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  1. Norton Dominator in Rivervale WA 6103 yesterday. Very tidy and clean Grant
  2. I have a spitfire mask plan in lots of scales. Can send via, I don't know. Once I emailed them, do message apps carry PDFs? Is there a place they may be loaded for download? I use rubber backed curtain material. Grant
  3. A lot of great advice here on techniques and execution to get the look. One piece of advice I found worth taking; "When you think it needs a bit more, stop." Grant
  4. Voted no in the poll, but some of my favourite kits are Tamiya. Swordfish, Seiran, Beaufighter for a start. Mosquito. Then there's 1/48th and 1/32nd scales which leads to Eduard and Wingnut Wings. Phew. Grant
  5. Anyone heading to Pendine Sands this weekend? http://www.vhra.co.uk/VHRA/Pendine_Sands.html Grant
  6. As far as I know it is varnished W/T bonding between airframe and flying surfaces. Usually carried out at refit.m Grant
  7. Aboukir filters,there were a few. Here are some photos harvested from the new which illustrate some variants. High altitude Mk.V Side. Front On a Mk.IX Grant
  8. Well done Mate. I was there when we convinced you to cut the wing fences. It was well worth listening to your descriptions and explanations to arrive at such a fine conclusion. May I add AE2 is a most worthy project, just don't use a signed historic cricket bat as the basis. Grant
  9. I recall the built model to be so light. Bird like. Tidy work there. Grant
  10. Whatever the name or tone, British built Beaufighters retained that shade for a long time in the north of Australia and near Pacific region as is worked well in the low altitude role. Light in the surface haze. Grant
  11. Good question. A modelling group which I once belonged to had as a group build "the same aircraft in the same markings". Twelve entered, seven completed and three of the others bought along their unfinished models. Every model looked similar but different despite their specified colours and markings. Differences were colour and contrast mainly. Soft and hard edges, weathered or pristine. Educational. I generally model the wingman. Famous photo of a fighter of note with support flight. No one questions the less famous. Grant
  12. Thanks for all your help on the weekend Reconciler. (Snip> Vanroon
  13. Best kit, Tamiya Beaufighter. Möbius Chrysler 300, Worst kits, phew. Your criteria has struck a chord with me. I'm old, 67 and have just moved house, dragging a mega stash with me. Club challenge for a display at our local 'do' led me to start an older(est) kit. "It'll be fun building a classic." they said. It wasn't yet they're nearly finished. However I'm selling all of my stash that's older than your fifteen years and not an irreplaceable classic like the near perfect Protar 1/8 Moto Guzzi V7. Grant
  14. Can only recommend you find and use a decent primer. My main primer is a pressure pack Mr. Surfacer 1000 which is white. Their bottle primers are great too, 500 is grey and 1500 black. Tamiya has a very nice white primer to which fillers adhere well. Please note the nature of these primers allows for both enamel and waterborne paints. While cost is a big hit, quality is the product when used well. Happy modelling on your first project. 👍🏽 Grant
  15. I had to peel the beige vinyl roof off my Chrysler Centura 4.0l when rusty water stared leaking out the stitching. They hadn't painted the roof at all. Orbital sander, red ox zinc chromate and two coats of exterior acrylic texture with a roller. 😎 As to the poll. Chrysler E39 Charger (Bathurst) MG TC Toyota 2000GT