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  1. Thank you all for your advice on this Thats very kind of you but Ive an order and all put in with Heritage
  2. Excellent insight and advice from all, thank you. I think I will attempt the Olive drab/ Post Office Red scheme, I have the Modeldecal Sheet which includes this scheme for XT471/524 of 771 NAS in 1981. I imagine it would still have been the same in 1979? Of course I can change the serials to whichever aircraft needs be as these come from a separate Xtradecal generic white lettering sheet
  3. Thanks for all the help everyone I've bought the Italeri H-19B which has the drooped tail, Im going to buy the Mk-10 Nose off of Heritage because I like the look of the longer snout ones better than the round ones haha. Once I have the two I'll see what needs to be done conversion-wise to the rest of the fuselage into a HAR-10. I read the cockpit A-Frame on the H-19B kit has to be sanded away and polished. If I sand it with sandpaper, what would I use to polish it? Cheers Conor
  4. Thank you very much, I couldn't find any of those things earlier haha
  5. Hello all, Im interested in building a 1/72 Whirlwind set in Borneo during the 1960s, but my main problem is I don't know the first thing about the Whirlwind really. This is the sort, Im not sure what type of Whirlwind those are, I do note that they have drooped tails and I haven't seen any photos from Borneo without. From what little Ive seen, I know this will take some converting. The only Whirlwind kits I can find at the moment are the old Airfix ones, but they have straight tails. I understand the Italeri H-19B has the right drooped tail but I also understand that they have become hen's teeth. I saw that Heritage Aviation sell a Tropical Nose for a Whirlwind, would that be suitable for Borneo? So, in the current kit climate, where would I begin? Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you, Conor
  6. Thanks everyone Yes I was very impressed with the Puma's decals actually, they went on well
  7. Ah yes, BlueGrey. Thank you for clearing that up
  8. Hello, I was reading earlier that the Fleet Air Arm used Sea King helicopters in the SAR role alongside the Wessex since the 1960s, and that both participated in rescues during the tragic 1979 Fastnet yacht race. I know Wessexes at the time were painted in Dayglo Red/Extra Dark Sea Grey, would the Sea Kings have been the same? Many thanks, Conor
  9. I wanted to depict the two main aircraft in Northern Ireland in the late 1970s/ early 1980s. The Wessex is HC.2 XR498 'X' of 72 Squadron. This is the Italeri Sea Horse kit for the square windows, with the Heritage aviation conversion kit and Modeldecal decals for a Swift bird. Next up is the 33 Squadron Puma. This is the old Airfix kit OOB with the addition of PJ productions' Vietnam Helicopter Crew. My reference photos showed the Pumas to be fairly filthy so I tried to replicate that here. Thanks for looking
  10. Hi Could anyone tell me if the 6 Man seat was usually fitted in the back in Northern Ireland in the late 1990s/Early 2000s? Many thanks
  11. Thank you! Some of the resin was quite badly warped, I fixed as much as possible with a hairdryer but there are still a few niggly bits. I should probably mention as well, I brush painted with Lifecolor UA 902, IDF Sandgrey 2, and weathered with Lifecolor PG 103, Lebanon Dust
  12. My Tamiya Leclerc as seen serving with UNIFIL in Southern Lebanon, 2006. Kit was built OOB with the omission of the extra fuel tanks as per references of UNIFIL Leclercs, and the Decals are from Echelon's set; UNIFIL Leclercs, which is an excellent, well researched decal set.
  13. So I began wanting to build Meng's excellent D9R Dozer, then I thought; well I can't build it without a diorama, so this has snowballed into a few different areas now. One of which is this Israeli Armoured Humvee The base kit is Academy's old M966 TOW Carrier which I got on ebay for about a tenner. On top of that I got the Legend Productions Conversion set, Aggressive Pattern Wheels and a weighted suspension set from DEF Model and some Hamer Memugan decals from Model Minature. This was my first resin conversion project and it's an interesting learning curve I've also noticed some bits that need touched up in the photos so I better get to them!
  14. I suspected it might have been a CH-135 but couldnt find any info, you've been a fantastic help, thank you!
  15. Hi I'm thinking about dioramas, and was wondering who, if anyone, operated the Twin Huey in Bosnia during the early UN operations. I've found this photograph but I can't be sure of the helicopter's operator... any help would be much appreciated
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