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Who are these flyers? - another quiz!


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OK… here's another "Stars in the Sky" quiz. The last one we did was a little too easy (or maybe everyone is just smarter than me!), so this time there are four famous "stars" that you have to identify, and a couple are pretty tough. None of them have appeared on any of our "Stars in the Sky" decal sheets before. Just go to our Facebook page (link below) and post your answers. You'll find better pictures and a little more info there. Just one answer post each, please, and on the Facebook page, not here. We'll let it run a couple of weeks and see what happens. The first poster who gets all four correct - or the first to get the most correct - will win a bunch of our decal sheets in the scale of his/her choice. And give us a "Like" while you're there.


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Well, the quiz has run its course! FYI, the celebrities shown here (L to R) are: 1 - Sir Laurence Olivier in the cockpit of a Fairey Albacore. 2 - Gene Autry. The singing cowboy/actor/pilot flew C-47s in the CBI theatre. 3- Richard "Have Gun - Will Travel" Boone. Boone was a gunner in Avengers, and for a time was in the crew of Cdr. John Phillips, CO of VT-6 on the Essex. 4 - The fellow on the right is Tyrone Power. Perhaps the moustache fooled a lot of people. Power served with VMR-352 and VMR-353, flying Curtiss C-46s in the Pacific.

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