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  1. Well, that's the point of the whole vegetation I will add some close shots later
  2. Done, work in progress here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235023718-usmc-sniper-team-vietnam-135/&page=4&tab=comments#comment-2845164
  3. USMC Sniper team, Vietnam 1/35

    Thank you for the kind words! It was real fun making this dio Regards,
  4. USMC Sniper team, Vietnam 1/35

    Finished I didn't add rifle sling to the spotter's M14, because I've seen photos, in which soldiers are carrying rifles without slings. Cheers!
  5. USMC Sniper team, Vietnam 1/35

    I found that the foil is very flexible and strong, and will not break easily. Patience, steady hand and with some cursing, of course
  6. USMC Sniper team, Vietnam 1/35

    The PE straps were fragile, so I've used the buckles from the set and made the straps from foil. The helmet straps I did that way, to not hinder the aiming of the sniper Venelin
  7. Excellent figure, no seam lines or bubbles, I can't wait to try paint the splinter camo with tropical trousers
  8. An excellent figure from Alpine miniatures, one of the newest offerings. Superb detail and casting, represents a NCO from 1st parachute division in Italy with tropical uniform-tropical pants and jump smock, either in Fieldgrau or Splittermuster/Splinter camo. I want to try the latter. Also choice from two type heads with helmets-standard and with cover. Venelin
  9. USMC Sniper team, Vietnam 1/35

    Just received the Voyager PE set for rifle straps and buckles, it looks very nice. You have three frets with enough slings for several figures, also bayonets and different buckles. What I like most are the helmet straps, two per fret, which means 6 overall. Straps are textured, but if you want smooth ones, they can easily be made from foil and use the buckles from the set
  10. USMC Sniper team, Vietnam 1/35

    Thank you, glad you like it! PE vegetation is very good, because you can bend it however you like, without damaging (if you not apply much force, of course). Although I really like JS work's tall grass, it's very effective and well painted. Cheers!
  11. USMC Sniper team, Vietnam 1/35

    Thanks! I'm waiting for the rifle slings to arrive, then the dio will be complete. Cheers!
  12. USMC Sniper team, Vietnam 1/35

    Thanks! Close shots without the helmet
  13. USMC Sniper team, Vietnam 1/35

    Facial camo done I recommend using oils for this, in my case Olive green and Field grey
  14. USMC Sniper team, Vietnam 1/35

    That's cool, thanks!