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  1. Not going to ruin at all. It's still a government establishment - namely, HMP Ford - for low risk prisoners.
  2. Lovely. I have fond memories of Luftwaffe and Bundesmarine F-104s howling around the circuit at Greenham Common and Yeovilton.
  3. So Revell issued the FROG kit in a Matchbox box? Life gets very confusing sometimes.
  4. I'm pretty sure you are correct. I remember building the Matchbox Zero back in the 1970s and it was quite a neat little kit compared to its rivals at the time.
  5. I've never heard of Matchbox kitting the FROG Zero? Why would they? Their own Zero wasn't too bad for the time and better than the other available 1/721 Zeroes from Revell, Airfix or FROG.
  6. I don't recall any significant fit issues when I built mine. The main area to keep an eye on is where the centre section of the wing fits to the underside of the fuselage.
  7. Very, very nice. One of the neatest 1/72 Harvards I've ever seen.
  8. Lovely build. Operational V2s tended to be all over green or that rather complicated splinter pattern. Von Braun liked the alternate black/white markings on the test versions of his rockets because it meant they could visually track roll and pitch rates better. That's why his other rockets, the Redstone and the Saturn family, nearly all featured black and white panels. I also read the Harris novel recently and it is very good.
  9. That is impressive. It looks a bit like what might happen if a Viscount had its way with an Me262.
  10. The FROG kit was not really indicative of any specific variant. I built one in the early 1970s when it came with Aer Lingus markings. It was hard to tell if the kit was trying to be a 707 or a 720.
  11. It appeared in that scheme at the 1985 International Air Tattoo, I think.
  12. Independent taxation of husbands and wives only came into force in the UK in tax year 1988/89. The introduction of the Child Benefit clawback rules in 2013/14 have partially reversed this.
  13. Only one Monkee left now I also like his song "Different Drum" which was a hit for The Stone Ponies (which at the time featured a young Linda Ronstadt as their lead vocalist).
  14. Eric Mc

    Mike McEvoy

    That is very sad. I saw Mike wandering around the halls at Telford (and his badger puppet!) and he seemed in fine form. I've been aware of Mike since I first started reading his various articles in Scale Aircraft Modelling back when the magazine first came out (1978). It was great to see his Tailpiece articles reappear in the current version of the magazine in recent months. I know he has links to the formation of the original IPMS club that eventually became Farnborough IPMS. He's a guy I would always liked to have known better but never got beyond the odd chat at a model show.
  15. Eric Mc


    They speak Spanish and Portuguese - which are Romance Languages i.e. based on Latin. Yes, I know this thread is not about the answers but I thought - what the hell.
  16. Even though I've already built the Anigrand resin kit, I'd definitely get this one too as it depicts a later (and more definitive) iteration of the design.
  17. It definitely worked. I may acquire one of those.
  18. When did the night fighter Mk1 variants start to be used? I presume it was after the official end of the BoB?
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