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  1. We made the trip up from Montreal to Gatineau Executive Airport (just outside Ottawa) for the Wings Over Gatineau show on Saturday. The show is hosted by Vintage Wings of Canada a non profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of vintage aircraft - the show is the Canadian equivalent of Duxford's Flying Legends I guess. This year this fabulous show took place in perfect weather. On entering the show there was a lovely array of aircraft in the colours of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan - this wonderful Fleet Finch being one There were some interesting exhibits on (not so) static display including this Canadair CL-215 Water Bomber The Discovery Air "Golden Hawk" Sabre (more of her later .....) The flying display started with a couple of sedate participants, firstly the VWoC Lysander and then the VWoC Swordfish VWoc Hurricane VWoc P-40N Kittyhawk Rick Volker gave an impressive display in his Sukhoi Su-26 The "Golden Hawk" Sabre "Look no hands" Joined by the VWoc Spitfire LFXVI Spitfire LFXVI solo Yak 52T and Nanchang CJ-6 display VWoc P-51D Pitts S-2B Two thirds of the Canadian Harvard Display Team A-26 Invader The first of two T-28 Trojans and the second The VWoc F4U Corsair "Victory Flight" - Lancaster, Mustang, Kittyhawk, Spitfire LFXVI and Hurricane Lancaster solo To close the show ........... The Snowbirds Mirror pair Montreal drivers Now why is it at every airshow you get the "perfect shot" framed and just as you press the shutter some bozo comes along and gets in the shot After the show "officially" ended this CF-18 decided to gatecrash with a few missed approaches before landing My thanks to all at VWoC who worked to make this show possible and so very enjoyable. Thanks for looking and for any comments you wish to make. Ian
  2. Greg, Very nice result for your second build after returning to the hobby. Well done!! One observation, if I may, you should remove the 4 aerials sticking down from the bottom of each wing tip. They were part of the night fighter radar installation (where the aerials were above and below the wing tips) and were not fitted on the bomber variant you have modelled. Once again congrats on a very nice build. Ian
  3. Due a year in which non modelling related mishaps/disasters/crises have occurred on an alarmigly regular basis my modelling output for the year stands at a whopping 1 completed model. Without further ado I present the lovely 1/48th AlleyCat Jindivik 103b - my tribute to the 11 years I spent shooting missiles at them ....... Ian
  4. Notdoneyet

    Spitfire doors

    Tony, That bit is incorrect - it was standard from 1941 see Edgar's post in this thread. HTH, Ian
  5. I'm in with Vulcan XM597 in 4 Shrike, Black Buck 6 configuration for starters and maybe a Victor and/or Valiant too ....... Ian
  6. Tim, That would be MJ255 (VZ@S) of 412sqn flown by F.O. H.G. Garwood. The photo that you recall is in the Watermark decals instructions - see my build of MJ255 here. HTH, Ian
  7. Gmat, Nope, it is 1/72nd. HTH, Ian
  8. Bill, The bands were 24" wide and did not cover the flaps. As for their position I hope these shots of my STILL unfinished T4 help. HTH, Ian
  9. Tony, Ultracast do a superb set. HTH, Ian
  10. Bill, You are indeed correct - got my port & stbd mixed up. As there is only one chin pod on the GR1/1A anyhoo I'm sure Supertom knew what I was on about ......... My original answer has now been corrected. Cheers, Ian
  11. No, the linescan pod is the cigar shaped pod behind the nose wheel bay. The little chin pod on the starboard side is the LRMTS (Laser Rangefinder and Marked Target Seaker). HTH, Ian
  12. Den, Yup, [Punch & Judy] That's the Way to Do it! [/Punch & Judy] Ian
  13. Campbell, You're doomed!! It's a lovely little kit that build up nicely. Drop me a line if you need any help/references as I have loads from my build. Dave Collins (aka Mr DH Hornet) was immensely helpful with my build. BTW it's a Hornet F Mk.1 you are building, not a Sea Hornet. Yup, I only had a very minor amount of thinning to do on the front of the wing root recess (IIRC) to get the cockpit to fit. Cheers, Ian
  14. dr-gn, Place a strip of masking tape on the wing and use it as an alighment guide, like this :- HTH, Ian
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