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  1. Lovely result. I believe in the opening scene... still one of the greatest car chase sequences ever filmed... one Frank Gardner was driving the 'chasing' car (Steve McQueen drove his own, of course...). Frank had a long career in driving and management in Australian motorsports, but his role in this movie, perhaps the most 'public' of his achievements, is much less well known.
  2. Vinyl tyres, use of the heated nail... there is some 70s inspiration in this kit.
  3. Sounds like yet another new (and potentially expensive!) rigging method that is beyond my skills.
  4. Now I wish I had read YOUR build before I did mine. I reckon you have done that as well and as efficiently as possible. My congratulations!
  5. I build in 1/72, aircraft and the occasional vehicle. I might weaken and build some 1/32, the Tamiya Mosquito is in my stash and as a bit of a Great War fan I can't really ignore Wingnut Wings. But so far, just one 1/35 tank. Biplane rigging in 1/72 is sort of killing me, but otherwise I like the scale. I could never store my finished models, even in a pretty big house, if they were larger.
  6. Me: My lady: On the upside, she takes no time to get ready to go out. On the downside, I will consume all that saved time with fruitless rigging!
  7. I'm so glad this got a mention, and so glad it was the star of Mad Max II who suggested it.
  8. Thanks to those who have joined... I certainly endorse the idea that rigging is most of the work. I presently have four biplanes stalled due to the heartbreak of trying to do decent rigging in 1/72 scale. I estimate my Roden Albatros has consumed about four hours in building and painting and probably approaching 20 in rigging, which might be half way done. Ezy-Line is the devil's own rigging material. With five worthy swords committed to the cause, we are on the way!
  9. As related on another thread on this groupbuild, about two years ago I built this kit in French Armee de la Air guise, and indeed the decals fell apart with enthusiasm. It is a challenge but if I can finish it, you certainly can.
  10. Looking good. I built the AML kit in French colours, I think this might be the same plastic. I had similar issues to your, with the additional issue of a non-fitting vac canopy. Your tidy-up work seems to be neater and quicker than mine. The decals with my kit were terrible, they fell apart under no provocation and no matter how delicately managed, simply disintegrated. My experience with AZ Models kits (the ones they produced themselves) have been very good, so hopefully your decals are from the AZ source rather than the AML one. I always thought it odd that this kit was not offered in a Burma scheme: the Mohawk was an important and pretty effective plane there, able to out-turn the P-40.
  11. My father served in Lancasters, but I've already modelled his aircraft... though I could do another. Postwar, he was an air traffic controller at RAAF Williamtown, NSW, where he much resented the antics and irreverence of the fighter squadrons based there. My great uncle was killed at Bullecourt in 1917, I'd like to do a World War One diorama but I'm not so sure the circumstances lend themselves to a very attractive modelling subject.
  12. Bumpity... no love for this Great War classic?
  13. Good progress mate. I'm not sure you'll need those bombs- they're guided bombs used for shipping attacks when the launch plane would have a clear shot at the target in daylight. I'm away from my books, but the Germans did a lot of night bombing of the Allied positions and ships around Normandy and I'd be very surprised if they didn't call on their He177s.
  14. The Airfix Mosquito still looks pretty good I think. Being wooden, the panel line issue isn't really important and the shape is good.
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