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  1. This tug tractor has been present in the airfields since the beginning of the Second World War, during her long service it has been modified many times "on the field", this model represents one of the original (basic) version produced by the Clark factory easily customizable based on photographic documentation. 35 resin parts, price 22,00 eu.
  2. Thanks James.
  3. Modern tug tractor for aircraft & helicopters used extensively today in the main Raf/R.Navy air bases. Complete with photoetched, decals and precut transparent. 19,00 eu.
  4. Retool Aero 12C set with a "red shirt" ordnanceman that carries a couple of Mk82 High Drag (BSU-86B Fin)
  5. This APA is a bit complicated, as for other subjects it requires PE parts, and this is a complication for costs and production times, I will see what to do. Thanks.
  6. Set of 8 US.Navy Mk82 BSU-86B High-Drag Fin, body with tick ablative fire-retardant coating.
  7. I plan to downscale part of my production (military ground support) on 1/144, I'd like to know if there is interest in these subject, I thought about some multiple set (due to size) at reasonable cheap price, this example is the MD3 GPU, despite its size keeps all the main details.
  8. Mmm, this is strange for me i've actually a record of 99.9% of shipments all over the world, maybe it's just luck, who knows...from a nation that is considered unreliable.
  9. This time something different from my usual production, six WWII 500lb bombs with PE & decals, plus a set including the trolley now back in production. Price is 10eu for six bombs & 18eu the bundle with trolley
  10. should be new decals. New Harrier....old Esci.
  11. Tornado 1/32 confirmed new molds 2017_LR(1).pdf
  12. I've seen around a picture just like that (I really like the polished planes) but at the end I preferred to give him this partly wheatered appearance. Thanks albamac.
  13. LOL, I'm forced out of my work.........
  14. As my usual fast build oob (less than one week), great little gem of a model, I really like the whole last airfix production, top value for money imho. Decals are a mix from Model Alliance and Airfix, Houchin 25Kva are from my production.
  15. Best value for money, set of five USN figures, two previously released (with Chocks & Holdbacks) plus two Shooters and a Fly Operator, these new mold. Only 29,00eu.