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Apollo 10 recovery question

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Hi all, I’ve a build in the 10th anniversary GB that I’d appreciate your help with.


The recovery splashdown shown in the pictures I can find doesn’t seem to have the same 3 balloons on the topside as appear in other Apollo splashdowns. Is that right? These weren’t deployed or they were jettisoned before the photos were taken?

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This is how it looks now (rough for now while I organise my thinking)




I’d based it on generic recovery photos but now thinking I should take the top section and balloons off (or start over again)

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The balloons were inflated if the Command Module turned upside-down at splashdown, known as 'Stable Two'. Apollo 10 landed the right way up. 'Stable One', so there was no need for the balloons. 


The CM is suspended from the parachutes at an angle of 27.5 degrees so that the first part to contact the water is the edge of the heat-shield opposite the hatch. There are crushable ribs here to minimise the landing shock but this can mean that depending on the state of the ocean the spacecraft can tip over. That didn't happen in the case of Apollo 10 so the balloons weren't used.


I tried to post a link of the splashdown but it didn't work, but try this page and scroll down to 192:03:38.


(Added) - Confirmation further down the same page, as the recovery team attach the flotation collar to the spacecraft:


PAO: This is Apollo Control; the 3 swimmers in the water presently are attaching the flotation collar underneath the Command Module.

SC: [Garble] bags.

Airboss: Roger, Apollo 10, you copy control.

Princeton: They will not inflate their bags, once they get the collar inflated.


(Princeton is the recovery ship)

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You can hear the recovery helicopters on shortwave radio during the recovery sequences on Apollo missions calling out the capsule's state in the water i.e.  "Stable 1, Stable 1" or "Stable 2, Stable 2" depending on which way up the capsule was.

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