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Sakhalin T-55 Colour Scheme

Mark Cassidy

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Hi All, 


I wondered if I could pick your brains, I am considering building a T-55 and I wanted to base it on the T-55 I saw in the Russian Far East, I believe they were the last T-55s in Russian service. 


Im a bit stuck on the colour scheme and would  appreciate any thoughts on the colour scheme, what paint should I use? I have 4 images that I found, some of them look more "saturated" than others, some look more muted , but that could be the lighting for the particular photo.  the first image below is what I would like to base my model on as its the most vibrant. 


I know its a poor choice to pic a scheme based on the vibrance, lol















Thanks in advance 










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I think the picture in the boat/ship/barge is perhaps more what you should be aiming for.  You're seeing the difference between a sunny day in the first 2 pics and a dull day in the second pair.  The paint is unusually glossy, which gives the sunny vibrancy.  I would tone the sheen down a bit.


As for the colours, your eye is as good as anyone else's.  Those don't look like "normal" Russian colours to me.  The green in particular is unusually pale, very reminiscent of the Yugoslav army colour.


Revell's Wood Brown isn't far off the brown colour here.  But it is quite a thin colour if you're brushing it.  You could try their Patina Green.  Other brands and colours are available........


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Hi, Mark

In your first image, there is a tank from the 39th separate Marine Rifle Brigade of Sakhalin. Presumably this photo was taken in 2007. And loading on ships and export from Kunashir Island took place in 2010. Perhaps the paint has weathered.


Here at this link there are photos of the removal of equipment from the island of Kunashir.


The latest T-55 of Russia



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2 hours ago, Dmitriy1967 said:

A tank from the same Sakhalin brigade.



Cheers mate thats really helpful thanks so much? A nice range of cammo colours, there's something really neat about the russian far east that attracts me to it, maybe its the end of the world feel it has . Appreciate your help mate

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