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  1. The green showing through the desert yellow works really well.
  2. Was this a Google translate too?
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. The missus has decided we will be getting a glass fronted cupboard for them. I know it is not perfect as it will let dust etc in, but if 'er in doors is happy, I'm happy.
  4. Tamiya SAS Jeep 1:35, my first build since I was a kid. Most of the Jeep is done, just got the figures and stuff like the kit bags to finish. I'll post pics for critique when finished, as I'm keen to learn from the awesome builders on here. I have their Universal Carrier sitting under the bench to go next. Great build by the way, I'll be interested to see your dash, mine is rubbish, each clock is a black outline and a blob of off white in the middle Ian..
  5. Hi Steve, I hate to be critical when your jeep is 100% better than the one I'm doing at the moment, but is your steering column upside down? The bracket half way up, seems to be floating rather than stuck to the bottom of the dashboard, I'm asking because I had mine fitted the same way as you then pulled it out and it seemed better the other way round. Ian..
  6. I'm just about to do a desert diorama for my 1:35 SAS Jeep. I was thinking something like a fine sandpit sand, but will check out the pet shops Ian..
  7. Thanks Ian, Some great ideas there, some of his other videos ave given me some ideas too
  8. Did British jerry cans use the same white cross identification?
  9. I thought about fuse wire, but wasn't even sure if you could still buy it. I'll have to experiment with thread, but howe do you make it look metallic?
  10. I seem to be forever asking questions, but it is your own fault, your all too helpful. I want to make a diorama with a barbed wire fence. Any tips on what type of wire to use please? Thanks Ian..
  11. My local model shop had an Academy U.S Machine Gun Set, which included .50 & .30 cal ammo belts. So I'm one happy modeler, but thanks for the helatest. Ian..
  12. I'm no expert, but from what I have read one of their first jobs after forming was to "acquire" kit so I suspect nothing would match. I think I will add some generic text to the boxes to give an essence of what was used.
  13. Thanks Dads, VERY nice Sherman by the way
  14. Related question, please. What would you expect to see written on the outside of the .50 cal ammo box in the back of my SAS Jeep in North Africa? Thanks. PS. If this Jeep turns out anything like what the real thing looked like it will be down to this forum.
  15. Thanks Guys, I think I will need to have a go at the Live Resin belts, but can I justify getting the spent cases & links I did think the detail on the Tamiya weapons was a little poor but probably good enough for my skills. First build since I was a kid, nearly complete so will post pics once its done. Thanks again for all the help. Ian..