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A-Model 1/72 Yak-25M

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On 5/13/2019 at 1:46 AM, Peter Lloyd said:

...obviously needing some touch ups (where did that top point of the star on the fin go? It was there last I looked!)...

I thought that was just some weathering :D 

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21 hours ago, zebra said:

Excellent result Peter. Goes to show what a great model you can build from an Amodel kit. They make you work for it but they aren’t anywhere near as bad as their reputation suggests.

True that. I have built the Polikarpov I-190, Yak-9 and the Er-2, all were a similar experience to this kit: work methodically, use some filler, and maybe add a bit of detail here and there and come out with a great model of a rare subject.  A-Model are to be applauded for their vast output and for covering so many variants within a type.

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