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Modern Russian AF Su-27 Flankers - colours?

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Originally, I didn't like the Aubergine, but after seeing the Su-30SM and Su-35S in action, the "dark Flanker" scheme sort-of started to grow on me. At least to the point where I started accepting it. However, I must say, I am not at all disappointed that they decided to revert back to the old colours.

It also looks particularly smart on the new Yak-130's. At least, I hope they do he rest also in this scheme:


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Gorgeous Yak-130 :wub:

I am totally S(Mitten) by it :whistle: - now, if only someone would do a 1/72 scale kit :pray:


PS - Although the Mitten never had the dark aubergine colours - but a lighter two-tone grey (I know its a demonstrator)


I tell a lie - this one did (in 2013).....


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