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  1. After my kits arrived this week, all i can say is WOW. I just ordered the 4th, a bf109E-4...
  2. They show the correct differences between an H-0 and an H-1 on the hobby2000 color profiles... the underwing panel lines are different with the H-0 retaining what appears to be a mid span gun access hatch. The Excellent Aoshima 1/72 Ta152H-0/H-1 kits provide different underwing parts with different panel lines. How will Hobby2000 do this? I thought the Dragon plastic tool was only that of an H-1... Peddinghaus Decals provides H-0 panel line decals for those modellers who want an accurate H-0, and so you can fill the H-1 lines in the plastic and represent an H-0 lines with decals. I hope Hobby2000 does this. I can't rescribe very well. Gives me an excuse to build a H-0 kit and and H-1 so i can have two of these lovely birds on my shelf!
  3. Here is an added photo of the same V-2 I tried to copy... The Rocket on the left is the one in the original Gezakt #1 Cammo scheme. The One in foreground on Right is the production cammo scheme which is a simplified version of Gezakt but you can see in the photo, the white is darker and more cream compared to the original scheme with bright white. I painstakingly masked to match this rocket and the other back half was just conjecture! . For those in 1/72, get the excellent 1/72 Special Armor V2 Kit... It has many more V2 cammo's experimented with and is a great kit!
  4. Greetings Friends! I am still in a German WW2 Build here and took a break with some easy (and very fun) missiles. It was great to build these two in a week and not have landing gear or cockpit or canopies to mess with! Just a refreshing fun and quick build! I highly recommend the V-1 or V-2 to add some excitement and easy building days in the workshop! Now I feel like I can tackle a Bomber! The V-1 is the Great Tamiya Kit built from the kit, and the wheel cart is included in the kit. Nice detail and what is fun is you can paint the V-1 any way you like and there is virtually no documentation to say you are wrong! So you can use imagination and have fun with it. I painted this RLM83 over RLM76 and mottled it. The decals were from the MPM V-1 Kit because I did not like the color of the Tamiya decals. Stencils should be Black (not GREEN) that came in the Tamiya kit. The MPM kit I got for the decals and they were cartograph and went on excellent. The V-2 is a Mauve Kit, that had restrained panel lines. Better than the Pegasus kit that had very heavy rivet detail. The Circle 37 decal came from the Pegasus kit, the rest of the decals are from Peddinghaus. Mauve kit gives you a 1/48 Werner Von Braun in white metal and I will paint him up and add to the display. The Launch Pad is from the Pegasus kit. I painted this in my favorite V-2 Scheme the Gezakt #1, an experimental cammo scheme that is documented with a great photo of this rocket in a hanger. The colors are Mr. Color: RLM71 Green, German Sandy Brown, and Snow White. They later simplified this scheme for production and the white was replaced with off white. However I really like the experimental scheme! This V-2 Looks great in the display case! Enjoy! I dont think we see many V-2's in this forum. Let me know what you think of it!
  5. Hi Pete... I have been using the same Pasche H-1 single action airbrush I got in the mid 1970s! The secret to good airbrushing is use alot of thinner and apply in very light coats.
  6. Greetings Friends! My Luftwaffe Build continues with late war Jets and Rockets... This one is the Tamiya 1/48 He162A-2, such an excellent kit! I chose this scheme because there were (5) great photos of this original aircraft to study and help make the model as accurate as I could. 'White 4' was an early build He162 tail number 067 and some reference these early builds to have the fuselage painted in RLM71 and not in the standard RLM81/82/76 scheme. I studied the photos carefully and also other photos of aircraft painted in RLM82 and the White 4 appears to have a much darker color on the Fuselage. The other areas of White 4 are actually in an even darker color, assumed to be RLM 81. So photos seem to concur the RML81/71/76 on this particular He162, with the theory that Heinkel was using up stocks of RLM71 on hand. I found a photo of the White 4 in Kassel before it was scrapped, that clearly show the RLM76 painted up and over the Leading Edges of Wing and Stab, so I painted it like this. I used the Kit Pilot, Yahu Instrument Panel, and a Resin Wheel Set with flat spot tires... Decals are a mix of the excellent Tamiya kit decals, H Model Decals for He162 and H Model He162 Stencils. Paint is Gunsie Mr Color and the clear is Tamiya X35 Semi-Gloss for Luftwaffe planes. Things I would do different: Tamiya has an ugly seam line at the leading edge where the wing goes on and I left this unfilled as it is very tight. I wish I would have filled this now. I need to pop off canopy as there now appear scuffs inside it to polish out. I missed this when it was being built. Enjoy the photos and I highly recommend the Tamiya He162 kit! You also get a full engine to display on a stand and the kit can build with the Engine doors open or closed to show the engine in the plane, overall an excellent kit! Enjoy the photos!
  7. Thanks dude! I picked that one up! My Zoukei Mura Ta152H comes with RED decal codes!
  8. Hey Werdna... which luftwaffe im focus had the Ta152 article? I ordered a few, but want to get the one you spoke of... thanks
  9. Hi again Werdna... just love this Ta152... what colors did you use? Is that a greener version of rlm81 and 82, or is that rlm83 and 82? Or standard 81 and 82? Thanks...
  10. Hey Fubar... from what I hear, you will poke yourself with those pushpins if you build that hobbycraft ar234... hasegawa is a nice kit
  11. I just ordered some Archer rivet decals... thanks for the tip! Cheers Andy!
  12. Hi Andy... those bag looking things (if I understand what you mean) are the parachutes for the RATO (rocket assisted takeoff) units that are installed at the front and strapped in... this parachute deploys automatically when the RATO units are jettisoned...
  13. Hi Werdna- I will try and find that. Unless we get a good underwing photo, it's impossible to tell them apart H-0 vs. H-1. The Aoshima 1/72 Ta152H kits have different kit parts based on H-0 vs. H-1, but in 1/48, every kit is an H-1. I am not good at scribing so I am looking for H-1 schemes! Thanks and it looks great with Red codes...
  14. Great tip! Thanks! I will see if I can find these... My problem was getting a uniform dot. I have steady hands and can get this on the target, the toothpic just would not transfer paint uniformly! Thanks for the idea, just what I needed help with!
  15. Looks great! I like the RED code... is that authentic? Do you know if this machine was and H-0 or H-1? This is a lovely scheme with red code! I am looking for more Ta152H-1 schemes. Thanks for help and great job on this model!
  16. Greetings Friends! Here is my latest build just finished, an excellent Hobby2000 kit which used Hasegawa Plastic, great decals, masks and color drawings. I did use a stew of decals including decal scheme from an old Eagle Strike Ar234 Sheet, and added Peddinghaus decal stencils and used kit Insignia decals. The adds to this kit were the excellent Eduard 'Look' Instrument panel and resin wheel kit. I also used a Hasegawa German Pilot from their WW2 Weapons and figures kit! This pilot assembled and fit wonderfully in the AR234! Minor trimming of bombsite and he looks great in the cockpit! The Paint is Gunsie Mr Color RLM 81/82/76. The Clear is Tamiya Semi Gloss. I had to paint the canopy rivets with a toothpick sharpened to a point. They look good to the bare eye, but zooming in with camera phone shows the painting challenge. I may still just overpaint the canopy frames black. Or someday get custom rivet decals made. What do you guys think of the canopy or other tips you can give? The decal rivets I had handy did not match the framing rivets in spacing so I tried toothpick! Let me know what you think...
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