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Mark 13 Torpedoes and Trolleys. 1:350 Master Models


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Airborne Torpedoes and Trolleys

Master Models 1:350


Having built a large and impressive model, say of an aircraft carrier, it sometimes feels that there is something missing. Yes, you could add some or even a lot of crew, but what about flightdeck equipment, airborne weapons etc. Well Master Models have just released these two sets that will go some way to liven up, or set the scene on the flightdeck or even the hanger. Both sets provide ten Mark 13 torpedoes and more importantly, their transport trolleys. The differences in each set are the change in airborne torpedo tails which is why there are separate early and late type in these sets. The trolleys and torpedo tails are in etch brass, while the torpedo bodies have been produced in turned brass. When combined with suitable crew these will look superb whether arming a Devastator or an Avenger or just parked in the weapons park.




These are two great little sets that provide that extra life on a flightdeck. The trolleys and torpedo tails look like they will be a little fiddly to make up, but as usual with these types of builds, plenty to care and patience will reap rewards. Then all you have to do is work out what scenario you are going to use them. Highly recommended.

Review sample courtesy of Piotr at logo.gif

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