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  1. I am going to build a complete cargo hold
  2. I'm glad you like it
  3. Thanks Work in progress...
  4. Patchwork:
  5. I'm going to skin the whole fuselage first, polish it and then cut the panels. Not yet. I really like the JAL Cargo Silver Bullet (JA401J), but I do not know if I can get a perfectly smooth surface so that the mirror painting looks as original. That is why I still consider whether to do Korean Air painting, Singapore Airlines, All Nippon, Cargolux and many others. The wing center-section will have metal components for attaching wings. In addition, the spars will either be entirely metal or at least reinforced with metal parts. Otherwise the wings will bend down under their own weight. Under the wings I want to hang the fully reconstructed engines, extend trailing and leading edge flaps, so they will certainly be heavy. I have to significantly strengthen the fuselage at the place the landing gear is attached - it also became very heavy and something could snap.
  6. Work in progress...
  7. I will cut out the windows, but luckily there are not many of them - this is the cargo version.
  8. I'm glad you like it. The work is slowly going forward. As the skin I'm going to use HIPS 0.5mm. This is a very soft material, so I do a lot of the frames with additional stiffeners. Otherwise, the body would be too limp and could easily be damaged during further work.
  9. A few parts more ...
  10. ZiL-131 timber truck, ICM 1/35
  11. I'm glad you appreciate my model. The construction started in December 2013, when the Amodel kit was not yet available. I'm building the new one:
  12. I'm working with a Revell kit with additional Heller 1/125. I fixed nose based on the photos, but I need to check one more time the tail around the APU - it seems to be okay, but I prefer to make sure. The conversion of AIM kit would be simpler, but I like to build from scratch.
  13. Hello All, I'm going to build a big one
  14. Thank you for such a warm welcome. I worked on this model for three years, and I am very pleased that it received such high marks from you. My model shows the plane in non-flying condition. I tried to recreate its appearance as it is seen on an exhibit at the White Eagle Museum, where it stood for many years (and still standing). As for displaying it, I'm building a display case with mirror on the floor. I don't have time and resources to build a complicated diorama, besides I already started a new project that absorbed me completely. Model is covered with aluminum sheets from beer cans. Rivets were made before placing metal sheet on the model: Kind regards, Ernest
  15. Hi everyone! My name is Ernest and it’s my first post here. I’d like to show you my latest 1:72 model – Ilyushin IL-14 from White Eagle Museum (Skarzysko-Kamienna, Poland). This is a scratchbuild model, but fuselage was converted from Plasticart’s Mercure 1:100. More pics you can see here: It’s polish forum, but there is a lot of photos showing the construction progress from start to end.