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  1. I'd like to apologize for not being able to take part in this GB like I said I was going to, unfortunately a family bereavement has prevented me from being able to get my build for this one off the starting line. I will be back at the bench soon I am sure and this one will get done at some point, just not in time for it to be a part of things here.
  2. I will be along for a build in this, I have a Hasegawa block 60 that I have been meaning to start for a while, is as good an excuse as I will get!
  3. I'm not sure to be honest, I think someone else may be better placed to advise on that. I did have a few issues with the fit on my kit, but other than that I thought it was actually ok. I did indeed mask over the decals, but I didn't use masking tape to do so, made my own paper templates using scans of the box art on the underside on the box which you can see in my original post, these were then resized to suit, printed and "stuck" to the model by painting the reverse of each piece in a thin coat of Maskol. I then just used maskol on the more complex bits. I think this image should explain more clearly than I have managed: I actually noticed this in the catalogue last time I was browsing and am planning to order some next time my supplier is making up a mig order, I am a recent convert to Mig so I only have a few bits from their range but I am building it up slowly Here's a couple of shots from when I finished her, I never did put her in the RFI section as I always intended to give her a bit of a wash but never got round to it.
  4. Apologies for not getting back to you, I haven't been around much through the summer, lost the mojo a fair bit due to a stalled SR-71 build. I did complete the Jaguar with the white camo, I represented it more like it looks on the box art rather than they did in reality. I can pop a couple photos up if you would like, made my own paper templates for the camo pattern using the box art as a guide.
  5. Ok so the Huey GB is done, I have had a night off so I will start on this one tonight, hopefully have some images to post up tomorrow!
  6. Well I enjoyed my build, I would have done a UH-1 but that was what I built for the last Helo GB so I plumbed for a Cobra instead. I have to say I do really enjoy taking part in GB's, it's a side of the hobby I never really thought much about until I took part in my first but now I tend to find myself planning my builds around them rather than anything else! I really enjoy seeing other peoples builds progress and see how they handle issues, and who doesn't enjoy watching one of Nigey's builds progress!
  7. AZ Models 1/72 A1-HG "Murder Inc." RES-IM Turret replacement and Etch set Tamyia Acrylics Build Thread
  8. Here she is, all done and dusted: And a group shot with a couple of fellow Hueys:
  9. Hi guys, I wanted to have finished this by now but my parents arrived for a visit. Luckily there isn't much left to do and today's the last day of the visit so I should be able to get her finished tomorrow evening! Cheers Mark
  10. Thanks for the confirmation Knight, its always good when others can confirm things from alternate sources. I look forward to seeing your AZ kit completed
  11. The decals have conformed nicely, good old decal fix, just have to be very careful when using on top of Tamiya acrylics, make sure there's plenty of coats of Klear on prior to decals and use the decal fix sparingly. Just popped a couple more coats of klear on just there and am waiting for that to dry before I attempt the clear parts
  12. So here's a little pic of where she sits. All decals done, they're getting sealed in tonight with a coat of gloss prior to a subtle wash. I will also be sorting the clear parts out tonight as the canopy still need painted etc, once that's done and the wash it dry I will add the armament and last few detailing, paint the black on the nose as I have just noticed I haven't done it yet then give her a coat of matt to flatten everything down!
  13. Well the paint on the fuselage is finished and I'm just waiting to ensure the gloss is fully cured before decals go on tomorrow. I've built up the etch for the tail rotor assembly.... What a pain in the backside that was! I will post a photo update tomorrow as my phones flat at the mo.
  14. I did give it a go with the black base Stew but I thought the Olive Drab was coming out really dark (I did have it fairly thin to go through the airbrush) and that it was going to take a while to build up the paint sufficiently to get the right shade so I ended up just giving it a quick blast of my Tamiya extra fine primer in white and reverted to traditional pre-shading. I haven't given up on the technique though and will certainly be giving it another go in the future. Cheers Mark
  15. Quick update on the Cobra, managed to get some time at the bench again this weekend so I detailed the main rotor up as can be seen below, I have also added the etch to this and it awaits primer tonight, I still have to attempt putting together all the little etch parts for the tail rotor though! Also managed to get some paint down, here's a shot just after the penultimate coat of Olive drab. I have since finished the main colour and painted the tail fins the required Dayglo orange! Hurah for Dayglo, I do love it a bit.