OOB build, in Swedish markings. Closing in on completing the 2nd. Wheels and gear doors going on. Still proved to be a tailsitter, so a little more weight was required up front. Here she is finished. Had planned to have a cockpit ladder, but made a pigs ear of the etch, the rungs were very fine and it fell to pieces.
  10. PK-33 "The Flying Barrrel". Saab J-29F

    Yes, will be doing both options. The decals that came with the earlier boxing seem to be of better quality, will just be using the stencilling from the second later boxing. Won't have to wait long, paint dried overnight, on with decals this morning.
  11. PK-33 "The Flying Barrrel". Saab J-29F

    Struggle to fit the AM cockpit. With the fuselage closed up and the seat in place there was no room for a pilot. My solution was to extend the cockpit opening by a 1mm and thin the seat by a couple of mm until it looked right. Front wheel doors replaced by plasticard. Both planes now headed for the paint shop. Using Halfords grey plastic primer followed by Humbrol Silver from a rattlecan.
  12. PK-33 "The Flying Barrrel". Saab J-29F

    Pilot reporting for duty. OOB Saab ready for the paintshop.
  13. F-104 Cockpit

    Getting close to starting. Looking to change the black plastic display base with a wooden one. Sprue shoots.
  14. PK-33 "The Flying Barrrel". Saab J-29F

    First chance to update this thread. First up, I pick up a second boxing of this kit. Impulse purchase! Plan is to build one OOB, wheels up and one wheels down, canopy open using the aftermarket. Comparison of the AM cockpit with the kit part. The AM was designed for the Heller kit so hoping it will fit. The OOB version is coming together quickly. Only issue I had was one of my making, when opening the hole for the stand I was a bit over enthusiastic and created overly large. Doh! AM cockpit coming on. Matchbox mould part of the canopy framing to the fuselage, currently working on removing that.
  15. Gallery ++ POLL NOW OPEN ++

    Martin B-10 31st Bombarbment Squadron 1/72 Williams Brothers.