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  1. Really a great job, amazing! Bulgarians airplanes are too rarely seen but IMHO are beautiful and often very coloured. Ciao. Davide
  2. Very interesting work in progress, expecially about how the Wingman resins fit the nice Amk kit. Ciao. Davide
  3. Thanks for the quicky answer.
  4. Wow, amazing job! May I ask what colour did you use for the RLM81 on the D9? It looks like the old and beloved Aeromaster... Ciao. Davide
  5. Kinetic catalogue 2018 - online

    Following your words I'm now dreaming about M.346 Master and Cheetah, two beautiful aircraft. Ciao. Davide
  6. Hawker Typhoon Car Door

    On page 90 it seems to see a sort of gasket on the top of the window glass... IMHO. Am I right? Ciao. Davide
  7. Airfix 1/72 F-86 Sabre (Italian)

    You are right, the Italian Sabres were in fact Canadair CL.13A ex RAF with British camouflage and black coloured cockpit. Ciao. Davide
  8. Hawker Typhoon Car Door

    Hi Peter. On "Camouflage & Markings" number 4 "RAF Northern Europe 1936-45. Hawker Tornado, Typhoon & Tempest" page 90 there's a picture of Typhoon IB EK288 named "FIJI VI" with the right window "half the way". If you are not able to find this book PM me (I think it's not possible to show the picture here). Ciao. Davide
  9. IDF M579 Macha"G Fitter

    Really a great job! It looks very realistic. I'd never seen this tank and it's amazing and full of colours. Ciao. Davide
  10. Airfix 1/72 F-86 Sabre (Italian)

    Hi Cam, really a good job! Just one note, Italian Sabres never carried any bombs, IIRC. Ciao. Davide
  11. I bought mine in Italy last week for 59,05€ along with AMK L-29 Delfin in Eduard box for 40,75€. Prices not so cheeper but always two lovely kits. Thanks AMK! Ciao. Davide
  12. External differences fw190 a7/8

    IIRC a visible difference is in the pitot tube that was moved close to the wingtip.
  13. - MIG 25 RBF - 1/48

    Wow, a coloured Foxbat... beautiful, much more than the grey one to my eyes. Great job, I'll wait for the next step. So RBF had the late style airbrake and the lips on the air intakes, interesting news for me, I'm not an expert around Foxbats, thanks. Ciao. Davide
  14. Tamiya Steyr 1500 1/48

    Thanks for sharing... It's a great diorama, the Steyr is beautiful and the snow effect is simply incredible, too realistic! Really a wonderful job!!
  15. You did a really great job, Jean, as usual! Ciao. Davide