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  1. M10 Tank Destroyer

    Bit of a large update. The traditional whats in the box shots. Made a start of the interior. Then tackle the running gear, with 12 parts to each found this a time consuming exercise. Finally made up the gun. This is where I should have paid more attention to the instructions. I managed to assemble the mount with the barrell / breach upside down, thankfully the kit is designed to mimic a recoil, this allowed to access the breach guides(?) to cut so I could turn the breach through 180 degrees. and fixed in position.
  2. M-32 Recovery Vehicle

    Running gear assembled. This is always the bit that I don't enjoy when building armour, hence why I start on other parts of the build first. Turret dry fitted. Just started am M10 Tank Destroyer for the the Britmodeller 10th Birthday GB, aim to get them to roughly the same stage before breaking out the airbrush.
  3. Lockheed GB in 2019 ? at 21 on Feb 20th

    I would be interested in this, have a F-94 in the stash.
  4. F-104 Starfighter Gallery

    ESCI 1/12 F-104 Cockpit Build log can be found here.
  5. M-32 Recovery Vehicle

    Having finished my F-104 STGB entry, I now can crack on with this and my entry for the BM10th Anniversary built. I would some thread around the which an fixed it in place. As I am proposing to have the crane deployed, I decided to fit a counter weight in the rear.
  6. F-104 Cockpit ##Finished##

    Continued the work on the seat & harness. Having cut the harness out of the material, I used a brown sharpie to colour the edges. Just after this photo, the carpet monster struck, the victim, one of the shoulder fittings with a small length of harness attached. SO had to manufacture a replacement out of a bit of scrap. A slightly out of focus photo, shows the completed seat and harness. Completed helmet, the broken clear viso was repaired using klear to join the two halves. Looks ok to me. Completed cockpit tub & seat. Look to take some better photos next weekend for the gallery. Really enjoyed this one, nice to do something a bit different.
  7. F-104 Cockpit ##Finished##

    A couple of hours at the bench has seen me progress the tub and instrument panel. The HUD is also complete but forgot to take a photo of that. The seat has been assembled, leaving just the harness and helmet to finished,
  8. My entry for this GB will be AFV Club's M10 Tank destroyer. Unlikely to start for a couple of weeks, need to finish my entry in the F-104 STGB first.
  9. F-104 Cockpit ##Finished##

    Haven't forgotten about this one, progress has been slow due a Christmas shutdown and making a start on my build for the M3/M4 groupbuild.
  10. M-32 Recovery Vehicle

    Thanks for your kind comments. Hewy, don't any suitable figures in the stash, but am keeping an eye out on ebay for some suitable ones. With the festivities over for another year, I have re-established my workbench in the spare room. Instead of starting with the wheels, I started on the interior, only three supplied parts. Dry fitted the body and turret to see how much of the interior is visible through the turret openings. Turns out you can see quite a bit (in you look are and squint) including the driver compartment. I broke out the plasti-card and spare drop tanks to see what I could knock up. The aim was not to have a accurate representation but to give it a busy look when viewed through the turret openings. It was a fun afternoon I am quite happy with the outcome. Have decided to go with the lifting arm deployed. I understand the winch is located below the flooring, which is access via a access panel in the flooring when in use. So currently making a winch drum which I will wrap the cable around and will fit under the flooring after opening up the access panel.
  11. Star Wars The Last Jedi

    Took my niece & nephew to see this on Boxing Day, as one of their Christmas Presents. Star Wars: A New Hope was the second film I ever saw at the cinema. (Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo was the first). Not a die hard Star Wars fan, haven't seen Episodes 1,2,3 or Force Awakens, reading the above thread, can understand other people's points of view, but on the whole enjoyed it, as did my niece & nephew, so a result in my book. Saw it in 3D, didn't think this bought much to the experience personally. Also cinema had reclining seats, really comfortable but as a wearer of vari-focals struggled to get a good viewing position at times.
  12. My entry for this GB is Italeri's M-32 Recovery Vehicle. Undecided at to build it with the lifting arm raised or stowed. Would like to build it raised but need to check if it will fit in my display case. So what's in the box? Also have AFV Clubs M-10 in the stash, but saving that one of the Britmodeller 10th Anniversary GB.
  13. JBs 2017

    Thanks. Any series was purely accidental. The remained of this years builds Somua S35 1/35 Tamiya Mercury Spacecraft 1/72 Horizon Models Martin B-10 1/72 Williams Brothers Mirage IIIC 1/48 Eduard Weekend Edition. Texan T-6. Lost the original decals so used some spares and artistic licence. 1/72 Hobby Boss Pair of Sab J-29's in Swedish & Austrian Colours. 1/72 Matchbox And finally a couple of builds that had been sitting on my "Shelf of Doom" for a couple of years. 'Simpson' Boeing 737 1/144 Skyline The might Vulcan, XH558. 1/144 GWH All in all a successful year, output just about outstipped aquisitions. Only problem is rapidly running out of display space.
  14. JBs 2017

    It's been a reasonable year, like last year the first half seemed more productive than the second half of the year. Builds 1-10 bellow. Mustang mk.IVa. 122 Squadron RAF. 1/48 Italeri Citreon Type H Van. 1/24 Heller. Defiant ASR Mk.I. 227 Squadron, RAF. 1/48 Airfix. Dinghy pods from Loon Models. Shorts SC.1 1/72 Planet Models. North American X-15 1/72 MPM. Tomahawk Mk.IIb. 112 Squadron RAF 1/48 Airfix SNECMA Coleoptere. 1/72 Mach 2. Polikarpov I-153. 1/48 ICM Ford Transit Mk.2 1/24 Italeri MiG 21R. Cuban Airforce 1/48 Eduard Weekend Edition. Remaining builds will be posted later. Need to wrap some Christmas presents.
  15. F-104 Cockpit ##Finished##

    Progress has been a bit one step forward / two steps back. Tried to dry fit the instrument panel, it didn't. Looks like the has warped. In attempt to make it fit, I made a couple of saw cuts (shown below) and is gently persuading the tub to fit the panel. Last update until after Christmas, my modelling room needs to revert to being bedroom for the holidays. Happy Christmas