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another Harrier gr3 updated build pics etc

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done it....

in two days or something - well, it's as done as its going to be.

being truthful I found it a bit frustrating really, the other one of these I built about 13 years ago and doing the new one was, well...just like then, which I suppose was the object but the frustrating part was knowing that the 13 year old bro to this was done when I didnt know about filling gaps and stuff like that...I would much rather have built this using all the lessons I've learned and done a better job of it, which includes getting the markings on the engine intakes to actually lay flat and go around the inlets properly....

so I have a plan...

meantime...here's the official Kev1n Airfix starter kit GB harrier GR3 - manky paints, manky decals....

(it does have a cockpit canopy btw - but my under-the-counter dealer in afx starter kits forgot to send it with the rest of the kit...it's here now, doesnt fit at all and I really didnt want to just stick it on without the surgery needed to make it fit right, so....)







more pics 2moz or when I get a moment to do them

my masterplan -

I've sent off to A2Zee models for the Harrier early seventies decal sheet, and when it gets here I'm going to redo both the GB kit and it's 13 year old sibling,

and really bring them up to a decent standard, with as much extra detail as I can stuff into them...I like detail...I'm a detail freak...

watch this space...

ok, not this space, its for axf starter kits...

I'll find a space somewhere so go watch that....:)

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Well done Kev1n.

I've found those Falklands decals really awful too and some of the paints go one really badly whereas others cover well - especially when they are the wrong ones.

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I didnt have the same problems with the older version of this kit - airfix must have changed the way they make decals.....

anyway, I'm plotting n planning....the new generation of kevkits will be amazing....

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