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  1. Thought it didn't quite look quite right. The actual "brown" colour used by Bomber Command (and earlier in the war, Fighter Command too) was called "Dark Earth". Tamiya does have a"Dark Earth" in their range although I think their shade is too "orangey". My normal "Dark Earth" paint is from Xtracrylix, which to me is pretty much spot on. It looks like the colours you see on full sized preserved WW2 RAF aircraft and it also looks like the shade you see in period colour photos - such as those taken by Charles Brown. However, your sanding back and cleaning does seem to have done the trick regarding getting rid of the weathering.
  2. Sadly, I think a sand back and repaint is the only solution. Can I ask you what "Dark Earth" paint you used? It may be just the lighting but it looks way too brown to my eyes. A repaint would give you the opportunity to sort that out.
  3. Airfix still produce their stands but they are now sold separately in packs containing different size stands. They still show the old 1960s Airfix logo as well.
  4. Built one of those not too long ago. It is surprisingly rewarding to build. Very nice.
  5. To be honest, I wouldn't swear an oath that it was 1971/72 but it must have been around that era. Both of us were involved in a local youth club which had a model building section at that time so we raced through loads of builds back then. It was probably my most productive era regarding completions ever. Standards would have been another matter - but I learned a lot. We also built flying models too - something I'd like to have a go at again.
  6. I picked up one of these at a model show a few months ago for £9.50 (so slightly below the RRP). I started putting it together last night in front of the telly watching the Commonwealth Games - exactly as these types of kits were intended to be made and how I would have built it back in the days of yore. It is festooned with rivets so last night I spent a very pleasurable hour or so sanding all of the rivet detail off. And I managed to glue the two wing halves together, and they went together very well. I also primed everything in anticipation of doing some proper painting tonight. The plan is to continue in the same vein i.e. telly tuned into the commonwealth Games, glass of real ale on the go. I intend to brush paint the very basic interior. The canopy is indeed very crude and thick so there is no point in making any effort to embellish the cockpit interior - none of it will be seen with all the canopy elements closed up. The only extra work I will do in the cockpit I will do is a set of seat harnesses made from Tamiya tape. My intention tonight is to have the basic airframe completely assembled before the end of this evening. The one big improvement with these ancient kits in their modern guise is the standard of the decal sheets - which are a million times better than what would have been included in the old days. I needed to work on a "mojo booster" model and this little Val is ideal. I never built this kit previously but I do remember my younger brother giving it a go and being rater pleased with the result. That would have been back in 1971 or 1972.
  7. It was in an Irish evening newspaper (the Evening Herald I think) and was obviously down to a spot of very wishful thinking.
  8. Lovely. I remember seeing a depiction of one of these in Aer Lingus markings
  9. If it had been the Airfix kit, it would have been a really amazing build. As it is a Tamiya, it's only amazing
  10. Second that. We're a friendly bunch - and there's a bar
  11. Lovely. I think it looks more like a trilobite.
  12. Lovely. One still exists and is on display at the NASM Washington.
  13. Always loved the F-102. It's nice to see it in Vietnam colours.
  14. Just bought one of these too and looking forward to building it.
  15. Certainly, in the UK, credit cards are covered by the 1974 Consumer Credit Act, debit cards are not.
  16. Cracking - and great to see the log books.
  17. Lovely pairing. I have an ambition to do something similar.
  18. Beautiful. What about a Croydon or Cairo backdrop?
  19. Just ordered one of these. It's a fascinating but fatally flawed aeroplane. Eric Brown described it as "a killer" - which it literally was.
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