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Favorite builds of 2012

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These are my two favorite builds of 2012. A 1/48 Tamiya dambuster and a 1/35 Dragon uh-1n Gunship.


He is my ready for inspection avatar who will be appearing in all my future builds I just need to get his eyes and mouth right.


My favorite helicopter of all time.


A view of the other side.


I know the propellor centers were not red but I think it looks cool.


The decal I originally wanted to put on due to a small impatience meltdown and the wheel frame has buckled from poor glueing (fixed now though)


close up of the nose.


And thats it please remember I built these before I saw the light and started using putty and other such tools



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Hi Brody, nice work but I see from the side of the Lancaster thet you are experiencing 'silvering' with the call sign decal. If I may offer some help, firstly you ar trying to apply a decal to a flat/matt surface. If you can get hold of a bottle of Future, then before you apply the decal wash the area with a small amount of Future and then apply the decal over  the Future (whilst the Future is still wet). Once your happy the decal is in the correct position roll over the decal with a damp cotton bud to squeeze out the excess water/future. I think this will solve your problem.



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