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  1. Hughes UH-1D

    Hi Whiskey, many thanks for clearing that up. k5054nz, what a gaff to make on my part, of course it was Bell and not Hughes. I will put this down to tiredness causing confusion with the Huey tag. Here's another conundrum, at the time of the battle at LZ X ray in the Ia Drang Valley, did the Hueys involved have the M60s on bungees or on the fixed mount? Robert Mason indicates in Chickenhawk that the mounts were fitted prior to the Ia Drang Valley, however other sources indicate that bungees were employed. Anyone any ideas? Regards, Andy
  2. Hughes UH-1D

    ZHi, as a departure from doing Royal Air Force stuff I am building the Kitty Hawk UH-1D. I am building this excellent kit as a B Company helicopter of the 229 AHB, one specifically flown by Robert Mason, author of Chickenhawk. The book covers his tour of duty as a Huey pilot during 1965 - highly recommend book if you are into the Vietnam War period. I need help with the three digit number on the nose. I know the number (879), but is it yellow or is it white? I am able to do either as I have purchased both the stencils and unit markings from Werner's Wings. I think I am correct in saying that the digits on the tail boom are in black. If anyone can confirm this I would appreciate it. Kind regards Andy
  3. Tornado Undercarriage Bays by Aries 1/48

    Metroman, thanks for your reply. I think I will abandon using the Aries parts and chance my arm using the kit parts. I will defer judgement on using Eduard's etched parts. Like you say there is little to see when completed. Andy
  4. Hi, I have delved into my stash of models and pulled out a Revell Tornado GR4 which I bought some time ago. I have the Aries resin wheel bays for this kit and they are certainly an improvement on the kit ones. However the issue I have is that I cannot seem to get them to fit. The instructions are basic and indicate that nothing needs removing. Has anyone else encountered this? Failing a solution for using the Aries resin I have the Eduard etched brass set for the kit but I would rather use the former. Kind regards Andy
  5. Jaguar GR3 internal airframe colour

    Thanks for the valuable assistance on this subject. It is funny how your mind plays tricks on you. A long time ago I had a flight from RAF Northolt to RAF Abingdon in an Andover and we went in a hangar full of ex Indian Air Force Jags in various degrees of strip down and I thought it was a bright yellow. I stand corrected. By the way, have you seen the level of detail and moulding if the Kittyhawk kit? Well worth looking at. Andy
  6. Jaguar GR3 internal airframe colour

    Steve/Max, Many thanks for your replies. I will have a look at both yellow and zinc chromate in order to see which looks better. Kind regards Andy
  7. Hi All, I am currently on a roll of producing aircraft of 41 (R) Squadron and am about to commence work on a Kittyhawk GR3 in 1/48. For years I have painted the internal airframe in yellow, however Kittyhawk indicate that it is interior green as used on US aircraft. Photos show the colour to be a green with a yellow bias. Can somebody please advise me as to what the exact, or near as possible, colour to use? By the way, having looked through the Kittyhawk boxing the moulding is absolutely wonderful with immense detailed panel lines. I could highly recommended. Kind regards Andy
  8. Absolutely stunning build of a beast of an aircraft. Would love to see one of those flying today. Some kit to do in 1/48, the detail you've highlighted is fantastic. Regards Andy
  9. Airfix Supermarine Swift

    Fantastic looking build with an exquisite paint job. I have one of these hidden away in my stash - was thinking of parting with it due to having too many to build and am running out of space! kind regards
  10. Wow, the simplicity of the display is fantastic and really offers the impression of speed to the eye. Wonderful build of an aircraft that could have been a world beater had it been developed fully.
  11. Trumpeter F9F-2 Panther

    The Eduard PE set really brings the 'office' look really good and brings the kit to life. Would highly recommend it.
  12. Eduard Hellcat nightfighter.

    I love the early night fighters. The way that technology was developed so rapidly and shrunk into pods like the on the wing of this Hellcat. Lovely finish. Regards Andy
  13. Hi, You probably know this, you don't complete anything for months then two in two days. I finally finished the second aircraft in 1/48 for my Korean War collection a Grumman F9F-2 of VF111 Sundowners, operating from the USS Valley Forge in 1952. My first was a Corsair F4U-4 flown by Thomas Hudner who won the Congressional Medal of Honour whilst flying with VF32 from USS Leyte. Great simple kit to build, enhanced only by Eduard's PE set. The wing fold mechanism is represented well in this set, however I chose not use it. The decals were from Victory Productions' F9F-2 Panthers sheet (VPD48008) which offers markings for 12 aircraft. As I stated on my F-100C post yesterday, the next kit in line is a F7F N3 in 1/48 by Italeri in Korean War markings. See the pattern that is developing here?
  14. Lovely build, and how good it is to see an alternative to the olive green standard colour schemes. Inspires me to dig out the UH1D in 1/72 by Esci from the stash. Regards Andy
  15. Trumpeter 1/48 F-100C

    Thanks for the kind comments. I have found the Vallejo metallic paint easy to use and give a comparable finish to Alclad, but without the smell and being acrylic easier to clean. kind regards Andy