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  1. Unfortunately it seems I am not going to get this one over the line in time. I was still hopeful of getting this completed on schedule when I picked it back up a week or so ago, however the hospitalization of a relative has meant that I just haven't managed to get the time at the bench over the last week or so that I needed. I will continue to update the thread for those that are interested as it will be completed and apologies for not getting this one over the line on time! In the mean time, here's a picture of some filler curing just to bore you all to death Cheers Mark
  2. Haven't posted in RFI for a while so I thought i'd pop in with my Academy 1/72 Mig-27 Flogger D It's a fairly basic kit and not the most accurate as I understand it but it was still enjoyable to build regardless and thats all that matters really, as long as it was fun to do and I'm happy to sit it on my shelf that no one ever looks at what more can I want! She was mostly built out of the box with the addition of a couple of resin OFAB-100's, a couple of resin UB-16 launchers and some minor scratch improvements to the seat/wheel wells, seatbelts out the spares box. Painted mostly with Vallejo paints. Build thread is here for those that like to read them: Photos:
  3. Thanks to those that followed along, I know my builds tend to be quite boring and drawn out! Heres the final photos:
  4. Academy 1/72 Mig-27 Flogger D Here is my completed MIG-27, it's a fairly basic kit and she was mostly built out of the box with the addition of a couple of resin OFAB-100's, a couple of resin UB-16 launchers and some scratch improvements to the seat/wheel wells, seatbelts out the spares box. Painted mostly with Vallejo paints. Build thread is here for those that like to read them: So here she is:
  5. Well she's done, I will get the photo's uploaded when I get home from work. Pity I didn't get her done sooner, I wanted to enter a 2nd build but as usual life gets in the way of what we want to do. I know its a poor kit of the subject but I enjoyed building it and that's all the matters to me.
  6. Well it's been a while since my last update but the good news is I haven't been slacking. She's nearlyready for her final reveal but in the mean time here's a couple more pics, this time of some weapons. I decided to use the kit UB-32 launchers (think thats what they're meant to be anyway!) so to trin and make them a little more presentable I drilled out the back end of the launcher and used a couple of spare decals from my UB-16s I have also used what few decals the kit came with too on the rest of her, and started the weathering process, nothing too heavy, although I do want to dirty up around the flare dispensers a little more and take the shine off the external fuel tank, then its just install the clear parts (including the retractable taxi lights which I still have'nt put in) and I think she will be about done.
  7. With this kit once the seat was out the way it is pretty easy to get weight down into the nose, I usually use a lead substitute. I get it in sheets that are usually sold for aquarium plant weights which are easy to cut up and then I usually melt it down into a single lump that I beat into shape with a small hammer and slide into the nose. Liquid Gravity is pretty good stuff too by Deluxe Materials, its loads of tiny shot, tip them into the corner of a small thin poly bag and slot that into place. In the past when I have forgotten to load up a nose I have drilled a hole in the vertical wall of a front wheel well and slid small rods/slithers I have made from the lead substitute in through the hole whilst the plane is clamped nose down to let gravity pull them as far down the nose as they can go, I then put a couple of drops of glue through the hole and left overnight and filled the drill hole the next day and painted but it was quite risky, and there was the risk of the glue or the weight reacting with the plastic and ruining the model and this still may happen over time but in the mean time it worked and was less drastic than cutting the nose off and reattaching, filling and painting. Speaking of the lead substitute sheet I actually used the lead substitute to make the back cushion for the newly detailed seat, the seatbelts are PE from the spares box and the ejection pull loop is bent styrene rod. I also added a back to the seat using acetate sheet, and then fettled a bulkhead for the rear of the cockpit from styrene/plasticard sheet. I have also since this pic was taken made rails on the back of the seat that will be used to attach the seat to the new bulkhead.
  8. So much for keeping things nice and simple. As I had almost finished the paint I removed the masking tape and blue tack covering the cockpit and it really struck me how poor the cockpit was looking (there isn't even a control stick) and the seat especially was annoying me, it looked pretty bad and also seems to sit too far forward leaving quite a big gap between the back of the seat and where the none existant bulkhead should be. Heres the seat as it was when it originally went in: And here's an image to illustrate the big gaping hole behind it: So out comes the scalpel and after much poking about I finally managed to get the seat back out which actually involved the front wheel well coming out too but anyway time to see what I can do about this seat and while I am at it I will pop some weight into the nose and fix the missing rear bulkhead. Oh and whilst I am posting heres what the sharpened up camo looks like and the underside, needs a couple of touch ups still but I am happier with it.
  9. Does anyone know if the 27 was ever actually equipped with R-60/AA-8 aphid? I see on the specs for the missile that the Mig-27 is listed as a platform for the weapon, but I can't seem to find any references that show them equipped and I wonder if this was only fitted to the later 27s such as the Indian aircraft rather than the FloggerD this kit is supposed to represent?
  10. Hi Peter, I have managed to sharpen it up, I used a new technique to me but it worked very well. I basically took a sheet of clear acetate, placed it over the lighter paint area, drew the shape of the line, cut it out and used like I would use a set of artist curves when airbrushing flames etc. I have probably explained it poorly but it seems to have worked. Certainly looks better than it did anyway. I have almost finished spraying the underside the blue/grey colour. Just need to get the resin pylons painted and attached too! Cheers Mark
  11. Wingtips and intakes are in place, tail section constructed and ready to fit!
  12. I've not forgot about this build, been having a few issues with my AS186 compressor overheating, its one of the earlier ones without the fans built in they now come with but anyway it has limited my ability to get paint down. I have almost finished the topside camo, there's still a few bits I need to touch up but also i think the paint is looking too feathered if you now what I mean and I think the demarkation between the colours is not sharp enough. Any way here's a photo of the MIG as it stands at the moment, what do you think?
  13. Looks good so far, resin extras are always fun, well apart from the dust. Look forward to seeing it progress!
  14. Hi Andre, They can easily be fitted at the end as they are fitted from inside the intakes Cheers! Mark
  15. Ok so I have decided on my Camo scheme, I think I have the paint so I should hopefully get a start on that tonight. I have also ordered some lovely resin R-60's as the kit has some strange sidewinder ish looking missiles and I also ordered some resin OFAB-100's as there's nothing to mount on the rear fuselage pylons from what I can see. Plus the spares will come in handy one of my future MiG builds too.
  16. Been a few days since my last update on this one! That sneaky Vampire build keeps jumping in front of me! Well here she is at the moment, pre-shaded and ready for paint. Now all I have to do is select the scheme! haha
  17. Quick update on this one, fuselage is shut, wings are on. Just need to fit the wingtips and intakes then I can start on the tail booms!
  18. Well I have been patiently working with the etch over the last few days in between other things, the cockpits pretty much done now. just need to close up the fuselage and move one with the build.
  19. I got a bit sidetracked by my Vampire build, but I spent some time on the MiG yesterday. The intakes are looking ok to my eye, I put primer on to see what they looked like in paint and I don't think they too bad at all considering the size of the step that was there. I left her belly up with the primer drying on the underside last night, which meant I spent a lot of time looking at those dodgy wheel wells. I may throw in some cabling or something to try and add a bit of interest, depends if I can find any reference images or not.
  20. I have made a slow start on this build as I am still working on my MiG27 for another, but my time on this has mostly been spent working the etch set for the cockpit details. A couple of quick shots of what I have been doing:
  21. Its taken around half a dozen fairly decent coats on the smaller gap and an additional 2 or 3 on the large gap. I did look at using sheet styrene but I was still going to need to blend with filler to keep the slight curve to the top of the intake and I had thought about using Mr surfacer on a previous build but never had the time to correct it if it went wrong though so I thought I would give it a go on this one to see how it would fair as time isn't going to be an issue. My thought was with it being self levelling its fairly easy just to bush on a thick coat and let it dry, repeat as required and it should be easy to blend to as you can begin the blending process whilst painting it on and it obviously leaves a nice surface finish to work with, seems to be working so far, Ive spent tonight working with the etch for my Vampire cockpit but I should be back on this one tomorrow.
  22. I have put a few coats of Mr Surfacer on now, should only need a couple more and I will be somewhere near ready to continue with the build, no point taking any photos of this process as they'd all just look like the one above lol. In the mean time I am making a start on my Mexican Vampire build for the Made In Britain GB, but rest assured I will be back on this once I have built up the top of the intake sufficiently
  23. For this build I will be offering the 1/72 Revell boxing of this lovely looking Vampire F MK3 kit. I will be building her as a Mexican offering from the Aztec decals sheet. I also have a small fret of etch for the kit although god knows why at this scale! Sprue and box shot: Decal sheet and etch:
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