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plastic constructor

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    Strewth, where do I start?. Keeping it simple, model making, mainly trucks although I will build anything interesting, considering converting the Trumpeter TBM-3 into a fire bomber.<br />Love the hobby and get so much from it, especially talking to the public at model shows. Started the 'Beyond the Box' SIG in an attempt to show that model making can be fun and not a rivet counters preserve, hence the 'Wallace & Gromit' display at SMW 2006 and the forthcoming 'Wacky Racers' disply at SMW 2007. For 2008 ... it's back to 'Wallace & Gromit' again ~ at the Movies.<br />I also love photography but now I mainly use the camera to photograph models (the plastic scales ones).
  1. Bombing Up!

    Fantastic photograph, I have one of the Canadair water bombers in the stash (oh no, I've come out of the closet), now you all know I'm not just a truck modeller. Nick.
  2. Jeep

    Harriet, I don't suppose you would consider disposing of the kit to me would you ... drop me an email or PM please, I'm in need of a few spares ASAP! Nick.
  3. Jeep

    OOOOOOOOh! Daz, bless ya, there are some kits in 1/35 scale that are a it too small for my mits matey, 1/24 was a nice scale for a bit of conversion, and this model demands a lot of it, including the front tow bar, rear fuel can carrier and the biggest conversion of the lot, the side panels ... better get on with it eh? Nick.
  4. Jeep

    Oops! ... forgot to mention folks that the scale is 1/24 ... it's a conversion from the Italeri Fire Jeep Nick.
  5. Jeep

    Ayup Folks, I need your help and I need it urgently. My daughter's boyfriend asked me if I could build a model of his dads Willy's Jeep as a present for Christmas, well, I agreed, and then got bogged down with the pressures of life. The model is just about complete and I'm in the workshop today beavering away, attempting to do as much to this jeep project as I can in order to finish it. But I've just discovered that I don't have the lettering for the following stensils ... ... can anyone help with either a decal set, a stensil or the name of the font used? ... many thanks in anticipation. Here's a couple of photos of the real thing ... .. and the progress so far ... ... hopefully it will be done today, we'll see? Nick.
  6. Another car GB Anyone

    Erm! ... let's have a truck build ... Nick.
  7. Mitsuwa T34-85

    Just to add a spot of history to these items. They originated from the Modelzone store in the Broadmarsh Centre, Nottingahm and were ex-demonstration models. They had passed their sell by date so to speak and were about to be thrown into the skip. Ian Sadler, of the IPMS (UK) Armour Group and I used to demonstrate model making techniques in the store, and as Ian is still a regular visitor to the store, he asked if the models could be saved and auctioned for the Notts / Derby Air Ambulance appeal. This was agreed and they were offered for auction with the permission of Ian Crawford, organiser of the model show held at Southwell Racecourse. The auction raised just under £200 and Ian Sadler rounded up the figure to £200 which has been donated to the above appeal. Nick.
  8. Hawker Sea Fury

    I'm sure Edgar will elucidate once his site access is restored. Nick.
  9. Hawker Hurricane prototype colour question.....

    This is from Edgar, unfortunately he can't access the site at the moment, as far as he is aware, the colour was standard 'Cockpit Green' (Humbrol 78). Nick.
  10. Hawker Sea Fury

    From Edgar, coz he can't get on here at the moment, the colour was Zinc Chromate Yellow. Nick.
  11. Britmodeller IPMS

    Troffa ... there's no such animal. The motto of the IPMS is 'By Modellers! ... For Modellers! ... it's supposed to be a hobby, and a hobby should be fun. If you mean will 'Big Brother' be looking over the shoulder of the Britmodeller Mods? ... No. Any site, including the IPMS Forum, has rules for it's members, a code of conduct if you prefer. If I was to place a derogetory comment about the Society, one of it's members or the EC on this or any other forum, then I'm sure the Mods of the forum would step in immediately and either close down the thread or request that I expand on that comment either via email or PM. If on the other hand I was to raise a question about the Society, as you have done, then I would expect the thread to stay open and a reasonable discussion or debate on the subject take place. There have been times when members of the Society have made a comment quite openly on other forums or in the modelling press which may be seen to bring the Society into disrepute, there are articles within the constitution of the Society which deal with situations such as this. The member would be asked to explain his / her comments to the IPMS Executive in writing, the matter would then be discussed and a decision made by the EC as to the eventual outcome. It's not the modelling Mafia or the Police, and we hope that any gripe with the Society, it's members or the EC could be handled in an adult and sympathetic manner before any mud slinging took place. The IPMS (UK) have no control over the content of the Britmodeller site, however, any IPMS member who brings the Society into disrepute, by whatever means, may be asked to resign as a member of the Society. Nick.
  12. Class C Racing Truck.

    Ayup Dave, First of all mate, I hope you get better and start to feel like sticking bits together soon. I look forward to seeing the racing truck rig, sounds interesting. When this build was first mentioned, I suggested a racing truck and was looking forward to taking part, but since then, I've changed jobs and started a couple of projects and I don't want to commit if I can't add anything to the build. However, I do have a couple of these kits and if I get the chance, I'll break open the Scania Racing Truck as there are a few bits and pieces I would like to modify or add, such as brake lines, plumbing and wiring, especially the cabin wiring behind the dash panel as in the real truck, this was visible. I hope to see you at a couple of shows Dave and just in case, I'll break out some of the old 'BP' Racing Year Books which were available for the truck racing enthusiast. Get well soon mate, Nick.
  13. Class C Racing Truck.

    Ayup Dave, I think an Actros would be a better looking tractor unit for the trailer ... Nick.
  14. Ref pics on Leyland/DAF DROPS Bedford MK and TM?

    Nige, try this site: http://www.army.mod.uk/rlc/units/150_regt/217_sqn_rlc_v_.htm ://http://www.army.mod.uk/rlc/units/15...sqn_rlc_v_.htm ://http://www.army.mod.uk/rlc/units/15...sqn_rlc_v_.htm there's also a contact. Nick.
  15. Nice one Nige, that's a tidy little truck. Nick.