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Jeep/2 1/2 ton truck


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Hey all,

I haven't built any armor since High School, and I need some help,

These two vehicles were given to me and I would like to rebuild them. As I understand it, these are the old Monogram kits from the '70s


I remember building these kits when I was a kid

Any idea what M series vehicles these are? Also, are there any goodies to upgrade these babies?

If I'm not mistaken, they look to be post-Korean War vintage, possible Vietnam era?

Any help would be appreciated..... :thumbsup:

Cheers, Ian

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Hi Ian, as far as I know there wasn't a kit of the M38 Jeep, so therefore the Jeep would be an MB, and looking at the windscreen it would have been different for an M38 anyway! Although the MB was only built from about July 1941 to September 1945 it was used for a lot longer. As for the truck - I don't know, but if you look on this website it may give you an idea! www.vintagemilitarytrucks.com

Have fun!

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