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  1. Very interesting story about the airline and it's founder. I remember seeing pictures of Spearair DC-8s at the time and I always thought the colour scheme was quite adventurous.
  2. Lovely day out at the Chiltern Show today. Had some great chats with various folk behind some of the displays.
  3. I see nothing wrong with that. Is the Revell Ju52 the same as the Italeri kit?
  4. Very interesting story and a great outcome.
  5. Currently working on one of these - although I plan to finish it in RAF markings. Your's looks absolutely fine to me.
  6. That is impressive. I may be tempted to acquire one.
  7. Regarding the point raised about Vickers' choice of name for the Wellesley and the Wellington, I'm well aware that the British convention for naming transports and bombers was based on geographical locations - usually towns. However, with these two aircraft, Vickers obviously took the opportunity to honour the Duke of Wellington AND adhere to the naming convention as well - very clever in my view. As a fellow Dubliner, I'm a big fan of the Duke.
  8. I've always had a soft spot for the Wellelsley. It's range performance was phenomenal for its time - sort of a pre war Martin WB-57. I also like the idea that the two geodesics based designs produced by Vickers were both named after the same person - Arthur Wellesley.
  9. You are remembering correctly. The Antonov 225 (minus Buran) DID attend Farnborough in 1990. It was a shame they didn't have the Buran with them.
  10. Lovely diorama. Very mid 1970s. I can almost hear The Bay City Rollers in the background.
  11. Very nice. Obviously ex-Eastern. I have a different set of NASA decals for that kit. They obviously repainted the aircraft at a later date.
  12. Beamont - not "Beaumont". As English Electric's/BAC's chief test pilot, "Bee" was (understandably) very biased in favour of the project and was very angry over it's cancellation.
  13. Builds currently on hold as I allow myself to be distracted by other kits. Will get back to them presently.
  14. I'm old enough to remember when "Warpaint" was the title of the 1/72 scale plans in the centre of the original newspaper version of Aviation News. In fact, the font and style used for the covers of the current Warpaint books is still reminiscent of the old Aviation News - and that still draws my eye to them. It's hard for me to ignore my inner 14 year old. I don't buy all Warpaint books, but I have a sizeable collection of them and will buy new ones if the subject interests me. I agree they can be variable.
  15. Nicely done. One of my favourite kits. Although the thread title needs changing, its not a Mk XIV (14), it's a Mk XVI (16).
  16. Always liked the F-104. Nicely done. Although, despite what it says on the box, it's definitely not a Lockheed-Martin F-104. At the time the F-104 was in production (and for most of its service life) it was just referred to as the Lockheed F-104. Lockheed and Martin only merged in 1995.
  17. Beautiful. Puts the old FROG kit in the shade a bit.
  18. I tend to look at those online retailers who sell secondhand kits for a rough guide. King Kits is a good example in the UK. There is an American seller called Classic Kits which is also useful. Bear in mind that they will have a mark up and profit margin built in to their pricing so I tend to look at their prices and then take 50% of those values as my starting point. I don't think that eBay in general is a useful tool for ascertaining realistic prices.
  19. And the Soviets lied about Gagarin's flight pretending that he didn't eject towards the end. That was to fool the FAI that he had completed his flight in his spacecraft because by ejecting (he, and all the other Vostok cosmonauts) nullified their flights and any records associated with those flights - according to FAI rules. So, applying rather arbitrary rules established by a bunch of Frenchmen is always rather dodgy (VAT is another example).
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