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  1. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    The interior of the model will be visible only through windows and open doors (main and side cargo). I do not plan any additional holes in the hull to show the interior. All details will remain visible in the pictures. I build just for fun, so it does not matter for me if it will all be seen later or not. The crew rest area will certainly not be visible, because the windows are too small.
  2. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    Thanks Crew rest seats:
  3. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    Thanks How to Build a Doll House, pt. II - toilet & kitchen
  4. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    With a little help from my friends...
  5. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    Thanks Some small parts at last:
  6. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    I'm still fighting I've managed to sort out the interior of the hold - you can see not much progress, but it took a lot of work and time. After every minor puttying, patching, etc., I had to put the model to dry. I had a lot of free time to do "in the meantime" this panzer-sweetheart: Cargo hold still requires a small additions, but I can actually start designing PE parts. So far it looks like this:
  7. T-90 Meng, 1:35

    T-90 1/35, Meng with Masterclub tracks
  8. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    Thanks I made a few holes...
  9. ISU-152 Tamiya 1/35

    ISU-152 1/35, Tamiya with Friulmodel tracks. I made it because i've wanted a bit of rest from constructing of B-747-400F 1/72
  10. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    I don't have much free time, so work goes very slowly. Primer used is Mr. Surfacer 1000.
  11. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    I am going to build a complete cargo hold
  12. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    I'm glad you like it
  13. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    Thanks Work in progress...
  14. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

  15. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    I'm going to skin the whole fuselage first, polish it and then cut the panels. Not yet. I really like the JAL Cargo Silver Bullet (JA401J), but I do not know if I can get a perfectly smooth surface so that the mirror painting looks as original. That is why I still consider whether to do Korean Air painting, Singapore Airlines, All Nippon, Cargolux and many others. The wing center-section will have metal components for attaching wings. In addition, the spars will either be entirely metal or at least reinforced with metal parts. Otherwise the wings will bend down under their own weight. Under the wings I want to hang the fully reconstructed engines, extend trailing and leading edge flaps, so they will certainly be heavy. I have to significantly strengthen the fuselage at the place the landing gear is attached - it also became very heavy and something could snap.