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Help with Bf109E external stores

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Hi chaps,


I've done as much googling as I can and there are a few things I'd like help with clearing up if you can. We're putting the finishing touches to our 1/144 Bf109E, and we'd like to cover a few versions with the kit, specifically the "Jabo" fighter bombers and later models with drop tanks. So it seems that the ETC 500 and SC 250 kg bomb is an easy enough addition, and the S-199 and four SC 50 kg bombs. For the drop 300L drop tank fitted to E-7's and other upgraded airframes, am I right in thinking that the ETC drop tank rack is different to the ETC 500 rack?


These will be very small in the scale, but we want to make sure we're doing it right.





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Briefly, all variants of the 109E could be fitted with either the ETC 50 or 500 depending on their assigned sortie(s) although the carriage of a drop tank did not become commonplace until the arrival of the E-7 (specifically ‘plumbed’ to carry a drop tank) in the late summer/early autumn of 1940.




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