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  1. Nice! I bought one from King Kit a couple of months ago for about 20 UK squids. Golden age of internet second hand dealing, those noughties.
  2. I was trying to gain support for an SE5a STGB, but it sort of got lost in the changeover to the Bunfight! system. Although the Fokkers are among my least favourite Great War machines, I'm in for the sake of supporting modelling interest in this conflict, whose hobby representation seems so far short of its interest to historians and readers. I'll probably do a DVII.
  3. MiG-17 in 1/72. I'm along, just to get some less-conventional stuff into STGBs.
  4. Hi Enzo. I just added a topic to the Bunfight! section. It occurs to me I may have misunderstood how it works. Please erase and accept my apologies. -Peter

  5. . Alright you, just as it says. Did I go for a 'biplanes GB'? 'Wood, canvas and wire'? Nor even, 'Great War'? No. No compromise. You've had your fun with your Spitfires and Messerschmitts and Mustangs. It's time for you personally to step up, do something a bit difficult, and do honour to the greatest aircraft* of that war we prefer to forget. The fast, simple, effective, workmanlike, SE5a. Be courageous. Embrace the challenge. Sign on. (* in my opinion)
  6. I had the idea this kit and the RV Aircraft Mirage were related... I am building the RV Aircraft model at the moment. This kit has much, much more detail. It may be taken for granted the maker has a lot more skill, too. Thanks for showing this.
  7. My workbench is an utter abomination, defying all efforts at imposing order. Being in the middle of about a dozen builds, I can't move anything for fear it will be lost forever. But why there is a bomb from a Blenheim I finished a year ago, and wheels from a P-47 that went to the cabinet in October... um, well... it's either some sore of personality disorder, or my limited modelmaking time can't be wasted on tidying.
  8. For some masochistic reason I think Britmodeller deserves a single type GB from that 'other' war... Camel or Fokker Tripe would have been a little more popular, but I reckon if I can get the concept sold, I should go all the way and try to have the mighty Folland machine the feature. I hope your efforts here inspire some others as they have me.
  9. What a great result. I had the 'DS' tracks on a Dragon Churchill break when curved. I'm not sure if a dip in hot water at some stage might help the tracks accept their fate?
  10. Alan I'd suggest any primer that is dark-coloured. The pigments are finer and you have less chance of blocking up the mesh.
  11. Great progress mate. Looks like Sydney Camm just nicked the cowling and exhaust layout off a Focke-Wulf! Does anybody know the providence of PM Models' kits?
  12. Hi Rob. I had been trying to get interest in an SE5a Group Build without success, and my initial intention was to build Roderick Dallas's machine for this Group Build, then follow with Little's. My Mirage has probably consumed too much time, however. So, I will be enjoying your build. I have used a few rigging materials with varying success: invisible mending thread ('fishing line'), nitenol wire (very thin, stiff, springy wire) and stretchy rubber rigging line. The wire is probably the easiest in my experience: you drill a hole at each end (before assembly!), cut the wire to l
  13. What a beautiful and fast build. I have tried the Blu-Tac method a couple of times, but I am always left with sticky stuff on the model surface and 'oil marks'. Your engine was a work of art. Well done al around!
  14. My model got a coat of Mr Surfacer 1000, and some sanding around the joint between the cockpit/fuselage front, and the wing/fuselage assembly. It all fits pretty well, considering, and not much detail was lost. Having a separate part for the fuselage spine means almost all the seams could be filled with Mr Surfacer and lightly sanded. I used Gunze Aqueous Extra Dark Sea Grey for the first coat: Something I have noticed looking at photos of Mirages is the 'two step' nose cone I mentioned earlier is not always obvious. I wonder if some, especially later ai
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