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GB Welcome and Rules

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Welcome to the  Helicopter, Autogyro and STOVL GB.


Duration:    Saturday 27 June to Sunday 18 Oct 2020

Host:           @JOCKNEY

Co-Host:    @Col.


So all the usual rules apply but the most important one is to have fun and enjoy your own build and encourage everyone else with theirs, so the rules cover the usual points:


1) The subject of your chosen model has to be either a helicopter, an autogyro or a STOVL  Aircraft.


2) The model kit and any aftermarket components can be of any scale or build material, additional GB points for Vacform and Scratch building.


3) All models must be less than 25% complete at the start of the build. If in doubt, please ask the GB hosts, we are very flexible as we want to see as many completed builds as possible.


4) All builds must have a WIP thread showing progress, models cannot go into the gallery unless there is a build thread for them. If you are building two or more similar models or there is a strong link between the subjects, then they may be combined in the same thread, or separately if you prefer.


5) No buying/wanted or selling in the GB please. Please use the buying and selling section in Britmodeller for this


6) There may be a poll to vote for your favourite build in the Gallery at the end of the GB. You do not have to put your competed build in the gallery or take part in the poll if you don't want to. 


7) Please be polite and constructive with your comments to member’s build. I would encourage everyone to support others builds, lots a humour, and advice is the order of the day.


😎 Please do not leave comments in the Gallery thread but rather put them in the relevant subject thread.


With so many different subjects to choose from this should be a really special GB. 


Good luck everyone


Cheers Pat & Col


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