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  1. We're not in a hurry. We feel good here.
  2. Yes, weathering is necessary here, otherwise it looks unrealistically neat.
  3. I can't find detailed drawings of these structures that hold torpedoes. If someone has drawings, dimensions, the principle of their operation, I would be very grateful to you. Interested in any photos, videos or descriptions. I want to understand how the torpedo was dropped, which parts were movable and what was set in motion.
  4. Thank you, John! I try to do well, but it will turn out badly by itself.
  5. Glued the second half. I probably need to post less of the same type of photos. For me, every little thing is progress, but for you, looking at an unfinished building for the third month is probably boring.
  6. Thank you for your kind words, colleagues. I noticed that britmodeller.com encourages me not to quit what I started. Thank you! There is a small problem with the plating plates. It's winter now, the air in the house is very dry. The wood of the plates has dried up. When bending, it cracks a little. I will wet it with spray water before gluing.
  7. Yes, the weathering is very neat, just to make the ship real. I don't like when weathering is made very strong. Everything is fine on this ship!
  8. Very realistic! For such a scale, a wonderful study of details and a selection of colors!
  9. You're right, I need a little drink to relieve stress!
  10. I'll probably repeat myself, but every time I see the parts you made next to the ruler, I understand that such precision work is not for me. Great job! Я, наверное, повторюсь, но каждый раз, когда я вижу сделанные вами детали рядом с линейкой, я понимаю, что такая точная работа не для меня . Прекрасная работа!
  11. It's only been a few months, and I've started covering the hull! I don't expect surprises from flat surfaces. I'm a little worried about how the curved surface in the front will turn out.
  12. Similar printers have not yet reached the heights in skill that you have achieved in 3D modeling.
  13. Hello And why not use a fishing line for antenna wires? The fishing line can be of different thickness and different colors. Unlike stretched plastic sprue, it is the same thickness along the entire length.
  14. If I finish this ship, I hope I will get smarter and start building on a scale of 350 or 700
  15. I've been making a hull for so long. And I thought, but people buy plastic kits in boxes in which the hull is already ready. Well, maybe it needs to be glued together from two halves. And that's it! And I spend so much time cutting out something, gluing, bending, grinding… And I realized that I don't envy these people. I really like to create something out of nothing so slowly. I get a lot of pleasure from it!
  16. I've been through long holidays. In Russia, the New Year is celebrated from December 31 to January 10. And on January 13 we celebrate the old New Year. Now I will continue. I glue on the below the chine the rail that I bent in hot water. View from the engine room forward. I make saws at the corners of the frames to install the rail framing the deck. I glue a pre-bent rail that will frame the deck. I like how it turned out. This is the first time I've done this and I'm happy with the result. I'm even a little proud of myself! From the inside, I glue the platforms to the rails on which the casing will rest. Next week, I'll start doing the hull plating.
  17. There is also a giant MILITARY HISTORY MUSEUM OF ARTILLERY, ENGINEERING TROOPS AND COMMUNICATIONS TROOPS in St. Petersburg. But I will not report this in the armor section on this site. Otherwise I will die with a camera in my hands. https://www.artillery-museum.ru/
  18. I am sure that making them for you is not a problem.
  19. Hello If you are interested in helicopter cruisers, then perhaps photos of the anti-submarine helicopter cruiser Moscow will be useful to you. I posted them today in this forum. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235104788-russian-naval-museum-in-st-petersburg/page/2/ Dmitriy
  20. Anti-submarine cruiser helicopter carrier Moscow. Model 2.
  21. Anti-submarine cruiser helicopter carrier Moscow. Model 1.
  22. Heavy aircraft carrier KIEV Model 2. This model is represented in the aircraft carrier escort combat group, so it was not possible to photograph it very closely. But I liked the quality of this model much more.
  23. And so... Heavy aircraft carrier KIEV Model 1. I did not like the finish of the model, painting. The deck can't shine like glass.
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