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  1. Bare metal or silver doped?

    Naval aircraft were painted. Aluminium paint over the usual corrosion protection and primers. Sometimes with a clear top coat. Grant
  2. Alex, I am fortunate enough to possess one of John Aeros fuselage corrections for that weirdly mismanaged kit. Yes, that is the Pay Air Services hangar. Visiting a distant inlaw at his workshop Nov 2011. It was a stormy day with nothing flying and was given a Cook's tour.
  3. I have seen this accomplished recently on a build started long ago. Here's to yours being as successful. Grant
  4. Spot of the day!

    Singer/Sunbeam Rapier. Airfix did a 1/32 kit about 1963ish. Grant
  5. Clyde Puffer

    May I offer another alternative for picture hosting? http://www.picturetrail.com have been a solid host for my collection of postable images in my decade or so of membership. Grant
  6. Not really model related but......

    A piece of history resurrected. I think it deserves a decent stage. Grant
  7. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    That's really good update Bandsaw Steve. I love our new drill stand. 😎 How fast is that drill spinning, is the speed variable? When drilling hard timber such as dry jarrah I keep a cup of water nearby to dip the drill at intervals. Perhaps a sponge in your case? Good work there Bandii G
  8. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Nice work there Chopper. G
  9. Lovely work. I recall when the photos first came online. The pilot perished there but this will make a suitable memory to him. The battery from the last compartment was made in Australia. Grant
  10. Boat sinks

    Enthusiasm over skills. Nup. Grant
  11. Fifie fishing boat master

    Fast viking ships! That's just grand. Grant
  12. Spot of the day!

    Norton Dominator in Rivervale WA 6103 yesterday. Very tidy and clean Grant
  13. Raf type a cammo 1/48 plan view template

    I have a spitfire mask plan in lots of scales. Can send via, I don't know. Once I emailed them, do message apps carry PDFs? Is there a place they may be loaded for download? I use rubber backed curtain material. Grant
  14. Exhaust stains on aircraft

    A lot of great advice here on techniques and execution to get the look. One piece of advice I found worth taking; "When you think it needs a bit more, stop." Grant
  15. A survey about what kits do you prefer

    Voted no in the poll, but some of my favourite kits are Tamiya. Swordfish, Seiran, Beaufighter for a start. Mosquito. Then there's 1/48th and 1/32nd scales which leads to Eduard and Wingnut Wings. Phew. Grant