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  1. Working Lift Bridge Diorama

    That is really looking the business now. Is the progress really this fast or have you built it already & are feeding us the updates? Can’t believe how fast it’s coming together
  2. Building a HAS

    F-4 getting her paint job. Haven’t got enough paint to finisher her off this week, but SEA camo starting
  3. Building a HAS

    My aircraft WIP started off with a couple of 1/48 RAF Phantoms I was building, but somewhere along the way I started putting together a background to photograph them with. This turned in to a hair-brained scheme to build a Hardened Aircraft Shelter (HAS). I live near Wattisham and have taken some photos while passing of the site, and using google maps I got started on some plans. A full size hanger in 1/48 would just be too big, so a single aircraft HAS seemed do-able. So this is what I was aiming for: Most of the build so far is on my other thread, so I won't repeat it all here. Suffice to say it got rolling with a bit of rolled up cardboard: The main structure is about 76cm x 45cm. But then add the apron in front, doors, vent at the back, annex, etc, etc. Its got pretty big.
  4. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Always like watching this and @RichO and thinking that kits are just the easy way out. Loving the work Steve & getting itchy fingers to scratch something again soonish
  5. Building a HAS

    Something of the Wattisham F-4 dump when you break down the phantom for painting. Quick grey primer coat & some light pre-shading. Should have posed her beside the HAS as being striped for parts!
  6. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    She not from a kit - whole build is from scratch as there is no 1/48 Dominie kit out there. All built from plasticard and car body filler
  7. Building a HAS

    I never included a close up of the new F-111 doors. I cut them to size and fitted the internal structure, external and internal door release handles and pneumatic struts. You still can’t see much n the close up though - but the filling around the new front section looks at but dodgy! Please remember this s a home made crash mounded canopy, not a made to measure kit or after market one.
  8. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    Remember doing all of that with my Dominie. At least I was doing 1/48 - 1/72 must be fiddly. Good effort there
  9. Spooks at the double

    Each one probably has more parts than the 1/48 ERTL one I am building at the moment. F-4D though rather than these rather nice looking FGR2s
  10. BAe.Hawk in 1/32

    How about wire from a telephone or data lead? Thinner than solder. I have been using an old telephone extension lad for years
  11. Building a HAS

    Always surprised how big the F-4 is compared to the other US big birds Getting towards paint now and need to settle on a paint scheme and base. The decals include these options And then I found this pic to back it up I like the way that the red tail top doesn’t go straight across (as per decal sheet pic) but misses out the top of the rudder. So Lakenheath it is I guess.
  12. Big As MAZ

    Nope Rich - looks quite tidy
  13. Building a HAS

    Was considering back dating an RF-4E but I think a resin nose on a F-4 is probably the cheapest way. Or just do a German RF-4E. Would love to do a herc in 1/48 one day, but would be a Lyneham one first
  14. Building a HAS

    What to choose from? RF-4C would be nice but not any easy kit to get / make. Aggressor F-5 is an option, or a TR-1. Any other late 70s / early 80s suggestions?
  15. Building a HAS

    Most time spent fillering and sanding - bit of P38 first then some liquid green stuff until the body and intakes seem fairly sorted. The wings are just taped on now, and the undercarriage is very roughly blu-taced in place to check stuff, but she is looking the part. The cockpit with it cheap bezel enhancement cement looks passable. Not high quality but budget quality. Seats are just placed in & not finished yet.
  16. Airfix Nimrod MR.1

    Used that approach with my Dominie - painted with humbrol rattle cans
  17. Airfix Nimrod MR.1

    I work on the theory now that you spray the first colour (in your case white) and let it dry. Tape on top for the grey and then dust over some white first. The white may bleed up into the existing white but won’t show, sealing up any potential bleeds. Then put the grey over it. Let it dry & tape off. It’s worked quite well for me so far
  18. Italeri b52

    Had a visitor at Mildenhall this week
  19. Airfix Nimrod MR.1

    Like seeing a Nimrod in build, the grey & white just look to me the way it should be. Can’t beleive that no one has every done a vac form 1/48 Comet or Nimrod. Would be a beast of a kit. Keep up the good work on your build
  20. Building a HAS

    Got some work done on the F-4 tonight. I like the ERTL / ESCI F-4. It’s big & chunky with nice recessed panel lines. Bit basic around the intakes, exhausts and cockpit. So so I cut out the area behind the engine exhausts but will keep the kit exhaust parts. Behind them will be two felt tip pen lids giving some depth. some idea of the depth this will give can be seen below. I have used various pen lids on various builds & I think they look the part The cockpit is together now but only decals for instruments. So a couple of raised instrument bezels by cutting fine rings from different plastic tubes. A nice resin cockpit would be nice, but cost more than the it did. Last bit for now. Wanted something to see down the intakes. So my less than great solution is a print out of a photo looking down the intakes of an F-4. These are pasted on to the flat back to the intake inside. Better than nothing I suppose And with the hat done the man body is now closed up. Next step is a bit of filling, fit the wings & intakes and to not far off paint.
  21. Building a HAS

    @Kirk this is a direct comparison of a F-15A vs an FB-111A (longer wing version of the F-111). Not a lot in it.
  22. Building a HAS

    Been playing with photo effects - fish eye, tilt shift etc. Don’t know if they improve things or not
  23. HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Slightly larger diameter tube section on the end of the rod so that we can see the opening? Lot easier than drilling it out.
  24. Building a HAS

    Cheers Kirk I always thought the HASes were really built for F-111 or TSR2 sized jets, not F-4s and Tonkas. She looks quite at home in there. The Vark is quite a bit longer than the F-15, but the Eagle is a surprisingly big bird. I’ll do a pic of them together at some point. Next one is already started - F-4D USAF in matching SEA camo to the F-111. Something like this
  25. Building a HAS

    So set up the HAS briefly today to see how the Vark looks. Think the answer is quite at home!