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  1. Been thinking long and hard about this GB, 75% stash probably qualifies. Finally decided, I am going with Italeri's 1/24 Transit.
  2. HMS Furious
  3. I will watch this one with interest as I have also entertained the idea of building a Hucks Starter. I was thinking of using a 1/35 RPM kit as a base. When I was looking around I found this, The US patent. Hope the photo below will help, taken at the Shuttleworth Collection.
  4. Thanks. That's good news. Got the Ships Camel on back-order, tempted by a Snipe as well.
  5. I would like to register my interest in this one. Only one kit in the stash qualifies, so will be building the weekend edition of Eduard's Mig-21R in Cuban colours.
  6. A couple of great builds there. Just love the Tyrrell. Tyrrell was the team I routed for, my interest in F1 started to wain with their demise.
  7. Yep, that really is a hamburger in there. Purchased from RetroKit. Thanks for the kind comments. I am drawn to the colourful and will build anything that takes my fancy. Final build for 2016 has been completed. KAI T-50B 'Black Eagles' 1/48 Academy
  8. Sign me up for this one please.
  9. Nice. I do like the Williams Brothers kits, a nice range of interesting subjects. Think I will be adding one of these to the stash.
  10. Think I know what my Christmas present to myself will be. Only afford one boxing, probably the Ships Camel to finish as one of the two HMS Furious machines. Question is what do I do with the two Academy camels in the stash.
  11. Numbers 13+ Sea Hurricane 1/48 Italeri. Hurricane GB. Bf 108 B Taifun 1/48 Eduard C-45F Expeditor 1/48 Revell Mk.A Whippet 1/35 Meng Confederate Calvary Officer 120mm Make Unknown Space Shuttle Egg Plane Meteor NF.11 1/72 Xtrakit. Seiran 1/72 Tamiya T-6 Texan, Miss Behavin' 1/48 Revell Reno Racer Boxset. P-51D Miss America 1/48 Revell Reno Air Racer Boxset P-31 STGB No 24. Hopefully Academy's 1/48 Black Eagle. Currently at the decaling stage.
  12. Been a good year, for the first time builds outnumbered purchases. Numbers 1 to 12 Meteor F8 Prone 1.72 MPM. Built as part of the Meteor Group Build. Meteor T7.5. Martin-Baker test aircraft. 1.72 Xtrakit. My second entry for the Meteor Group Build. Meteor F.8 1/72 Xtrakit F4U-7 Corsair 1/72 Italeri F6F Hellcat 1/72 Heller F8F Bearcat 1/72 Revell P-39 Aircobra 1/72 Hobby Boss XF5U Flying Flapjack 1/72 Pegasus Models. P-47D Thunderbolt 1/48 Hobby Boss. P-47 STGB 1910 B Type Omnibus 1/32 Airfix. Made in Britain GB Spitfire PR.XIX 1/48 Airfix I-16 Type 17 1/48 Eduard Spitfire Vb. Floatplane. 1/48 Airfix with Silver Cloud conversion.
  13. Miss America 1/48 P-51D Reno Racer by Revell
  14. Decaling underway, mixture of the kit decals and the spares box. Only thing left to do is to add some aerials from plasticard. A simple kit, but enjoyed it. A nice one to finish the modelling year with.
  15. Still haven't decided what I am building for 2017 GBs, but would be interested in this one. Have a 1/32 Revell-Monogram F3F-3 that needs building.