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1/72 GWH F-15C (pre-MSIP II) from F-15J kit?

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Seems to me it's possible to build an early F-15C (pre-MSIP II) from the F-15J kit, but can anyone confirm this? It's clearly not possible from the F-15C kit since it lacks the M sprue that has the arresting hook cover. The J kit also includes the old style rails for the wing pylon AIM-9s, as well as 4 x AIM-7s. The only downside is there are no AIM-9s in the kit (only JASDF AAM-3s) but it's not like anyone doesn't like three million spares.


Has anyone tried this?

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There could be some minor differences on the ip for pre-MSIP cockpit but beside that i see no problems.

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Hi,the antennas over the fins: the J have both smaller than the C that have a bigger one on the left 

and the radome of the Japanese eagle has a sort of strips over , strips that are missing on the C and E variants (are present on the latest EX and QA)


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