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German 200L Fuel Drums (35597) 1:35


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German 200L Fuel Drums (35597)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd.




Arriving in a shrink-wrapped figure box, this set contains German 200L fuel drums aplenty, but also includes a lot of manual pumping tools.  Inside the box is a tightly wrapped bag containing 18 sprues in grey styrene, 12 of which containing parts to make a drum, and six with end caps and manual fuel pump assembles.  Four little elastic bands further clamp the sprues together to ensure no chaffing during transit.




The drums are made from halves to which the top and bottoms are added, then two stiffening bands are added to the grooves in the drums, each made up from two parts.  There is a choice of end-caps with different wording in raised lettering, and if you leave off the cap you can make up the hand-pump with nozzle at the other end of a piece of hose/wire that you supply yourself.



That orange stripe on the grey & yellow drum is printed that way - wasn't me, honest!


The instructions are printed on the back of the box and below them is an example of paint schemes that the drums left the factory in (see above), which you can depict in any state from brand new to badly dented and completely rusted to bare metal.


Highly recommended – especially if you need a lot of German 200L fuel drums for your next project :)




Review sample courtesy of


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  • Mike changed the title to German 200L Fuel Drums (35597) 1:35
20 minutes ago, s.e.charles said:

nice; crisp detail. they look "sturdy".

Affirmative.  I built a couple up that came with another kit and they're tough.  I sanded a few dent into them with a file, then softened the angles with a sanding sponge.  Paint them accordingly and they look great :)

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