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1/?? - Horten H.XVIII "ShadowStealth" resin kit by LEMKits ? - rumour

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  • Homebee changed the title to 1/?? - Horten H.XVIII "ShadowStealth" resin kit by LEMKits ? - rumour

The illustration is of the first H.XVIII proposal, which was very much a concept drawing.  This was abandoned in favour of the smaller and ugly version with enormous fixed spats and external engines, which was submitted in competition with the Ju.287 and Me.P.1107/II (amazingly just issued by RS Models).  Contrary to most publications, I haven't seen and documents referring to them as H.XVIIIa and b.


I believe Sharkits1/72  kit of the first version had major fit issues and I wait for decent replacement. Their kit of the second version has the wrong wing sweep, so again better is needed.  The offerings in 1/144 by Anigrand and Unicraft are much better.


1/48  ????   Bob you must have a much bigger house than me - but then I am going to build a model of every individual Horten !



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I have the sharkit in 1/72 of this.  I recently converted to 1/48 because I frankly am too old for 1/72.  Eyes, fingers, dexterity with tiny parts had forced me back to 1/48.


Where in 1/72 I would build 3 to 5 models a year and have frustration, i now in 1/48 build about 20 models a year and have alot of fun.


I wont do every horton, just major versions.  Likely this wont be done in 1/48...  but I would invest alot in a 1/48 kit of this...


i also prefer the original Horten design to the later Junkers design, but would still want it.


If it doesnt fit in a case, you can hang it from ceiling!



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