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Squadron putty?


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I think Squadron went bust over in the US of A, and the putty must have gone with them.  I believe their name at least is back again (not sure whether just the name or the whole company has been resurrected), but whether the putty came with them is unknown by me :shrug:


There are tons better putties out there.  I always found Squadron to be gritty and bitty.  For similar uses, Tamiya Basic is a good putty, but there's also Milliput Fine (white) for epoxy, and Green Stuff World's blue and yellow strip putty that you cut a piece off and knead together to create green putty that' also epoxy based.  There's super glue (CA), there's Vallejo's Plastic Putty with a fine applicator that is great for wafer-thin gaps, and I'm sure others will be long with their choices too.  It's almost as personal as your choice of paint brands :)

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