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  1. Mig-25RB Foxbat 1:48

    Thanks so much, Gabor.
  2. Mig-25RB Foxbat 1:48

    So, if someone buys this RB box finds a new nose useful for correcting the previous RBT kit too, am I right? Too late for me, I've already bought the great RBT set by CWS... Ciao. Davide
  3. Wow, what a great job! Mk.21 is my favorite Spitfire. Ciao. Davide
  4. 1\48 AFV F-5F Sundowners

    Hi Enrico. I'm very interested about this wip, loving the Sundowners Tiger. Have a great job.
  5. Really a lovely great job...!!! Ciao. Davide
  6. F-15 C 493 FS RAF Lakenheath

    This wooden base is simply wonderful, Massimo, it looks fantastic whit your beautiful Eagle on... Ciao. Davide
  7. Macchi M.5. Fly 1/48

    Yes, I like it a lot, Jamie, you are doing a good job. This Macchi was a great flying machine. It was able to compete with the wheeled fighters. Ciao. Davide
  8. F-15 C 493 FS RAF Lakenheath

    Well done, Massimo. Ciao. Davide
  9. It was a beautiful plane and you did a great job, Russ, I like it too much! Ciao. Davide
  10. F-15 C 493 FS RAF Lakenheath

    Gently ask the pilot to do the job for you... (Obviously I'm joking but... smile, it's yet free...) I'm sad for you, Massimo, will you remove the canopy? Ciao. Davide
  11. F-15 C 493 FS RAF Lakenheath

    OH MY... don't fear, it's time to carefully use a toothpick ! Ciao. Davide
  12. F-15 C 493 FS RAF Lakenheath

    Great painting job Massimo, I really love your beautiful Eagle. Ciao. Davide
  13. My name is Massimo

    Hello and welcome to BM, Massimo. Ciao. Davide
  14. Airfix 1/48 Sea Vixen FAW2

    Thanks a lot.