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  1. Simon, I've never built one, but everyone I've talked to about it, says its the cats meow. Great castings and easy to work with. The only caveat is the price tag. I, too, was looking into buying one, plus Pastor John's Ju 88 Mistel conversion as well. Problem is, funds ran low. Had to put it on the back burner If you've got the money, jump on it. HTH, Cheers, Ian
  2. Nice, I have to pick one of these up, as I have four of the old ones, and the fit is not good, as well as the tail rotor is almost useless. I wonder if the tail rotor from the new one will fit into the old kit? Hmmmmm Cheers, Ian
  3. Iain, What color did you paint the insides of the cowls? Mine are together, but I haven't attempted the actuators yet.... Cheers, Ian
  4. Iain, I knew I'd find you sooner or later here.... Any progresss on this beast? You work is amazing. Cheers, Ian
  5. I would like to see a WIP on this one, as I also have this kit, but as of yet only opened the box for inspection... Cheers, Ian
  6. Hey all, I haven't built any armor since High School, and I need some help, These two vehicles were given to me and I would like to rebuild them. As I understand it, these are the old Monogram kits from the '70s I remember building these kits when I was a kid Any idea what M series vehicles these are? Also, are there any goodies to upgrade these babies? If I'm not mistaken, they look to be post-Korean War vintage, possible Vietnam era? Any help would be appreciated..... Cheers, Ian
  7. Hey planecrazy, Yeah I would have to agree with the TSR 2 issue. I think Avro axing the Arrow would definately rank up there with the TSR 2 I hate politics Cheers, Ian
  8. OK, worldwide........no particular order.... F-106 MiG 21 EE Lightning, because it just looked bad bottom even sitting still F-4 Mirage III Cheers, Ian
  9. Cold War, huh?....Ok, here is my list.. no particular order... Vulcan Jaguar Lightning Hunter Tornado There were so many to choose from, it gave me brain cramps Cheers, Ian
  10. vulcan, Very nice builds. Where did you get the markings for the Dakota? I have a Revell 32nd scale Hunter that I would love to do in Rhodesian AF markings, but AFAIK, they don't exist. Cheers, Ian
  11. It sure looks like a Mirage to me. Nice build
  12. Amazing build! Love the weathering Cheers, Ian
  13. Very nice....I will be watching this build with interest... Cheers, Ian
  14. 'Bout damn time you posted some pics....
  15. Excellent build. Always wanted to do an operational B-70 myself...maybe someday... Cheers, Ian
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