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  1. Another returnee. Welcome back to the hobby. I converted to acrylics about 20 years ago and it has changed the hobby for me - s well as finally converting me to the use of an airbrush.
  2. That is lovely. The Heller kit is quite nice (and it did appear in Airfix boxes too).
  3. I'm not sure if it will make that much of a difference to be honest but I decided to make the effort.
  4. This is proving to be a popular choice at the moment so my project is one of many I see around these here parts. I expect the 80th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain may have something to do with it Anyway, I started it a few weeks ago so here's some progress pictures - It is a lovely kit to put together and I have been very impressed so far. I cut out the navigation light sections and have now glazed these areas using a new technique for me which involves using a resin gel and an ultra-violet light pen
  5. We just don't know what the logic is. That's my point. Many retailers have "loss leaders". They are prepared to sell stuff at a loss for all sorts of reasons. It could be to generate cashflow or it could be to clear stuff that isn't selling well and taking up warehouse space - which is a cost in itself. Do you remember the massive discounts Modelzone used to give on selected kits? Well, they aren't around any more - so I wonder what their logic was.
  6. We don't know if there is any profit there at all for Haynes - that's the question I was raising.
  7. It's a lovely little kit. Having been involved with some rather ancient and classic plastic over the past few months it is nice to work with a modern tooled kit.
  8. That looks nice. I'm working on one of these at the moment.
  9. It's hard to tell without knowing how the accounting works for this arrangement. I'm an accountant so am aware of such things.
  10. I wonder if Haynes do themselves harm by allowing so many of these manuals to be discounted so much. I'm currently hanging on waiting to see if their new B-36 volume ends up in The Works.
  11. That is excellent. The Tu-104 was a very interesting aeroplane.
  12. Nicely done. I built one of them around 1974. I seem to recall that the canopy was a poor fit. More recently I had a go at the Academy P-51A - which was rather nice. The Allison engined Mustangs were good aeroplanes, provided they stayed below about 15,000 feet.
  13. I read that as someone would who would stand up and make a declaration at an alcoholics anonymous meeting Not inappropriate to be honest - most of us are addicted to a greater or lesser extent. Well, you have heard of plastic surgery and you have heard of therapy. Combine the two and you get the perfect cure for excessive model kit building, plastic therapy.
  14. I can concur that the Academy Spitfire XIV is a bit of a disaster. Yes, it is crisp tooling, with neat panel lines and internal detail - but it's just horribly shaped. It looks like a Spitfire as viewed in a fairground distorting mirror. I know this because I built one and it was only when I placed it next to the other Spitfires in my collection that I realised how misshapen it is. Use it to practice your model building skills but keep it hidden when finished- that's what I did.
  15. Welcome. You might find you have plenty of time for model building with the North West entering serious lockdown.
  16. Nope - you are probably just not checking the age of the kits you are buying. Modern Revell kits are of pretty good quality. Since 2006 (the Hornby takeover), Airfix have been producing pretty good kits as well. Both companies started producing kits in the early/mid 1950s and both companies have kits in their catalogue which can trace their ancestry to at least the late 1950s. Generally, older kits are more likely to be inaccurate and lacking detail - but there are lots of exceptions to that as well. Airfix's mid 1970s products are really nice, in my view and I have a soft spot for
  17. The Argentines built an aircraft from metal which was inspired by the Mosquito. I'm not sure how good it actually was. https://www.laahs.com/i-ae-24-calquin-the-argentine-mosquito/
  18. I still have quite a few magazines from the early 1970s so it is quite revealing looking at what was available and the prices. One aspect of model building which has, in real terms, come DOWN in price a lot is the price of airbrushes. I noticed that the most expensive Badger set up in one of those ads was £30. That was probably shortly before decimalisation (February 1971) so almost 50 years ago. I bought a cheap Expo Double Action brush a few weeks ago for under £40. I also bought a better quality H&S airbrush for £140. £30 in 1971, adjusted for inflation, is
  19. Modern Revell kits are pretty good - in my view. The Stearman is a very old mould and is typical of its era. But, as the pictures show, can still make a nice display when finished.
  20. Great job. I know getting from the Airfix original to something that actually looks like a Bristol Belvedere is a bit of a Herculean task.
  21. Lovely build - but I agree with the comments on the panel lines.
  22. I love aircraft like that. I remember seeing that particular aircraft at Dublin around 1978. I have plans to build an Aer LIngus one.
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