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  1. Hi Bonsai, It's great to see you using your own printer, what size are the pieces you are printing? they look quite large, I was considering trying to print accessories for say 1/35 scale so fine detail would be important.
  2. When I posed the question about 3D printers I worried I was asking a stupid question, bit it seems to have sparked quite a discussion. Quality and price are big factors, but the main issue as I see it is the ability to use the CAD software to make new designs. If these printers do become mainstream they may help combat waste, how many thingamajigs are thrown out because the little plastic clipy thing has fallen off? Just make a new one.
  3. Water would be your enemy. If the tea, coffee grounds etc were dry when used and importantly kept dry after use they should not significantly degrade. After all lichen has been used in models for years, as is wood, both organic, both rot if wet but are stable when dry.
  4. Cheers Pin I don't have have a printer Yet Don't tell the missus. Ian..
  5. Thanks for the link Bootneck, will definitely watch when I get time. And have a go no doubt
  6. Thanks Graham, I suspected quality might be an issue with cheaper machines, like most things quality costs. Thanks Pin, I like the look of the FlashForge, but that might be because they photo'ed it next to a T-Rex Have you ever submitted a design to a 3D print shop? If so how did you do your design & were you happy with the results? Ian..
  7. Thanks Wayne, I was more wondering if any modelers have their own 3D printer rather than buying 3D printed parts off the internet. As some printers are now priced in the low hundreds they are well within the range of the amateur. Ian..
  8. Has anyone used a 3D printer to produce accessories? I could imagine they would be perfect for producing little bits and bobs such as jerry cans, ammo boxes etc. My main concern before forking out on a printer would be getting hold of designs. Any thoughts? Ian..
  9. That looks great Chris, shows your work off so well.
  10. Thanks Guys, Looks like it is a mount for a shovel / pick but with the added mount for a fuel can presumably this was not used on these SAS Jeeps. Ian..
  11. My first attempt at posting a pic so hope it woks My first build in about 40 years is a Tamiya SAS Jeep, my question is what is the molding on the side of the jeep meant to be? Thanks Ian..
  12. If you are happy with your results, that is what is important. Gloss would make it shiny presumably so it would depend on the rest of the dio and what would look best. Ian..
  13. Sounds like a good idea
  14. Thanks Badder, I like the glass cabinet idea, but probably more than the missus will I looked at perspex boxes but they are quite expenaive and more for single models rather than dios. Ian..
  15. I'm coming back to modeling after a 40 year absence but as a kid I would jut keep my models & dioramas on a shelf in my bedroom, but no surprise they got broken & dusty. How do I keep my scenes pristine, but preferably visible? Apologies if this is covered somewhere but I have had a look and found nothing. Thanks Ian..