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  1. Just thought I would share some photos from the East Kirkby Air Show. I do enjoy these smaller shows. Weather prevents a number of aircraft from attending but is was still an enjoyable day. Hope you enjoy the photos. The BBMF opened the show. T28 Fennec Hurricane MkI R4118 Blenhiem I've seen the Blenheim display before, but thought this was one of the better ones. It inspired me to Buy Airfix's MkI from the Blenheim Society stall. Cessna Bird Dog OV-10 Bronco Just Jane Mosquito HJ711 has just arrived at East Kirby and is currently awaiting re-assembly. I believe the aim is to restore her to engine running & taxiable condition.
  2. Blitzbuild 2017 GB

    Having failed last year, I will be back for another go. My entry will Horizon Models Mercury Spacecraft. Box contains parts for two kits, will aim to build both, on in launch mode with the escape tower and one in orbit mode,
  3. More on Airfix 2017

    My copy dropped through the letterbox a couple of days ago. I'm no Mustang expert but it looks good to me. Wasn't planning on buying this one, waiting for the Walrus, Sea Fury and Phantom, but am tempted now to pick one up when I see one.
  4. Mirage IIIC. 1/48 Eduard Weekend Edition

    Bit of a big update. First up, changes to the ejection seat to change the face blind handle. Fuselage & wings assembled. To ensure a good fit of the wings, I used a scrap piece of plastic strut to build up the mating area, to ensure a flush fit. After a trip to the paint booth, primed with Halfords Plastic primer.
  5. Mirage IIIC. 1/48 Eduard Weekend Edition

    Thanks. Following I bit of googling I understand I am look for a single larger handle. Should be able to produce one with some fuse wire.
  6. Italeri Douglas C47 'Skytrain'

    Nice choice. Will be watching with interest as I have this kit in the stash. Currently earmarked for the DC-3/C-47 STGB if it gets the go ahead.
  7. 10th BM Anniversary GB?

    I have search my stash for the number 10 and came up with AFV Clubs M10 Tank Destroyer, so count me in.
  8. Mirage IIIC. 1/48 Eduard Weekend Edition

    Original plan was the NMF finished, but the more I looked at the instructions the more I found myself drawn to the desert scheme of the Djibouti aircraft. Made a start with the cockpit.
  9. My entry for this group build is the Williams Brothers 1/72 Martin B-10. This is the recently re-released boxing. This has 17!, yes seventeen colour schemes. Currently undecided as to which one, but will have yellow wings, limits me to just 10 options. Instructions and decal sheet.
  10. Good choice. Built a couple of these a few years ago for the Bomber GB. It is a tailsitter and needs a lot of weight up front.
  11. Lockheed F 104 STGB

    This is my planned entry for this group build. Hope it it acceptable?
  12. Gallery

    Mig-21R. Cuban Air Force. 1/48 Eduard Weekend Edition. WIP can be found here.
  13. Thanks for your kind words. I used Mr Hobby light blue H323 as called out in the instruction. Bought the 3 main colours especially for this kit, usually use Vallejo model air.
  14. White Van Man. Transit Mk2 **Finished**

    Thanks. It was a fun build, normally build planes but enjoy these all encompassing GB's that give me chances to try other model types.