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IDF Hamer Memugan 1/35 (Academy/Legend Conversion)

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So I began wanting to build Meng's excellent D9R Dozer, then I thought; well I can't build it without a diorama, so this has snowballed into a few different areas now. One of which is this Israeli Armoured Humvee :)


The base kit is Academy's old M966 TOW Carrier which I got on ebay for about a tenner. On top of that I got the Legend Productions Conversion set, Aggressive Pattern Wheels and a weighted suspension set from DEF Model and some Hamer Memugan decals from Model Minature.

This was my first resin conversion project and it's an interesting learning curve :P

I've also noticed some bits that need touched up in the photos so I better get to them!




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Thank you! :) Some of the resin was quite badly warped, I fixed as much as possible with a hairdryer but there are still a few niggly bits.

I should probably mention as well, I brush painted with Lifecolor UA 902, IDF Sandgrey 2, and weathered with Lifecolor PG 103, Lebanon Dust :)

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