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Red Flag 93-1: Tornado GR.1s

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Tornado GR.1s at Red Flag 93-1, Nellis AFB, November 1992.


ZA457, 17 Squadron

ZA457 17sq CE KLSV 19921113 10cr


ZA461, 31 Squadron

ZA461 31sq DK KLSV 19921113 01cr


ZA471, 15 Squadron

ZA471 15sq ER KLSV 19921113 25cr


ZD845, 9 Squadron

ZD845 9sq AF KLSV 19921113 15cr


ZD847, 17 Squadron

ZD847 17sq CH KLSV 19921113 05cr


Thanks for looking,


Old Viper Tester

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12 hours ago, ColinChipmunkfan said:

do you have more showing different angles?

None from the Red Flag, but these from UK air shows...

ZA546 27sq 05 Abingdon 19860913 10cr


ZA556 617sq Upper Heyford 19880604 36cr1


ZA593 617sq F Alconbury 19870816 08cr


ZA608 617sq Upper Heyford 19860816 15cr


Anyone know what the writing inside the nose gear door is about?

ZA593 617sq F Alconbury 19870816 04cr


ZA593 617sq F Alconbury 19870816 05cr1


ZA546 27sq 05 Waddington 19880430 34cr


Many of these will turn up again when I get around to posting airshow collections.



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